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Peter Sides 1750-1813

Thanks to Martha Hardcastle Guthrie (fourth great-granddaughter of Peter Sides) for sharing this info with us.

"Peter Sides is the progenitor of many people in the Baton Rouge area today and another line of descendants of his daughter Elizabeth and Jonathan Kuykendall went to Texas. His descendants include people with the surnames, Sides, Kuykendall, Edwards, Wells, Fridge, Hubbs, McCulloch and many others.

Peter was born about 1750 in North Carolina or Pennsylvania and the original surname was Seitz. He served as an ensign from North Carolina with the 2nd Battalion of the North Carolina Regiment in the Revolutionary War. He married Barbara Carpenter (original surname Zimmerman - prior to the American Revolution "foreign" surnames had to be Anglicized). Peter and Barbara's father Christian both signed a declaration of patriotism against the crown out in Tryon County, NC in 1755 (1).

Following the war, Peter was one of the first settlers in Davidson County TN in the area that would become Nashville. He owned property there and served as an officer in the militia there. He is listed on the 1787 tax records. I have maps that show where that property is today. (2)

Peter and Barbara and their family lived briefly in Kentucky, where my ancestor John Sides was born. John and his brother Jacob Sides served for Louisiana in the War of 1812.

From there, Peter and Barbara moved to East Baton Rouge Parish about 1799, along with some of the Kuykendalls and Barbara's Carpenter relatives. Sides historians are looking for evidence that Peter was involved in the Second Battle of Baton Rouge in 1810 as such activity against Spain would concur with his military and political precedents. For more on this, contact Mrs. Maurine Parker of Lufkin TX, a descendant through Peter's daughter Elizabeth and Jonathan Kuykendall, is a member of the DAR and has spoken about Peter as a warrior to various groups.

Peter Sides joined the Gutierrez-Magee expedition to free Texas from Spain in 1812, and was killed in the Battle of Medina on August 18, 1813 by the Spanish Army led by General Arrendondo. Most of the Republican Army of the North were killed in this battle and their remains were left on the field of battle for several years. Years later, the remains were buried in one mass grave under a large Oak tree on the banks of the Medina River located south of San Antonio, Texas in Bexar County. (3)

The battle of Medina is known as the bloodiest battle on Texas soil. The rebels' bodies were desecrated and their body parts were removed and scattered. Arrendondo ordered them not be buried and the remnants lay on the battlefield until 1822.

At the time of Peter's death, he was about 63 years old."

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