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Descendants of Thomas Clarke and Elizabeth Wilkinson of Queen's County, Ireland

Second Generation

3. Jane Clarke (Thomas ) was christened 1 on 28 Nov 1802 in Coolbanagher Parish, Queen's County, Ireland. She died in 1836 in Queen's county, Ireland. She was buried on 14 May 1836 in Maryborough, Queen's county, Ireland.

Jane married 1 James Maurice Vanston son of John Vanston and Rose Maurice on 27 Oct 1829 in Maryborough, Queen's county, Ireland. James was born in Ireland. He was christened on 26 Sep 1803 in Maryborough Parish Register, Queen's county. He died 2 on 1 Mar 1884 in Queen's county, Ireland.

We had previously assumed that James was a brother of Margaret as he was a witness at her marriage and both were residents of Maryborough. Further support from baptism records extracted by KK, March 2009, as well as notice re: confirmation 1 May 1822, RCBL, Dublin.
There was a James Vanston listed in the Griffiths Valuation at Church Lane, Maryborough, and also at Clonminam in the parish (probably all these are the same James); there was also a James Vanston in Beladd townland, Straboe parish in Queen's county.
Website with genealogy of James Maurice (and a couple of known errors):
Death registered 1st qtr, 1884, Mountmellick District.

They had the following children:

+ 14 F i Rosanna (Rose) Vanston
+ 15 F ii Elizabeth Sullivan Vanston
  16 F iii Jane Ruth Vanston was born on 8 May 1836 in Maryborough, Queen's county, Ireland. She was christened on 16 May 1836 in Maryborough Methodist Church. She died in 1837. She was buried on 22 May 1837 in Maryborough, Queen's county, Ireland.

Baptism and burial records extracted by KK: parents were not named, so placement is tentative.

7. Dr. William Clarke 1 (Thomas ) was born in Maryborough, Queen's County, Ireland. He was christened 2 on 30 Dec 1810 in Coolbanagher Parish, Queen's County, Ireland. He died on 7 Oct 1887 in Wellington County, Ontario. He was buried in Woodlawn Cem., Guelph, Ontario.

All Canadian records which provide information on his age would have William born in 1813. For example, according to Chadwick (1895, p. 86), William was born in 1813 in Maryborough, Queen's County, Ireland. However, the baptism record indicates he was born no later than 1810. For some time I was uncertain that this William was a son of Thomas Clarke and Elizabeth Wilkinson. Family stories were that Laura Secord (nee Ingersoll) was related to the James Clarke family. This would only be possible if William were a relative as he was married to Laura's daughter, also named Laura. William assisted James Clarke in obtaining a mortgage on his farm in 1865. In 2004 I finally found an obituary for one of James Clarke's sons which confirmed that William was his uncle.
William Clarke was a physician. The book by Canniff, "The Medical Profession in Upper Canada," notes: "Was a native of Maryborough, Queen's Co., Ireland and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, 1836. Coming to Canada, he passed the Upper Canada Medical Board, 1839." (p. 296). He held several positions of public service, including: Commissioner of the Court of Requests in 1833, Warden of Wellington County 1852, M.P. 1853 to 1863 and Mayor of Guelph 1864/65. He also took a leading part in procuring the incorporation of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and served as its president for six years. I have yet to find any record of him in Ireland.
"The History of Guelph: 1827 - 1927" by Leo Johnson and published by the Gueph Historical Society in 1931 has several references to William. This book can be readily accessed online at the University of Calgary website and is searchable. See: (I found it by using the advanced search and entered the title "History of Guelph" in the first line and "1827" in the second). On page 118 is found the story of why he left Ireland. Note that again his birth year is mistakenly given as 1813.
In 1861 William is listed as age 49. He and his second wife, Clara, are living in a three storey stone house in Guelph. His occupation is Doctor of Medicine. Others in the single family household are: Bleecka? Powell 17 (or possibly 13?); Clarence Powell 17; "Flora Clarke" 14; Rosa Clarke 3; Lionel Clarke 2; and 5 servants. All of the children were born in Upper Canada.
In 1871 we find William 60, Clara 45, Laura 23, Rosa 13, Lionel 12, "Harvey" 8 and Blecker Powell 23, law student.
In the 1881 census William was listed as a widower and was living with his two sons, daughter and son-in-law and their son, as well as with four other apparently unrelated people, in Palmerston, Ontario:
1881 Census: Palmerston, Wellington North, Ontario, Canada Source: Film C-13260 Page 10 Family 42
William CLARKE F [sic] W 68 Irish Ireland Occ: M.D. Religion: Ch of England
Lionel H. CLARKE M 21 Irish O <Ontario> Occ: Brewer Religion: Ch of England
Harry CLARKE M 19 Irish O <Ontario> Occ: Brewer Religion: Ch of England
Rosa PALMER F M 22 Irish O <Ontario> Religion: Ch of England
Power PALMER M M 24 Irish O <Ontario> Occ: Insurance Agent Religion: Ch of England
Arthur PALMER M 2 Irish O <Ontario> Religion: Ch of England
Photo of tombstone online at: <> says age 74 when he died.

William married 1 (1) Laura Secord daughter of James Secord and Laura Ingersoll on 11 Jul 1843 in Guelph, Wellington county. Laura was born 2, 3 about 1815 in Upper Canada (Ontario). She died on 18 Aug 1852 in Canada West (Ontario). She was buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Guelph, Ontario.

Laura was first married to Capt. John Poore, then to Dr. William Clarke. Her tombstone reads: "Sacred to the memory of LAURA CLARKE wife of WILLIAM CLARKE M.D. who departed this life Aug. 18, 1852 in the 38th year of her age."

They had the following children:

  17 M i William Clarke 1 was born on 2 Jul 1844 in Guelph, Wellington County, Canada West. He was christened on 12 May 1845 in Guelph. He died about 1845 in Wellington County.

Died in infancy.
  18 F ii Laura Secord Clarke 1 was born on 23 Oct 1846 in Guelph, Wellington County, Canada West. She was christened on 26 Apr 1847 in Guelph. She died in May 1936 in Toronto, Ontario. She was buried in Woodlawn Cem., Guelph, Ontario.

Laura was living in Toronto in 1895. She never married. Obituary in Mount Forest Confederate (7 May 1936): "Laura Secord Clarke, Toronto, died on Saturday in her 94th year. Daughter of the late Dr. William Clarke, of Guelph, former member of parliament for South Wellington, she was the half-sister of the late Hon. Lionel Clarke, once a resident of Palmerston and later former lieutenant-governor of Ontario. Miss Clarke was born and educated in Guelph, but had resided in Toronto more than 30 years. She was a granddaughter of Laura Secord and her husband, James Secord, of Chippewa Ont. She had no immediate relatives, but many descendants of the Secord and Clarke families survive. The funeral was held on Monday and the remains were conveyed to Guelph for interment." The tombstone on her mother's grave includes the inscription: "also their daughter LAURA SECORD CLARKE, U.E.L. in her 94th year, grand-daughter of LAURA & JAMES SECORD of Chippawa, Ont."
  19 F iii Millicent Clarke was born in Oct 1849 in Wellington County, Ontario. She died on 21 Aug 1850 in Guelph, Wellington County.

Death notice abstracted from the Guelph Advertiser, 27 August 1850 (published by Wellington Genealogical Society).

William married (2) Clara Pigott Strange in Canada West. Clara was born about 1826. She died 1 on 22 Feb 1880 in Palmerston, Ontario. She was buried in Woodlawn Cem., Guelph, Ontario.

1861 census says Clara was 34 and born in South America? In 1871 her place of birth appears to be Demesasa? Clara died in her 54th year: tombstone photo online at:

They had the following children:

+ 20 F iv Clara Rosa Clarke
+ 21 M v William Lionel Herbert (Lionel) Clarke
  22 M vi Harry Edmonde Clarke 1 was born on 29 Dec 1862 in Guelph, Canada West (Ontario). He died on 19 Aug 1884 in Palmerston, Ontario. He was buried in Woodlawn Cem., Guelph, Ontario.

Unmarried. Death reg'n #18207: age 21 yrs, 7 mos; cause of death abcess of lungs, 5 mos; informant A. M. Clarke (I don't know who this might be?) Tombstone photo online at: <> says died Aug. 18.

9. Elizabeth Clarke (Thomas ) was christened 1 on 11 Oct 1814 in Maryborough, Queen's County, Ireland. She died on 15 Oct 1885 in Fergus, Ontario. She was buried 2 in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus Ontario.

In 1861, only a few months after the death of her husband, Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth 12, "Jamsy" 9 [must be Jane], Emma 7 and Caroline 4 were living in Nichol tp; James Shaw, also born in Ireland and a widower, was a member of the household--occupation was "labourer" <>. In 1871 Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth, Augusta and Caroline were living with her eldest daughter and son-in-law, Charles and Emma Banting, in Fergus, Ontario. In 1881 she was living with her brother, Thomas Clarke, in Fergus.
Ontario death reg'n #17834: born Maryboro parish, Queen's county; age 68; widow of John Greenham, late of Nichol tp; cause of death apoplexy; informant James Clarke of Peel tp.

Elizabeth married 1 John Gibbs Greenham son of Queens County Greenhams on 29 Jan 1845 in Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland. John was born about 1815 in Ireland. He died on 28 Nov 1859 in Nichol tp, Wellington County, Canada West. He was buried 2 in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus Ontario.

Daughter Caroline's marriage registration gives John's middle name as Gibbs and their first son was also named John Gibbs, suggesting this John is related to the Greenham family of Moyanna and Stradbally where Gibbs was a common first or middle name. Possibly the John Greenham who was a son of Robert and was christened in Stradbally in April 1817 (see separate entry) and possibly a brother of Thomas Gibbs Greenham, a farmer in Eramosa tp, Wellington county in 1871. John and Elizabeth were farming in Eramosa tp in the 1851 census (Microfilm #C-11756, Twp. No. 372, page 77)--perhaps Thomas took over John's farm after John's death? Sadly, the pages that provide the information on the exact location of the farm are so faint as to be illegible.
The 1851 census has them listed in Eramosa tp and has Thomas Clarke in the same household. It identifies the family as Church of England, but the children were baptised by Methodist preachers--I suspect there was no Anglican church in the vicinity. The Methodists sponsored a number of itinerant preachers in the rural parts of Canada West. John was said to be 37 years old (i.e., he would be turning 37 in 1852).
John's death was reported in the Fergus "The British Constitution" published 2 December, 1859. He was said to be 43 at the time of his death (source: "Fergus, Ontario, Canada: Index of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1857-1866," published by the Wellington County Branch, OGS, 2001).

They had the following children:

  23 M i John Gibbs Greenham was born 1 on 6 Oct 1847 in Eramosa Tp, Wellington County, Canada West (Ontario). He was christened on 16 Jan 1848 in Eramosa Tp.. He died before 1852 in Wellington County, Canada West.

John Jr. was not enumerated in the 1851 census for Wellington County, so must have died before January 1852.
  24 F ii Elizabeth Margaret Greenham was born 1, 2 on 20 May 1849 in Eramosa Tp, Wellington County, Canada West. She was christened on 21 Oct 1849 in Eramosa Tp..

Elizabeth (age 40) was living with her sister Emma Banting (age 38) in Woodstock, Ontario in 1891. Probably also the Elizabeth Greenham, said to have been born May 1854, and living with her sister (Caroline) and brother-in-law in Wisconsin in 1900.
  25 F iii Jane Augusta Greenham was born 1, 2 on 4 Mar 1850 in Nichol Tp, Wellington County, Canada West. She was christened on 27 Sep 1858 in Nichol Tp. She died on 23 Aug 1888 in Woodstock, Ontario.

1871 census lists name as Augusta. Ontario death reg'n #13889: age 35 years; cause of death spinal disease, 1 year; informant Charles Banting (her brother-in-law).
+ 26 F iv Emma Letitia Greenham
+ 27 F v Caroline G. Greenham
  28 F vi Darcie Greenham was born 1 about 1859 in Canada West.

Darcie was not listed with her mother and sisters in the 1871 census, but is with them in 1881.

12. Catherine (Kate) Clarke (Thomas ) was born on 4 Sep 1824 in Maryborough, Queen's County, Ireland. She was christened 1 on 16 Sep 1824 in Church of Ireland, Maryborough. She died on 15 Jul 1905 in Carlow, Ireland.

Marriage registration lists her name as Kate. Irish Times death notice, 22 July 1905: died at her residence at 44 Dublin street, Carlow, widow of William Douglas. Kate Douglas, death reg'n 3rd qtr 1905, age 76, Carlow registration district.

Catherine married 2 William Douglas 1 son of Marlborough Douglas on 1 Oct 1850 in Lea Parish, Queen's county, Ireland. William was born before 1830 in Ireland.

IGI has father's name as "Marllin Douglass." Marriage registration seems to be "Marlboro." At the time he married Wm was a cabinet maker and lived in Carlow.

They had the following children:

  29 F i G. Douglas was born after 1851 in Queen's county, Ireland.

Photo in possession of KK of "Elizabeth Turpin whose mother was formerly a Miss Clarke (left), Mrs Douglas nee Clarke (middle) and Miss G. Douglas (right)."
+ 30 M ii Marlborough Clarke Douglas
  31 M iii Albert Edward Douglas was born 1 on 5 Jan 1864 in County Carlow, Ireland.

Birth registered 1864 Carlow Registration District. In 1911 Albert was single, a cabinet maker, living at 39 Dublin Street, Carlow. There was also an elderly widow in the household, listed as the housekeeper. Probably the Albert Edward Douglas whose death was registered 1st qtr 1939, Cork district, age 74?
  32 F iv Evelyn Kate Douglas was born 1 on 17 Oct 1866 in County Carlow, Ireland.
  33 F v Rebecca Douglas was born about 1871 in County Carlow, Ireland.

In 1911 Rebecca ("Rebe") and Ruth Douglas were living on Quality Row in Maryborough. Rebe is 40 and occupation is "Householder". Methodist records indicate that Rebecca moved to Maryborough from Carlow in 1909. Death registration for Rebecca Douglas, Mountmellick district, in 1936, age 75 could be this woman, although ages don't match?
  34 F vi Jane (Jennie, Jean) Ruth Douglas was born about 1873 in County Laois, Ireland. She died on 6 Aug 1940 in Stradbally, County Laois, Ireland.

Listed as Ruth, age 38, in 1911 census when she was a governess living with her sister Rebecca in Maryborough. Methodist church records list her as moving from Carlow to Armagh in 1906. Death of Jane Ruth Douglas registered Mountmellick district, 3rd qtr 1940, age 79. Bit of a discrepancy in ages. Death notice in Aug. 17 Irish Times: August 6, 1940, at Church Villa, Stradbally, Jean Ruth Douglas.
  35 M vii George Douglas was born about 1855 in Ireland.

Was he the George Douglas who had a jewellery shop in Tullow Street, Carlow?
  36 M viii William Marlborough Douglas was born in Ireland.

13. James Clarke 1, 2 (Thomas ) was born on 4 Dec 1826 in Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland. He was christened 3 on 4 Feb 1827 in Church of Ireland, Maryborough. He died on 22 Oct 1889 in Peel Twp, Wellington County, Ontario. He was buried in Greenfield Cemetery, Peel Twp, Wellington County.

At the time of his marriage in 1848 and until sometime after Edward was christened in late 1850, James was a farmer in Meelick, Queens County, Ireland. Meelick is located on the south edge of the modern town of Portlaoise (previously called Maryborough), County Laois. In 1850 the only James Clarke listed in the Griffiths Valuation for Queen's county is James H. Clarke, Esq., listed as the landlord for a William Clarke, Esq., for land Block 11 (about 18 acres), Maryborough townland. I cannot find any Griffiths record of a James Clarke occupying a house at that time. When Elizabeth was christened in 1852 James was said to be a "householder" and resident of Maryborough. A year later the family emigrated to Canada.
James and his family first settled lived in Garafraxa Twp of Wellington County, Ontario. At the time of the 1861 census they lived on Lot 17, 6th Concession. James was the enumerator for that census. In 1864 James Clarke purchased the south half of Lot 12, 17th Concession of the adjoining Peel Twp. A year later, he sold that property to Eliza Greenham, his widowed sister, although it appears that the Clarkes continued to live on the property and the Greenhams never did live there. The following is a transcript of the land record of that sale [note, words in square brackets are those I had big problems with--they may not be correct--the handwriting was very, very difficult to read from the microfilm]:
#23500, registered 1st of May 1865:
"A Memorial to be Registered of an Indenture made the Eighteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty five, in [pursuance of the act] to facilitate the conveyance of Real Property.
Between James Clarke of the Township of Garafraxa in the County of Wellington and Province of Canada [yeoman] of the First Part, Susanah Clarke wife of the said Party of the First Part, of the Second Part and Eliza Greenham of the Township of Nichol in the County and Province aforesaid Widow of the Third Part.
Whereby it is Witnessed that the said party of the First Part in consideration of the Sum of Two thousand Dollars of lawful money of Canada, [then] paid by the said party of the Third Part to the said party of the First Part thereby acknowledged, did grant onto the said party of the third part her heirs and assigns forever, all and singular, [that contain parcel or tract] of land [?] and being in the Township of Peel in the County of Wellington and Province of Canada being Known and described as the South half of lot number Twelve concession Seventeen in the said Township of Peel, County and province aforesaid, containing [be the same] one hundred acres, [?] more or less, subject to a mortgage held by the [?] Loan Company of the sum of one thousand dollars.
To have and to hold the said above granted promised unto the said party of the Third Part--her heirs and assigns, [toward] her and their sale and [?] use forever.
[?] said Indenture is witnessed by John William Petrie of the Village of Fergus in the County of Wellington and Province of Canada Conveyances.
And this memorial is [?] required to be registered by [?] the said Granter [?] named.
Witness my hand and Seal, the Eighteenth day of January in the year the Lord one thousand eight hundred and Sixty five."
Signed and Sealed in the presence of
Jno Petrie signed James Clarke
James Wilkinson

In 1892, the registered owner of the land was James' second son, Edward. When Edward died in 1900, the property was left to his wife. The following is the list of owners of the property during the time the Clarkes were living there.
Greenfield Cemetery records and a Surrogate Court petition filed by his widow indicate that James died October 22, 1889. I have scanned the registration records themselves, but have not been able to find the death registration for our James. It appears that his death was never registered.

James married 2, 3, 4, 5 Susanna Esther Meredith 1 daughter of Thomas Meredith and Susanna? on 6 Mar 1848 in Mountrath Parish, Queen's County, Ireland. Susanna was born 6, 7 on 15 Oct 1824 in The Oak, Ballyfin, Queen's County, Ireland. She died on 5 Mar 1905 in Peel Twp, Wellington County, Ontario. She was buried 8 in Greenfield Cem, Arthur, Peel Twp, Ontario.

Susannah Meredith and three of her sisters are known to have immigrated to Canada from Ireland. Probably at least one of her brothers, John, also came to Canada. On the 1901 census Susanna was living with her son and daughter-in-law, Jeremiah and Harriet Clarke. They were in an eight room house, on the south half of lot 12, con, 17 (100 acres). Unlike most families, Susanna, not Jeremiah, was identified as the head of the household! (Peel Tp, div. 3, p. 6). The 1908 Wellington County Atlas shows Jeremiah still living there and a school house also on that lot.
Obituary Arthur Enterprise, Thursday, March 9, 1905: Susanna Meredith relict of the late James Clarke, passed away in death on Sunday, March, the 5th, 1905, at the home of her son, Jeremiah M. Clarke in Peel. Mrs. Clarke was in the 82 year of her age, and lived in Peel Township for 40 years. About 58 years ago James Clarke and family came from the Queen's County Ireland. The surviving members of the family are - Thomas R., Oxford Centre, who is in the Methodist ministry; James, and William C. of Shelburne; E. Small of Grand Valley; Jeremiah of Peel and Herbert of Belwood, who have the sincere sympathy of the community.

They had the following children:

  37 M i Thomas Robert Clarke 1 was born 2 on 1 Dec 1848 in Meelick, Queen's County, Ireland. He was christened 3 on 14 Jan 1849 in St Peter's Church of Ireland, Maryborough, Queen's County. He died on 30 Jun 1929 in Delhi, Ontario. He was buried 4 on 2 Jul 1929 in Delhi Cemetery.

"With the passing of the Rev. Thos. R. Clark [sic], the United Church has lost one of its faithful and valued pioneer ministers.
"The call came to Mr. Clark while in his garden at his home in Delhi on June 30th, 1929. He had just called on his ministerial brethren of the village as if he were saying Good-bye.
"Mr. Clark was born in Queen's County, Ireland, Dec. 1st, 1848. He came with his parents to Fergus, Ontario, when a lad of five years of age, and settled with them on a farm.
"In October of the year 1879, while stationed at Brigden, Mr. Clark was united in marriage to Miss Anna Shields of Holstein, who proved a true and loving helpmate, aiding him greatly in his ministry by the use of her cultured voice, which was dedicated to the Master's service.
"Mr. Clark served on the following circuits:--Mount Forest, Holstein, Lucknow, Brigden, Oil Springs, Plattsville, Eastwood, Otterville and Bookton, Delhi, Trafalgar, Oakland, Oxford Centre, Drumbo, Kelvin, Rockwood, Courtland and Walsh.
"During Mr. Clark's forty-four years in the active work of the ministry, he became greatly endeared to a host of friends and workers of the Church. He could rightly be termed "A Peacemaker," for he always worked for unity and peace, overlooking so many things that would have overpowered a weaker man.
"Mr. Clark was beloved by many probationers who assisted him on various fields, some of whom testified at the funeral services, of the help and inspiration he had been to them when starting out in their ministerial cvareers.
"From his boyhood days until his sudden departure, Mr. Clark was a staunch, tireless temperance worker, ever giving of his best in the fight against the liquor traffic.
"The many tributes paid Mr. Clark at the impressive service held in the United Church July 2nd, 1929, testified to the memory of a beautiful life spent in loving service, which will always be an inspiration to those who have been associated with him." (Bio. file at United Church Archives, from Hamilton Conference Minutes, 1930)
Thomas left no will, but the petition submitted by his widow named the following as his next of kin: Annie Matilda Sarah Clarke, Delhi; James R. Clarke, Toronto; Jeremiah M. Clarke, RR #3, Fergus; William C. Clarke, Toronto; Herbert W. Clarke, Fergus; Mrs. Susan Small, Sutherland, Sask.; James Cull, address unknown. There were no children.
Thomas and Annie lived in Oakland, Oxford County for the 1901 census.
See photo of Thomas at:
        Thomas married 1 Annie Matilda Sarah Shields on 9 Oct 1879 in Holstein, Ontario. Annie was born 2, 3 on 28 Jul 1861 in Holstein, Canada West. She died on 5 Apr 1944 in Toronto, Ontario. She was buried 4 in Delhi, Ontario.

Daughter of John and Jane Shields. Annie was choir leader in Holstein, Ontario, where her husband began his career in the ministry (Obituary, Mount Forest Confederate, 13 April, 1944). Methodist website says she died in 1882 and "was the first person to be buried at Ebenezer Methodist Church in McGillivray Twp." Clearly this is an error!
  38 M ii Edward John Clarke 1, 2 was born on 10 Jul 1850 in Meelick, Queen's County, Ireland. He was christened 3 on 10 Nov 1850 in St Peter's Church of Ireland, Maryborough, Queen's County. He died on 20 Aug 1900 in Nassagaweya tp, Halton County, Ontario.

"Edward J. Clarke
"Was born in Queen's County, Ireland, in 1850; was converted to God in 1866, and died on the Nassagaweya Circuit, August, 1900. In 1853 he came with his parents to this country where his family settled, first in the township of Garafraxa, and later in the township of Peel, County of Wellington.
"In 1866 the Rev. Nathaniel S. Burwash held special services at Mount Hope, on the Alma Circuit, at which several young people were converted, among whom were three who became ministers of the Gospel, namely, Edward J. Clarke; his brother, Thomas R. Clarke of our own Conference, and Henry Norris who became a Presbyterian minister.
"Bro. Clarke at first fitted himself for a school-teacher, obtaining a first class certificate when twenty-one years of age. He taught school about five years. During the ministry of the Rev. Robert Phillips he acted as a steward, leader and local preacher, and did much to lay the foundations of the present Arthur Circuit. He first entered the ministry as a supply at Grimsby. Afterwards, early in 1878, he was sent by the Chairman of the Sarnia District to Oil Springs. He was received by the Conference in the following June, and stationed at Watford. In 1887 he was married to Miss Lottie Lee, of Brantford, who with his aged mother, five brothers and one sister, survive him.
"Bro. Clarke's circuits were Marthaville, Drumbo, Plattsville, Lynden, Fenwick, Lowville, Smithville, Ancaster, Burford and Nassagaweya. About the first of August, 1900, he was taken down with typhoid fever. When at church, which proved to be his last Sabbath in the pulpit, following weakness coming over him, he sat down and requested the congregation to sing "A Charge to Keep I have." The symptoms at first were not considered alarming, but he gradually sank, and on the 20th of the same month passed peacefully away to a better clime. As a preacher Bro. Clarke was thoughtful, earnest and evangelical. He neither held nor uttered uncertailn opinions on Methodist theology. In building churches, paying off church debts, raising Connexional funds, or in pastoral visiting, Bro. Clarke was always "in labors more abundant." But above all, he loved to hold special services for the conversion of sinners and edification of the Church. A large part of his ministerial life was employed in these laborious, but delightful exercises, and through his instrumentality many souls were born into the kingdom of God who today rejoice in His saving grace." (Bio. file at United Church Archives, from Minutes of the Hamilton Methodist Conference, 1901)
Edward's will, dated October 1892, listed property in the village of Brigden in Lambton County, and also the Peel tp. farm where he had grown up (see notes for his father, James) and where his brother and mother were living at the time. His survivors were his widow and brothers and sister. There were no children.
Ontario death registration #11353: cause of death typoid fever, age 47.
        Edward married 1 Charlotte Lee daughter of David Lee and Mary on 27 May 1887 in Brantford tp, Ontario. Charlotte was born about 1864 in Brantford tp, Canada West (Ontario).

Charlotte was living in Toronto on 28 August 1900, when she petitioned the Surrogate Court for probate of Edward's estate (Ontario Archives, 1900 file #). I cannot find any further records for her: I have checked both the 1901 and the 1911 censuses, death records to 1934 (the latest year online), marriages after 1900, The OGS Cemetery search index and the OCFA both show only one Charlotte Clarke in York county, at the Toronto Necropolis & Crematorium.
Parents were David and Mary Lee.
+ 39 F iii Elizabeth Jane Clarke
+ 40 F iv Susannah (Susan) Esther Clarke
+ 41 M v James Rice Clarke
+ 42 M vi William Charles Clarke
  43 M vii Jeremiah Meredith Clarke was born 1 on 4 Mar 1859 in Canada West. He died in 1944 in Ontario. He was buried 2 in Greenfield Cem., Arthur, Ontario.

Jeremiah and Harriet were living in Melancthon Tp., Dufferin County in 1891, as were his sister and brother-in-law, Susan and James Clarke. In 1901 they lived on the family farm with Jeremiah's mother--I would guess they moved there either after his father James died or if James needed additional help to run the farm. By 1911, after the death of Jeremiah's mother, they were living with Harriet's widowed father in Fergus. Harriet's obituary noted that they "farmed in Peel township, at Riverview [Melancthon tp] and Cumnock, before moving to Fergus."
        Jeremiah married Harriet Boyes daughter of Richard Boyes before Apr 1891. Harriet was born 1 on 7 Jun 1860 in Nichol tp, Wellington County. She died in Jan 1951 in Groves Memorial Hospital, Ontario. She was buried on 16 Jan 1951 in Greenfield Cem., Peel Twp, Wellington Co., Ontario.

Obituary found in file at London-Middlesex Genealogical Society Library (source not identified):
15 January, 1951, Fergus, Ontario. Funeral Service Tuesday for Mrs. Jeremiah Clarke, 90. Died Groves Memorial Hospital Saturday.
"The former Harriet Boyes, she was born in Nichol twp. With her husband, who predeceased her some years ago, she farmed in Peel township, at Riverview and Cumnock, before moving to Fergus. A member of the old Methodist Church and latterly Melville United Church here, she was the oldest member of the Women's Missionary Society.
She is survived by one brother, Albert, Guelph; two sisters Mabel, Mrs. John Scarrow, Arthur, and Ida, Mrs. Wesley Hill, Hamilton.
The body is resting at the home of her nephew, Clarence Clarke, St. Andrew's street, Fergus. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow from Melville United Church with the Rev. O. Glen Taylor officiating, assisted by the Rev. D. S. Dinnick, Bethel Baptist Church. Interment will be in Arthur Cemetery."
  44 M viii Fletchard or Richard Clarke 1 was born on 27 Sep 1860 in Wellington County, Canada West. He died in 1860 in Wellington County, Ontario.

Name could be either Fletchard or Richard; difficult to read. Williams info has name as Benjamin.
  45 M ix Wessley Clarke 1 was born on 27 Sep 1860 in Wellington County, Canada West. He died in 1860 in Wellington County, Ontario.
+ 46 M x Herbert Wilkinson Clarke

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