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Hi everyone and welcome to "Back To The Past".
First of all let me give you a little background into why this page is here.
I started this web page because of requests from an email list wishing there was a place to log our old stories and pictures. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea, so here we are.
Below you will find area's categorized by topics. If you have a story or picture but don't see a topic, I will add one to fit.
This Entire Web site is created by "you". I am only the Web Master!
See details at the bottom of this page on how to submit stories and/or pictures.
This site is Copyrighted © 2000 
All Stories and Photos anyplace in this web site are property of the person who submitted them.
Any use of anything on this site with out the permission of the submitter is a violation of Copyright Laws. Nothing on this site is my property unless it has my name by it, so please do not ask me for permission, it must come from the person who has their name beside it!

Childhood Memories

The Outhouse

The Hay Wagon

American Home

Old Pictures

School Days

America At War

Bath Time

Telephone and Party Lines


Christmas Past

Sewing and Fashion

Remembering Yesteryear

Laundry Day

Valentine Story

Possible Future Additions to this Site

Dear Diary
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