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The Hay Wagon

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First I want to prepare you this is a tragic story. It happened 24/5/1907
on the North side of the Telegraph Rd. First farm in Elyria Twp
(The original house is still standing) My Grandfather Frank Beal owned the last farm in the City Limits. Right nest door was his younger brother Samuel A. Beal and his wife Ruby (Decker) Beal. The children from each family  played together.
They were making hay and several of the neighbors helped.
The tragic wagon was driven by Ruby's father . Actualy there were two wagons hooked together. They stopped in the farm yard to wait their turn to get to the barn.My Uncle Ralph Beal and David's brother Sherman were sitting on the tongue of the second wagon that was attached to the first wagon. David was on top of the first wagon at the back talking to the Children below ,when the wagons stared up with a lurch. David lost his balance and fell between the wagons and was run over by the second wagon.
David's tombstone can be seen in the North Murray Ridge Cemetery. Its in the South East Corner near the Road. 

Ken Gooden. 
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PS Horses were pulling the wagon and it was not unusual for them to start with a jerk,specially when they had to start a heavy load.