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Growing Up On Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder Trail, Route 20,Becket, Massachusetts

My parents,Ruth and Clifton Phelps,siblings, Clifton, Nancy, Jean and I, grandparents,Eva and George Phelps, Marion and Fred Drake and their children,Margaret and Joe, (Marion took care of us children) lived at the Summit House(Souvenir Store and Restaurant), 2,300 feet above sea level (the sign said!) on Jacob's Ladder Trail, Route 20, Becket, Massachusetts. Grandfather George Henry Phelps built the Summit House, cabins, barn,shop, ice house,tower and other various buildings in 1926. Some of the family lived there at least part-time,until 1934:my grandfather George died then we all moved from North Adams to liveat the Summit permanently. We children attended the schools in Chester and Becket. My grandmother Eva died in 1945 and my parents sold the Summit and all the land. We moved back to North Adams in February 1946.

  • Postcards of the Summit House

  • Postcards of the Summit House, 1926 to 1945
  • Maps

  • áMap Showing The Location of the Summit on Jacob's Ladder Trail
  • Pictures/ Snapshots Taken Over the Years at the Summit.

  • Early Pictures of the Summit Building
    Large Picture of the Summit Building Before Porch Was Closed In
    Dog in Snow at the Summit
    Snow at the Summit 1930
    Tractor and Sled at Summit about 1930
    The Rockpile at Summit in the Ice and Snow
    Early picture of the Summit House
    Rock Across from the Summit House About 1940áThis rock had a plaque on it, perhaps put there by the State after they finished building the new road in 1930.
    Deerhunters at the Summit, 1930's/40's
    Deerhunters Eating a Delicious Meal.
    Deerhunters at the Summit after they have eaten a delicious meal!
  • Family Pictures at the Summit

  • My Parents and Grandparents Posing on the Porch of the Unfinished Summit House 1926/27!
    Sonny at the Summit, about 1929.
    We Pose Ouside In The Snow
    My Brother's First Deer
    Margaret and Joe Drake at the Summit
    Sonny Graduation From 8th Grade 1939 , Chester Grammar School, Chester, Massachusetts
    Marion and Shirley in Front of Igloo
    Group at Summit Near Little Cottage
    Nancy in Front of Rose Arbor,Winter 1944
    Fun in the Snow
    On Leave During World War Two

    Growing Up On Jacob's Ladder
    Old Postcards of Jacob's Ladder Trail, Route 20, Berkshire and Hampden Counties, Massachusetts
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