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LEFAVER's BEACH, North Adams,Mass.

Comments by Herbert Marlowe : "Some of the best memories I have were of Windsor Lake.Yes this was the beach where I came in third in a boat race as reported in the north Adams Transcript. I belive i was 14 or 15 when they put me in the row boat race with 17 year olds so i did well to finish third. I remember the beach well there was a stone just under the surface looking out to the water on the left where my nose met after a foolish dive. A very important lesson which may have helped me in latter life.Consider all aspects of going forward with out knowledge of what you may encounter. In doing so, Many injuries may be avoided. I eventually learned to swim the lake lengthwise after overcoming my fear of swimming alone. I once earlier had an experience of swimming halfway across and panicking I was swimming with friends who out distanced me . I remember well that a then friend ( Harold Stevens) swam back and helped me across. After that event was when i took on the lake lengthwise. This lake when frozen was where i discovered that i was never any good at ice skating, I wandered the woods leading to the lake many times learning to appreciate and love nature. The storage lake for Arnold print works."

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