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Leedoms in Yorkshire, England and Bucks Co, Pennsylvania

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Yorkshire, England


My father's family has been interested in their family history for generations. I have letters, notes and papers dating back to the late 1800s when my great-grandfather was searching for information. My father made several copies of a circular genealogy chart, after the fashion of Gilbert Cope, that was originally made by his father.


This chart states that John Leedom was the father of the immigrant Richard Leedom. John is noted as living in South Milford, Yorkshire ENG though the source of this information is not known. Notes from family genealogists also state that John was buried in Burton, Yorkshire (Cherry Burton? Burton Salmon?), sometime after 1701 when he attended his son Richard’s wedding. According to Sara Leedom Eachus in The Leedom Family, John's wife, name unknown, died in 1707 as written in William and Sarah Phipps Leedom's bible. Nothing else is known about John, his wife or their marriage. The current whereabouts of this family bible is a mystery to me as well.

Sara Leedom Eachus also proposes two children for John Leedom, a daughter and a son, Richard, the immigrant:

  1. John Leedom - b. prob Yorkshire ENG d. prob aft 1701 Yorkshire ENG. 
    1. poss Sarah - d. Apr 1736; m. Theophilus Spencer d. May 1735/1736. 
      The source for Sarah as a possible daughter is not mentioned in The Leedom Family and I have found no records of her or of Theophilus.
    2. Richard - chr. 30 Jul 1665 Sherburn In Elmet, Yorkshire ENG; d. 1744 Southampton, Bucks PA; m. 7 Oct 1701 Sherborne, Yorkshire ENG to Hannah Pease b. 20 Nov 1675 Sherborne, Yorkshire ENG d. bef 1 Dec 1738 [notes in Abington Monthly Meeting minutes of a second marriage for Richard]. Hannah was a daughter of William and Mary Pease of Fishlake, Yorkshire ENG.

There are many Leedom records in the IGI for Sherburn-in-Elmet and throughout Yorkshire. Among them is one for the baptism of a John Leatham on 26 Dec 1642 in Sherburn-in-Elmet, son of John Leatham. Whether this John is Richard's father is unknown. 

At least by 1701 the family had apparently adopted the Quaker faith. John as the father of Richard is referred to in an entry of Friends records of Yorkshire, England at the marriage of Richard to Hannah Pease, daughter of William Pease and his first wife, Mary ___. From Friend's Register, Yorkshire:

Hannah, born 1675, xi. 20, married at Sherborne, 1701, x. 7, to Richard, son of John Ludome, or Ludham

The christening record for a Richard Leedum, son of John Leedum, on 30 Jul 1665 in Sherburn in Elmet, Yorkshire is, I believe, that of my 7th G grandfather. Without any additional records, I have premised this belief on the location in Sherburn-in-Elmet. Within the parish of Sherburn-in-Elmet are the towns of South Milford, where John (father of Richard) is noted in family records to have lived, and Micklefield. Micklefield is referenced in Biographical Annals of Montgomery County, PA, by Ellwood Roberts, regarding the family origins of Richard's great-great-granddaughter Sarah Ann Leedom through her marriage to Colonel Thomas P. Knox:

‘In 1840 he married Sarah Ann, daughter of Dr. Joseph and Eleanor (Conover) Leedom, of Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County. Dr. Leedom was a descendant of Richard Leedom, of Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who emigrated from Micklefield, England, in 1712.’ (italics mine)

 St. Oswald's, Farnham, Yorkshire

Photo of St. Oswald's courtesy of Pauline Robson. Thank you, Pauline!


Note: A Francis Leedom married Ellena Steele on 16 Aug 1645 in St. Oswald's, Farnham, Yorkshire and they were the parents of at least two sons, Henry, christened 9 Aug 1646, and John, christened 30 Apr 1648. It is this John whom some believe to be Richard's father, though I have not as yet documented this connection. With the reference to John having lived in South Milford and being buried in Burton, I believe John more likely to have been from the area immediately surrounding Sherburn-in-Elmet rather than from farther north in Farnham.

Richard Leedom and Hannah Pease had two known children according to family notes and charts: 

  1. John Leedom - bap. 3 Oct 1703 Sherburn-in-Elmet, Yorkshire  ENG d. bef 9 May 1750 Bucks Co PA when his will was probated.
  2. William Leedom - b. abt 1705 Yorkshire England, d. bef 21 Sep 1743 Bucks Co PA when his will was probated.

The baptism of John, son of Richard, on 3 Oct 1703 Sherburn-in-Elmet is from the IGI. I can find no record of the birth of William. It is possible that Hannah died in 1707 (the Leedom book is confusing on this point) perhaps giving a reason five years later for the then widowed Richard Leedham to leave for America.

Richard Leedham requested a certificate to remove himself and his family, members not named, from the York, England Monthly Meeting in 1712. The certificate was received at Middletown, PA Monthly Meeting on 3 Dec 1714 and is currently in the collection of  Swarthmore Library in PA. I have found no records of any ships arriving in or near PA or NJ during this time frame and do not even know if such records exist.



 Bucks County, Pennsylvania


In 1713, shortly after the arrival of the Leedom family (Richard, his two sons, John and William, and perhaps his wife Hannah) in Bucks County PA, Richard purchased 225 acres in Southampton Township from William and Anne Gregory (Mercer Mosaic, Jan/Feb 1985). A farmhouse on that land is still standing, much restored, and was occupied by descendants of Richard Leedham for most of two centuries. The oldest one third of the building is roughly an age to have been Richard’s actual home (particularly some supporting beams in a cellar) and has always since been known as the Leedom Homestead.


Leedom house
Leedom Homestead
Southampton, Bucks Co PA


Records of Middletown Monthly Meeting show that on 1 Dec 1738, Richard and his son William applied for a certificate of removal to Abington MM, which  was granted in Mar 1739. As there is no mention of his wife Hannah she had presumably died by then, if she in fact emigrated at all. On 26d 11mo, 1740, Richard is reported to Abington Monthly Meeting as having married a second time without approval of the meeting and he was removed from the roll. Two notices posted by Richard Leadame appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette:

14 Dec 1742   Leadame, Richard of Philadelphia will not pay debts contracted in future by his wife Mary. [The notice was withdrawn on 21 Dec.]

17 Mar 1743   Leadame, Richard - his wife Mary abuses him so much that he cannot live with her; he will not pay debts contracted by her in future.

I have found no further record of him or this previously unknown second wife, Mary. Family records state that Richard died in 1744 though I can find no record of his will or his burial in either Bucks or Montgomery Co.


Most of the Leedoms of Bucks, Montgomery and Chester counties during the 18th and 19th centuries were descendants of these two sons of Richard. I have found quite a bit written about the family of William but not as much about my 6G grandfather, John. I am hopeful that yet to be researched parish records in Yorkshire will provide new information about the Leedoms in England and that Quaker meeting records will provide more information about Richard and John.

There is also the tantalizing record of another Leedom, known as "Irish John Leedom". He supposedly arrived in Pennsylvania from Ireland in 1744, the same year Richard Leedom died. John moved west to Washington County PA and has many descendants in Ohio, Missouri and beyond. Any clues connecting this John to my Richard, or to any of the Leedoms in Yorkshire, would be very welcome indeed.


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