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History of the Fowlers by Christine Fowler (1950) contains the direct line ancestry of Henry Fowler (b. c. 1632, d. 1687) back to Reginaldus le Fowler who was b. bef. 1249 and d. 1301 of Shryvenham, Berkshire ENG - Reginaldus said to be a descendant (eight generations removed, though details lacking) of Henry I 'The Fowler', King of Germany and first of the Saxon line of German kings (876?-936). Though this book doesn't go into it, other than to say "daughter of...", other sources have traced the ancestry of several Fowler wives, notably: Elizabeth Windsor (#33), Joan Danvers (#65) and Cecelia Englesfield (#129). Genealogy of the Fowlers in England and America by Wharton Dickenson (1904) contains this same ancestry but goes into a bit more detail about the English Fowlers and their wives. Though this book contains some errors about Henry the Emigrant, which are corrected in the Christine Fowler book and in an unpublished genealogy of the Fowlers by Grenville MacKenzie (copy at the Westchester County Historical Society), it is hopefully well researched and even makes a correction to Burke's Extinct Baronetage - Burke's books have long been a main medieval reference but do contain many errors apparently.

Ancestry of Henry Fowler the Emigrant, husband of Rebecca Newell - sourced
Ancestry of Elizabeth Windsor, wife of Richard Fowler (c1460-1528) - probable
Ancestry of Joan Danvers, wife of Richard Fowler (c1420-1477) - unverified
Ancestry of Cecelia Englesfield, wife of William Fowler (c1400-1452) - sourced

Ancestry of Henry Fowler of Roxbury MA, Providence RI & Mamoroneck NY

This ahnentafel is from the two Fowler books mentioned above. Notes, except for Henry #1, are from the Dickerson book (which gives Henry's wife's name as Rebecca Foote, daughter of Joshua Foote - this is incorrect).

1st Generation
1. Henry Fowler. b. abt 1632 of Hambleton ENG. d. in 1687 Mamaroneck, Westchester NY. Married Rebecca Newell, daughter of Abraham Newell of Roxbury MA.
2nd Generation
2. Henry Fowler. b. bef 1590. d. aft 1632. 'The Younger'. Not much known except he had son Henry.
3rd Generation
4. Henry Fowler. b. bef 1560 Hambleton, Rutland ENG. 'The Elder'. Married at Edlesborough, Bucks, 4 Nov 1580.

Annis Knight.

4th Generation
8. Thomas Fowler. b. bef 1530 of Hambleton.
9. Sarah Kevington.
5th Generation
16. Anthony Fowler. b. abt 1502 Rycote ENG. d. Hambleton, Rutland ENG. Not much else known.
6th Generation
32. Richard Fowler. b. abt 1460. d. in 1528.
Called "The Foolish" for having wasted the estates inherited from his father. In 1520, he received from Henry VIII a grant of the following Arms: Azure, on a chevron, argent, between three lions passant, guardant, or, as many crosses moline sable. These arms can still be seen on his tomb in Trinity Church, London. In the Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Vol. 3, New Series, p. 345, it is stated that prior to this time the Fowlers used the Arms of Barton, having none of their own. Isabel Barton who m. Henry Fowler of Foxley, having been an heiress.
33. Elizabeth Windsor. b. abt 1465 of Stanwell, Middlesex ENG.
Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Andrews) Windsor and sister of Andrew, 1st Lord Windsor.
7th Generation
64. Richard Fowler. b. abt 1420. d. on 3 Nov 1477.
b. probably about 1420-22. M. P. for Oxford, 1467. Knighted by Edward IV, 1467, and made his Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster. He m. Joan, daughter of Sir John Danvers of Calthorpe, Co. Oxford, and d. 3 Nov., 1477; will dated Oct. 10, 1477, proved 19 Nov., 1477, directs that masses shall be sung for the repose of his soul, and his father's soul, and his mother's soul for seven years; and that if mass is said by a deacon he shall have 5 marks; if by a priest 10 marks; states that his father lies buried in the chapel of St. Dunstan in Westminster Abbey; names his uncle Walter, Bishop of Norwich; Aunts Isabell Shatterbrooke and Sybell Quartermayne; brothers Walter, Henry, Thomas and William; sisters Sybell Danvers and Alice Rookes; daughter Sybell Chamberlain; daughter Jean to marry Edward Stradling his ward, now aged 15; son Richard, son Edmund; mentions his manors of Rycote, Castle House, Shobendon, Water Stratford, Stokholt, Stutely, Bourton, Mourton, Foscote, and Shaller. He was also seized of the Manor of Stanton Berry, Newport Hundred, by special grant of Edward IV, in 1467. 
Sir Richard was a very generous benefactor to the church of St. Peter and St. Paul, at Sutton-cum-Buck- ingham, and in 1470 he added the very large cross aisle, 90 ft. long, to the church. Lipscombe's Buckinghamshire, Vol.2, pp.577-78. 
There is now in the British Museum, London, Addition Charter, No.20, 321, dated June 28, 27 Henry VI (I 449), to which is attached the seal of Sir Richard Fowler, Knt, as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Sir Richard evidently took his Seal from the Rycote Arms, viz: "Argent three wolves heads, erased, gules," his father having married the heiress of Rycote and brought that estate into the Fowler family. This seal proves conclusively that the commission given by Edward IV to Sir Richard, confering upon him the Chancellorship was not an original one but the renewal of a former one issued by Henry IV. Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, New Series, Vol. III, p. 345
65. Joan Danvers. b. of Calthrope, Oxford ENG. d. in 1505.
Daughter of John and Joan (Bruley) Danvers.
8th Generation
128. William Fowler. b. abt 1400 of Foxley ENG. d. on 2 Jul 1452.
Believed by Christine Fowler to be the common ancestor of several Fowlers to early New England: Henry of Mamoroneck NY, Philip of Ipswich MA and William 'the Magistrate' of CT. Of Foxley and Castle House. He died before 1470 and is buried in St. Dunstan Chapel, Westminster Abbey.
129. Cecelia Englesfield. b. in 1403.
Daughter of Nicholas Englesfield and Joan Clerk (alias Rycote)
9th Generation
256. Henry Fowler. b. bef 1380 of Foxley ENG.
Of Foxley, b. before 1380; m. before 1400, Isabel, daughter and heiress of John Barton of Castle House, Co. Bucks, Lipscombe's Buckinghampshire, Vol.2, p.569, and used the Barton Arms as those of Fowler as did his heirs until 1520, viz. Ermine on a canton, gules, an owl argent
257. Isabel Barton.
Daughter of John Barton of Castle House, Buckinghamshire ENG
10th Generation
512. John Fowler. b. abt 1350 of Shryvenham, Berks ENG. d. abt 1412.
John acquired the estate in Buckinghamshire which he named Foxley.
513. Margaret Loveday.
Daughter of Henry Loveday.
11th Generation
1024. John Fowler. b. bef 1320 of Shryvenham, Berks ENG. d. aft 23 Apr 1361.
Of Shryvenham, b. before 1320. Mentioned in the will of Richard de Hartlegh (evidently his brother-in-law), Marshal and Citizen of London, who lived in the Parish of St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate. Will dated April 23d, 1361; entered on Roll 89, folio 68, Husting's Court of London, who makes among other bequests, 100 Geneva Florins (Florenosde Genevyns) to brother John Fowler to assist him in finding his (John's) son, if living. John had issue: Calendar of Ancient Wills, London, Vol.2, p.21.
12th Generation
2048. John le Fowler. b. of Shryvenham, Berks ENG.
Of Shryvenham, m. about 1315, Isabel, daughter of Sir Thomas Foxley of Foxley, Co. Berks, who purchased Foxley Manor from Sir Ralph Dayrell in 1314. Sir Thomas de Foxley, Knt, of Foxley, Co. Berks, and Bramhill, Co. Hants, was M.P. for Berks 1 Edward III, 1327-1328; 11 Edward III, 1337-1338; d. 1360, aged 55.
2049. Isabel Foxley.
13th Generation
Johannes le Fowler. b. abt 1269 Shryvenham, Berks ENG.
Johannes was 32 years old at his father's death. Nothing further known.
14th Generation
Reginaldus le Fowler. b. bef 1249 of Shryvenham, Berks ENG. d. in 1301.
Of Shryvenham, Co. Berks, is the first one of the line that can be definitely located. He d. 29 Edward I, 1301. In the Calendarium Genealogicum Henry III and Edward I., Master of the Rolls, Vol.2, p.602, we find the following: "Reginaldus Le Fowler de Shryvenham. Inquisition Post mortem: 
Johannes Le Fowler de Shryvenham filius praedicti Reginaldi est propinquior haeres ejus, et est aetatis triginta duorum annorum amplius, 29 Edward I, 1301. Berks."

Ancestry of Elizabeth Windsor, wife of Richard Fowler (Jr.)

Neither Fowler book goes into detail about Elizabeth Windsor except to say that she was the daughter of Thomas Windsor of Stanwell, Middlesex and sister of Andrew, 1st Lord Windsor. I found this ancestry on an FTM CD file (file #5844 on Vol. 3), and not fully trusting that, wrote to the soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup to see if anyone could confirm her ancestry. In reply I received a message confirming all the marriages listed in that CD file except for Elizabeth Windsor to Richard Fowler. About that the writer said that she was researching Andrew Windsor, 1st Lord Windsor. Andrew had a sister Elizabeth but the writer had no information about her marriage - as she said (paraphrased): "Doesn't mean the marriage to Richard Fowler didn't happen, just means I don't have that information". Since the Dickerman book does list this marriage, and does appear to be well documented, the ancestry of Elizabeth Windsor from the CD is:

1st Generation
1. Elizabeth Windsor. Born About 1465 in Bradenlove, Buckinghamshire ENG. Married Richard Fowler
2nd Generation
2. Thomas Windsor. Born 1440 in Stanwell, Middlesex ENG. Died 29 Sep 1485 in Stanwell, Middlesex ENG.
3. Elizabeth Andrews. Died After 1485.
3rd Generation
6. John Andrews. Born in of Baylham, Suffolk.
7. Elizabeth Stratton. Will probated December 11, 1474
4th Generation
14. John Stratton. Died After 1439.
15. Elizabeth Luttrell. Died After 1439.
5th Generation
30. Hugh Luttrell. Died 24 Mar 1427/1428. Knight, of Dunster Castle;  Stewart of Queen's Household
31. Catherine Beaumont. Died 28 Aug 1435. Daughter of John Beaumont, of Shirwell Devon
6th Generation
60. Andrew Luttrell. Knight, of Clinton, Devon
61. Elizabeth Courtenay. Died 1395. Purchased Dunster Castle in 50 Edward III
7th Generation
122. Hugh de Courtenay. Born 12 Jul 1303. Died 2 May 1377. User Fact 1 Sir; Earl of Devon.
123. Margaret de Bohun. Born 3 Apr 1311. Died 16 Dec 1391.
8th Generation
246. Humphrey de Bohun. Born 1276 in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire ENG. Died 16 Mar 1321 in Boroughbridge. Yorkshire ENG. Buried in Friars Preachers, York, Yorkshire ENG. User Fact 1 Lord High Constable of England.
247. Elizabeth Plantagenet. Born 7 Aug 1282 in Rhuddlan Castle, Carnarvon WALES. Died 5 May 1316 in Quendon, Essex ENG. Buried 23 May 1316 in Walden Abbey, Essex ENG.
9th Generation
494. Edward I, King of England, Plantagenet 'Longshanks'. Born 17 Jun 1239 in Winchester ENG. Died 7 Jul 1307 in Burgh-on-the-Sands, Carlisle ENG. User Fact 1 King Edward I of England.
495. Eleanor of Castile. Born About 1244 in Castile SPA. Died 24 Nov 1290 in Herdeby,Near Grantham,Lincolnshire.

A lot more information can be found online about many of these families in medieval databases at various places - especially Courtenay, de Bohun and Plantagenet.

Ancestry of Joan Danvers, wife of Richard Fowler (Sr.)

Joan Danvers was the daughter of Sir John Danvers of Calthorpe, Oxford ENG according to the Dickerman book. Though not stated in that book, her mother was probably Joan Bruley, daughter of John de Bruley and Maud/Matilda Quatremain. The ancestry given below is from various sources (online and FTM CD files).

IMPORTANT: When I found it I wrote down everything to see where it may lead but I have done nothing to verify any of it yet. It is presented as is, there are no doubt errors in it, please view it as just a starting place for further research on Joan Danvers.

First Generation
1 Joan Danvers.

Second Generation
2 John Danvers. Born About 1382. Died About 1448.
3 Joan Bruley. Born About 1402 in Waterstoke and Henton, Oxfordshire ENG. Died After 1448 in Ipwell, Oxfordshire ENG.

Third Generation
4 Richard Danvers. Died After 1394.
5 Agnes de Brancestre.
6 John de Bruley. Born About 1375 in Waterstoke and Henton, Oxfordshire ENG.
7 Matilda (Maud) Quatremain. Born About 1378 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.

Fourth Generation
8 John Danvers.
9 Isabel (Danvers).
10 William de Brancestre.
11 Margaret Mile.
12 William de Bruley. Born About 1350 in Waterstoke and Henton, Oxfordshire ENG.
13 Agnes de Bruley. Born About 1360 in Waterstoke, Oxfordshire ENG.
14 Thomas Quatremain. Born About 1338 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
15 Joan Russell. Born About 1354 in Brodenstroke, Oxfordshire ENG. Died About 1431.

Fifth Generation
16 Simon Danvers. Born About 1327. Occupation Lord of Epwell.
24 John de Bruley. Born About 1305 in Waterstoke and Henton, Oxfordshire ENG.
26 Henry de Bruley. Born About 1298 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
27 (Bruley). Born About 1320 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
28 Thomas Quatremain. Born About 1313 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG. Died 6 Jun 1342.
29 Katherine de Bretton. Born About 1317 in Rotherfield-Knight, Oxfordshire ENG. Died 6 Jun 1342 in Warwickshire ENG.
30 John Russell. Born About 1340 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG.
31 Anne Planches. Born About 1348 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG.

Sixth Generation
32 Robert Danvers. Died After 1305.
48 John de Bruley. Born About 1272 in Waterstoke, Oxfordshire ENG.
49 (Bruley). Born About 1276 in Waterstoke, Oxfordshire ENG.
52 William de Bruley. Born About 1270 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
53 (Bruley). Born About 1274 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
56 William Quatremain. Born About 1282 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
57 Maud (Quatremain). Born About 1286 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
58 Guy de Bretton. Born About 1285 in Rotherfield-Knight, Oxfordshire ENG.
59 Joan/Jane de Grey. Born About 1289 in Rotherfield-Knight, Oxfordshire ENG.
60 Robert Russell. Born About 1314 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG. Died 1376.
61 Katherine Vampage. Born About 1316 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG.

Seventh Generation
64 William Danvers. Died Before 1247.
96 Henry de Bruley. Born About 1243 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
97 Katherine Foliot. Born About 1247 in Waterstoke, Oxfordshire ENG.
104 same as ahnentafel number 96
105 same as ahnentafel number 97
112 William Quatremain. Born About 1250 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
113 Agnes (Quatremain). Born About 1254 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
116 William de Bretton. Born About 1253 in Long Itchington, Warwick ENG.
117 Avicia Chetwode. Born About 1231 in Chetwode, Bucks ENG.
118 Thomas de Grey. Born About 1253 in Hetton, Northumberland ENG. Died About 1312.
120 Nicholas Russell. Born About 1287 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG.
121 Agnes Grindon. Born About 1290 in Gloucestershire ENG.

Eighth Generation
128 Robert Danvers. Born About 1172 in Tetsworth, Oxford ENG. Died Before 1225.
192 Richard de Bruley. Born About 1211 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
193 Millicent (Bruley). Born About 1215 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG. Died After 1274/1275.
194 William Foliot. Born About 1221.
224 Herbert Quatremain. Born About 1226 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
234 William Chetwode. Born About 1200 in Chetwode, Bucks ENG.
236 Robert de Grey. Died After 27 May 1296.
237 Joan de Valognes. Died About 1312.
240 James Russell. Born About 1258 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG. Died After 1300.
241 Jane (Russell). Born About 1260.

Ninth Generation
256 William Danvers. Born 1135 in Tetsworth, Oxford ENG. Died Before 1197.
257 Emma Chevausshesul. Born About 1142 in Tetsworth, Oxford ENG.
384 Robert/Richard de Bruley. Born About 1185 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
385 Joan Kinewarton. Born About 1189 in Aston Bruley, Worcestershire ENG.
448 Herbert Quatremain. Born About 1194 in North Weston, Oxfordshire ENG.
449 Lecia Knyvet. Born About 1198.
468 Robert Chetwode. Born About 1171 in Chetwode, Bucks ENG.
469 Sybil Strange-Fredville. Born About 1174 in Wolston, Warwick ENG.
472 Walter de Grey. Died About 1267.
473 Isabel de Dunston. Born in Dunston, Northamptonshire ENG. Died 1304/1305.
474 Thomas Valognes. Died 1275.
480 Robert Russell. Born About 1230 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG.

10th Generation
512 Robert Danvers. Born About 1109 in Bourton, Oxford ENG. Died After 1145.
770 Robert Kinewarton. Born About 1163.
771 Joan (Kinewarton). Born About 1165.
896 Herbert Quatremain. Born About 1168.
936 Ralph Chetwode. Born About 1145.
938 Roger de Fredville. Born About 1148.
944 Robert de Grey. Born in of Rotherfield, Oxfordshire ENG.
945 Amice (or Beatrice) (Grey). Born in of Sculcotes, Yorkshire ENG.
946 William de Dunston. Born in Duston, Northamptonshire ENG. Died 1270/1271.
947 Mary Wake.
960 Thomas Russell. Born About 1202 in Strensham, Worcestershire ENG.

11th Generation
1024 Geoffrey Danvers. Born About 1087.
1892 William de Dunston. Born About 1170. Died Sep 1218.
1893 Jane Noel. Born in Raunton, Staffordshire ENG.
1894 Geoffrey Wake. Born About 1147.
1920 John Russell. Born About 1174 in Gloucestershire ENG. Died 1224.
1921 Rose Bardolf. Born About 1180 in Kingston-Russell, Dorset ENG.

12th Generation
2048 Ralph Danvers. Born About 1061.
2049 LePoure.
3788 Hugh Wake. Died 1175/1176.
3789 Emma de Clare (Fitz-Baldwin). Born About 1130. Died Before 1168.
3840 Eudo Russell. Born About 1160 in Berwick, Dorsetshire ENG.
3842 Thomas Bardolf. Born About 1154.
3843 Alice de Corbet. Born About 1156.

13th Generation
7576 Geoffrey Wake. Born 1099 in of Bessin, Normandy, France; Island of Guernsey. Died 1142.
7578 Baldwin de Clare. Born About 1104. Died 1154.
7579 Adeline de Rollos.
7680 Robert Russell. Born About 1125 in Berwick, Dorsetshire ENG.
7681 (Russell). Born About 1136 in Berwick, Dorsetshire ENG.

14th Generation
15156 Gilbert de Clare. Born About 1066. Died 1117.
15157 Adelaide de Claremont. Born 1074 in Northamptonshire ENG.

15th Generation
30312 Richard de Clare. Born 1035. Died 1090.
30313 Rohese Giffard. Died 1113.
30314 Hugh de Claremont.

16th Generation
60624 Gilbert of Brionne. Died 1040.
60626 Walter Giffard. Born Before 1015 in Longueville, Normandy FRA. Died Before 1084.
60627 Ermentrude (Agnes) Flaitel.

17th Generation
121248 Godfrey of Brionne & Eu. Died About 1015.

18th Generation
242496 Richard of Normandy 'The Fearless'. Born 0933 in Fecamp, Normandy FRA. Died 20 Nov 0996 in Fecamp, Normandy FRA. Occupation 3rd Duke of Normandy.
242497 Gunnor de Crepon. Born About 0936. Died 1031.

19th Generation
484992 William of Normandy 'Longsword'. Died 17 Dec 0942. Occupation 2nd Duke of Normandy.
484993 Sprota (Adela) of Senlis. Born in Bretagne, Normandy FRA.
484994 Herbastus de Crepon. Born About 0911 in Normandy FRA.

20th Generation
969984 Robert (Rollo) Ragnvaldsson. Born 0870 in Norway. Died 0930 in Notre Dame, Rouen, Normandy FRA. Occupation 1st Duke of Normandy.
969985 Poppa de Valois. Born in of Normandy FRA. Occupation Dutchess of Normandy.
969986 Hubert I of Senlis. Born After 0850. Occupation Count of Senlis.

21st Generation
1939968 Ragnvald Eysteinsson 'The Wise'. Born About 0830 in Upland Denmark. Died 0894. Occupation Earl of More.
1939969 Ragnhild Hrolfsdottir. Born 0848.

22nd Generation
3879938 Hrolf Nefja.

Ancestry of Cecelia Englesfield, wife of William Fowler

The Dickerman Fowler genealogy lists a couple generations of the ancestry of Cecelia Englesfield. A recent article in the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, The Marbury Ancestry: Gernon and Rycote Lines by F.N. Craig (NEHGR Vol. 153, No. 610, April 1999) shows that book to be correct in what it has and takes it a bit further. The following ahnentafel is from that article:

1st Generation
1. Cecelia Englesfield. b. in 1403. Married William Fowler.
2nd Generation
2. Nicholas Englesfield. b. of Rycote, Oxford ENG. d. on 1 Apr 1415.
3. Joan Clerk. d. bef 1411.
3rd Generation
6. Nicholas Clerk alias Rycote. b. bef 1366 of Rycote. d. abt 1412.
7. Catherine Rycote.
4th Generation
12. William Clerk.
14. John Rycote I. b. bef 1349 of Rycote. d. aft 1372.
15. Elizabeth Gernon. b. of Wiltshire ENG. d. abt 1372.
5th Generation
28. Fulk de Rycote III. b. abt 1295. d. aft 1372.
30. John Gernon II. b. bef 1313 of Wiltshire ENG. d. aft 1327.
6th Generation
56. Sir Fulk de Rycote II. b. bef 1233. d. in 1302.
57. Margaret le Despenser. d. aft 1302.
60. John Gernon I. b. aft 1259. d. aft 1302.
61. Alice de Plessis.
7th Generation
112. William de Rycote. d. abt 1233.
114. Sir Adam de Despenser. b. aft 1249. d. abt 1297.
120. Roger Gernon II. b. bef 1236. d. abt 1279.
122. Sir Hugh de Plessis. d. in 1292.
123. Isabel Biset. d. aft 1278.
8th Generation
224. Sir Fulk de Rycote I. b. aft 1196. d. abt 1233.
225. Matilda Visdelou.
240. Roger Gernon. d. aft 1226.
241. Matilda (Gernon). d. bef 1225.
246. John Biset.
247. Alice Basset.

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