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The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American in three volumes by John Wentworth (Little, Brown and Co., 1878) is the source of most of the Wentworth information below. The author cites as his source "William Flower, Norroy King of arms of the College of Arms,...who compiled it in the year 1588, and it has ever since remained upon the records of the College, and been authentic." The Marbury Ancestry by Meredith Bright Colket (The Magee Press, Philadelphia, 1936) is the source of most Marbury and Blount info and Fenwick Allied Ancestry by Edwin Jacquette Sellers (1916) is the source of much of the rest. Though the above books list their sources of information the usual precautions apply in viewing this ancestry as set in stone. Research into medieval genealogy is ongoing and corrections to what was previously believed are continuously being made by modern researchers.

The only iffy part of the Wentworth genealogy is whether Elder William Wentworth of NH (#1) was indeed the son of William and Susanna (Carter) Wentworth (#2 & 3). Author John Wentworth spent several pages of Volume 1 explaining all the circumstantial evidence for why he believed he was their son. The Marbury Ancestry, in an "IMPORTANT NOTE - " on page 26, says: "The old Wentworth Genealogy gives strong circumstantial evidence indicating the English parentage of the colonists, William Wentworth and Christopher Lawson ... Charles T. Libby, the great authority on New Hampshire genealogy, has recently accepted these findings as correct."

First Generation
1. Elder William Wentworth. b. bef 15 Mar 1615 prob Alford, Lincolnshire ENG. Chr. on 15 Mar 1615 Alford, Lincolnshire ENG. d. on 15 Mar 1697. William married Elizabeth Kenney.
Second Generation
2. William Wentworth. b. abt 1584. Chr. on 8 Jun 1584 St. Peter at Gowts, Lincoln, Lincolnshire ENG.
They had three sons baptized at Alford in Lincolnshire but after the birth of their third son all records of William and Susanna at Alford cease. They moved to Rigsby in Lincolnshire, about two miles away, but very few records of Ribsby still exist. It is not known if they had more children or what became of William and Susanna. On 28 Nov 1614 William married Susanna Carter, in Alford, Lincolnshire ENG.
3. Susanna Carter.
Probably daughter of Edward Carter of Wells.
Third Generation
4. Christopher Wentworth. b. abt 1556. d. bef 15 May 1633 prob near Alford, Lincolnshire ENG.
Made his will 8 Dec 1628 at Barrow, Lincolnshire and proved 15 May 1633 at Alford, Lincolnshire. His will was proved by his wife Katherine but nothing further is known of her after that date. Christopher and Katherine moved about quite a bit, their children baptized at various places in Lincolnshire indicates they were not possessed of great wealth - after a couple generations of being younger children of younger children neither had much real estate. Where Christopher was born is not known. At age 18 he was at Waltham with his father; in 1583 he was at the city of Lincoln where he married; 1585 at Irby; 1587 at Grimsby; 1589 at Irby again; 1593 at Conisholm; 1594 at Waltham; 1610 at Ravendale; in 1628 made his will at Barrow and was probably at or near Alford when he died before 1633.
On 19 Aug 1583 Christopher married Katherine Marbury, in St. Peter at Gowts, Lincoln, Lincolnshire ENG.
5. Katherine Marbury. d. aft 15 May 1633.
6. Edward Carter. b. of Wells, Lincolnshire ENG.
Fourth Generation
8.  William Wentworth. d. on 22 May 1574.
Settled at Waltham, Lincolnshire, though his children were not baptized , nor is he buried, there. His will is dated 16 May 1574 and was proved 24 May 1574 at Lincoln. William married an Anne after the death of his wife Ellen (date unknown), but they appear to have lived separately. He lived at Waltham, she at Kirton in Lincolnshire and William left her whatever was at the house at Kirton. His sons were young when he died as son Thomas was under the guardianship of Edmund Skerne of Waltham and son Christopher under that of Garrett Southill (of whom nothing further is known).
9.  Ellen Gilby. b. of Ravendale, Lincolnshire ENG. d. bef May 1574.
Ellen was the widow of John Farrars and she died before her second husband William Wentworth as he was married to an Anne when he died.
10.  William Marbury. b. abt 1524 of Girsby in Burgh-upon-Bain, Lincolnshire ENG. d. bef 16 Nov 1581.
Will dated 26 Jan 1580/81, proved 16 Nov 1581. William and Agnes had seven children, daughter Katherine was the youngest.
11.  Agnes Lenton.
Fifth Generation
16.  Oliver Wentworth. b. resided Goxhill, Lincolnshire ENG. d. abt 1559 Goxhill, Lincolnshire ENG.
Ref 172 says that from Oliver forward the results of the Wentworth genealogy is from the research of Joseph Lemuel Chester of London - I suppose meaning that previous to Oliver is documented in other works. Oliver and his brothers William and Thomas are merely mentioned as younger sons of Thomas and Jane (Mirfield) Wentworth - their brother John, as eldest, and Roger, second son, are listed in pedigrees of the family but the three youngest omitted.
He resided at Goxhill in Lincolnshire - probable that he came to reside there as a result of his great grand uncle Roger having married Lady de Roos who brought the manor of Goxhill into the family. His will is dated 7 Dec 1558 and was proved in the Archdeaconry of Lincoln on 28 Jan 1558/59 (1559).
17.  Jane (Wentworth).
18.  John Gilby. d. of Ravendale, Lincolnshire ENG.
20.  Robert Marbury. b. abt 1490 of Girsby in Burgh-upon-Bain, Lincolnshire ENG. d. in 1545.
Will dated 28 Jul 1545, probated 28 Sep 1545. Robert and Katherine had one son, William.
21.  Katherine (Marbury). d. on 17 Aug 1525.
22.  John Lenton Esq. Of "Old Wynkill', probably Aldwinkle, Northampton.
Sixth Generation
32.  Thomas Wentworth. b. of North Elmsall, Yorkshire ENG. d. abt 1522. Will dated 1522.
33.  Jane Mirfield.
40.  William Marbury. b. abt 1445 of Lowick, Northampton ENG. d. bef 1 Oct 1508.
41.  Anne Blount. b. abt 1453. d. bef 1513.
Seventh Generation
64.  John Wentworth Esq. b. of North Elmsall, Yorkshire ENG.
65.  Elizabeth Calverley. b. of Calverley, Yorkshire ENG.
66.  Oliver Mirfield Esq. b. of Howley, Yorkshire ENG.
67.  Isabel Savile. b. of Methley Hall, Yorkshire ENG.
80.  John Marbury. b. of Cransley, Northampton ENG. d. bef 22 Oct 1460.
Of Cransley, Northampton, armiger, became a sheriff of Northampton 4 Nov 1443.
81.  Eleanor (Marbury).
82.  Sir Thomas Blount. b. abt 1420 of Derbyshire & Melton Roos Abbey, Lincolnshire ENG. d. in 1468.
abt 1453 Thomas married Agnes Hawley.
83.  Agnes Hawley. b. of Girsby, Lincolnshire ENG. d. abt 14 Oct 1462. Bur. on 14 Oct 1462.
Eighth Generation
128.  John Wentworth Esq. b. of North Elmsall, Yorkshire ENG.
They also had sons named Roger and William but nothing further is known of them in ref 172.
129.  Joan Beaumont.
130.  William Calverley. b. of Calverley, Yorkshire ENG.
134.  Sir John Savile. b. of Methley Hall, Yorkshire ENG.
164.  Sir Thomas Blount. b. aft 1371 of Elwaston, Derbyshire ENG. d. in 1456.
Treasurer of Normandy 1412, 1437 and 1453. He married more than once, his first wife Margaret Gresley was the mother of Thomas.
165.  Margaret Gresley. b. of Drakelove, Derbyshire ENG.
166.  John Hawley. b. of Girsby, Lincolnshire ENG.
Ninth Generation
256.  John Wentworth Esq. b. of North Elmsall, Yorkshire ENG. d. aft 1413.
257.  Agnes Drondfield.
258.  Richard Beaumont Esq. b. of Whitley Hall, Yorkshire ENG.
328.  Sir Walter Blount. b. abt 1348. d. on 21 Jul 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury.
Born probably about 1348. As a youth was in the retinue of John of Gaunt*, Duke of Lancaster, in the latter's expedition to Spain in 1367 to aid Peter, King of Castile. Peter's daughter Constance (who later became the wife of John of Gaunt) subsequently visited England and brought with her as a lady in her suite Donna Sancha de Ayala. Sir Walter was an executor of the will of John of Gaunt. He was the king's standard-bearer at the battle of Shrewsbury and was slain at that battle on 21 Jul 1403.
*John of Gaunt was a son of Edward III, and father of Henry IV.
329.  Donna Sancho de Ayala. b. abt 1360 Toledo, New Castile SPA. d. in 1418 Newark, Leicester ENG. Bur. St. Mary's, Newark, Leicester ENG. - ancestry culled from a series of of postings to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval in Mar 2001
330.  Sir Thomas Gresley. b. of Drakelove, Derbyshire ENG. Sheriff of Derby and Stafford.
Tenth Generation
512.  John Wentworth Esq. b. of North Elmsall, Yorkshire ENG.
Inherited the estate of North Elmsall from his uncle John Wentworth. He was succeeded by his only son.
513.  Joan Tyas.
514.  William Drondfield. b. of West Britton, Yorkshire ENG.
656.  Sir John Blount. b. abt 1298 of Sodington, Worcester ENG. d. in 1358. aft 1347 John married Eleanor Beauchamp.
657.  Eleanor Beauchamp.
Ref 171 (Marbury Ancestry) names John Blount's 2nd wife, and mother of Walter Blount, as Eleanor, daughter of John Beauchamp of Hache, Somerset - Beauchamp arms, Vair, quartered on subsequents Blount coats. The book points out though that her identity has not been positively determined - exactly WHICH John Beauchamp was her father.
658.  Don Diego Gomez de Toledo. b. abt 1334. Occupation: Mayor of Toledo SPA.
At a certain point in these older genealogies it becomes difficult what would be concidered a LAST NAME. His full name is Don Diego Gomez de Toledo but the de Toledo part is descriptive of where he was from. Information about the ancestry of Don Diego Gomez and his wife Inez Alfons de Ayala (or Donna Ines de Ayala) is from a news tread which occurred in early Mar 2001 on the soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup between James Woodard, Todd A. Farmerie, Marin-Guzman and D. Spenser Hines. Many dates are from this thread.
659.  Inez Alfons de Ayala. b. in 1338.
Eleventh Generation
1024.  William Wentworth. b. abt 1289 of Wentworth-Woodhouse, Yorkshire ENG.
William's birthyear not given in ref 172 but has been figured as abt. 1289 - his father married in 1288, d. 1295.
1025.  Isabel Pollington.
1026.  Richard Tyas. b. of Burghwallis, Yorkshire ENG.
His wife's name not given in ref. 172, but listed in 'Fenwick Allied Ancestry' by Edwin Jaquett Sellers (1916).
1027.  Alice de Tankersley.
1314.  John Beauchamp. b. of Hache, Somersetshire ENG. - see Note of daughter Eleanor (#657)
1316.  Gomez Perez de Toledo. b. abt 1308 Toledo, Castile SPA.
1317.  Ines Garcia de Toledo. b. abt 1312.
Twelfth Generation
2048.  William Wentworth. b. of Wentworth-Woodhouse, Yorkshire ENG. d. in 1295.
'Wentworth Genealogy' has that he died in 1295, seven years after his first marriage. The birth years of his two sons not listed in the book but would be between 1288 and 1295 - William the older of the two.
2049.  Dionysia de Rotherfield. She died following the birth of her son John.
2050.  William Pollington Esq. b. of Pollington, Yorkshire ENG.
Ref. 172 does not name his wife. Source of her name and ancestry from 'Fenwick Allied Ancestry' by Edwin Jaquett Sellers (1916).
2051.  Isabella Horbery.
2054.  Sir Richard Tankersley.
2055.  Sara Thornhill.
2632.  Fernan Gomez de Toledo. b. in 1282.
2633.  Teresa Vasquez de Acuna. b. in 1285.
Thirteenth Generation
4096.  William Wentworth. b. of Wentworth-Woodhouse, Yorkshire ENG. d. in 1309.
Died in the second year of the reign of Edward II - "died 2 Edward II", 1309/10.
4097.  Beatrice Thakel. b. of Yorkshire ENG.
4098.  Peter de Rotherfield.Ancestry from 'Fenwick Allied Ancestry' by Edwin Jaquett Sellers (1916).
4100.  Sir Thomas Pollington.
4102.  Ralph Horbery.
4108.  Sir Richard Tankersley. Living "42 Henry III"
4110.  Sir John Thornhill. b. of Thornhill, Yorkshire ENG. Living "4 King John".
4111.  Olivia de la Maie.
14th Generation
8192.  Robert Wentworth. b. bef 1275 Yorkshire ENG. d. aft 1275.
Living in the reign of Henry III and Edward I. He married Emma Woodhouse and acquired the estate of Woodhouse, afterward designated as Wentworth-Woodhouse.
8193.  Emma Woodhouse.
8194.  Gilbert Thakel. b. of Yorkshire ENG.
8196.  Nicholas de Rotherfield.
8197.  Euphemia L'Isle.
8216.  Sir Henry Tankersley.
8217.  Agnes Pictaveus.
8220.  Jordon Thornhill. d. aft 1189.
15th Generation
16384.  William Wentworth.
16386.  William Woodhouse. b. of Yorkshire ENG.
Possessed the manor of Woodhouse. 'Fenwick Allied Ancestry' by Edwin Jaquett Sellers (1916) lists two possible ancestries of William. The first from 'Burke's Commoners Vol. III' pg. 613, the second from 'Harl. Soc. Vol. XVI', pg 344 'Visit. of York." Both follow through to marriage of Emma to Robert Wentworth:
4. William Cocus de Womburn, engaged in Crusades 1193 under Richard Lion Heart
3. Nicholas Cocus temp. Henry III
2. William de Borco de Womburn 1st proprietor of the Wode House of Womburne in the reign of Henry III, m. Sibilla daughter of Walter, Lord Bradley - "apparently parents of Emma"
1. Emma
6. Golsey Woodhouse
5. Reiner Woodhouse
4. Robert Woodhouse
3. William Woodhouse
2. William Woodhouse
1. Emma
16394.  William L'Isle.
16434.  Roger Pictaveus. b. of Burghwallis, Yorkshire ENG. Lord of Burghwallis, formerly de Burgo.
16440.  Jordon Thornhill. d. aft 1169.
16th Generation
32768 Hugh (or Hugo) Wentworth. d. in 1200.
32880 Askolphus Thornhill. b. of Thornhill, Yorkshire ENG.

17th Generation
65536 Henry Wentworth.

18th Generation
131072 Michael Wentworth.

19th Generation
262144 Richard Wentworth.

20th Generation
524288 Henry Wentworth. (Henry de Wyntworth or Wyntword)

21st Generation
1048576 Reginald Wentworth. b. bef 1066 of Yorkshire ENG.
He was living at the time of the Norman conquest in 1066 and was the possessor of the lordship of Wentworth, in the Wapentake of Strafford in the West Riding of Yorkshire - from which it is figured he was of Anglo-Saxon ancestry and not Norman. Wentworth is in the parish of Wath-upon-Dearn, nine miles from Sheffield and thirteen from Doncaster. At this time there were no actual surnames and he was simply Reginald of Wentworth, or Rynold de Wynterwade as listed in the Flower's pedigree - 'Antiquities of Leeds' by Thoresby names him "Reginaldus Wyntword de Wyntword, Com. Ebor." (Com. Ebor. meaning "Comitatus Eboracensi", i.e. County York). Nothing more is known about Reginald (Rynold/Reginaldus) except that he was succeded by his son Henry.

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