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This Website is dedicated to our ancestors who left behind little or nothing for us to understand our heritage. And to those of us who are searching for them, because they left us with our different personalities and quirks!
No matter where our ancestors came from whether it be VA, PA, MD, IL, TN  or MO. This is where you may find those answers. 
Feel free to post a Query too! We are all here to help.


Index to the Skiles - Skyles Genconnect Boards

Try our GenConnect Boards. They provide an interactive form (and forum) to enter your Queries, Wills, Biographies, Pensions, Obituaries, Deeds and Bible Records. They also archive all postings so that people can search for SKILES and only get genealogical information in the results.
Index to the Skiles - Skyles Genconnect Boards

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Yes lookups, where one fine and extremely busy genealogist extracts a small piece of information from their private collection to share with an appreciative audience. Please contact the person directly using the E mail link on the Lookups Page.

You're Invited To My Forum!
Jessica Purdes (Skiles) created an online Forum on Delphi. It's called "Skyles-Skiles."
We can use this as our online meeting place. Options include real-time Chat, announcements, and custom web pages. This forum is public so anyone on Delphi can participate, so feel free to tell your friends. The best way into the forum is at the following URL: In order to provide personalized services and access control, you'll need to go through a quick registration if you've never used Delphi before. It only takes a minute and it's free!
Best regards,
Jessica Purdes (Skiles)

SKILES-L. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Skiles surname and variations (e.g., Skyles) in any place and at any time.
Mailing address for postings is To subscribe send the word
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"Surfing the net I found a new spelling for Skiles. It is SKALES. I found it in one of the England data bases for County Durham, North Riding of Yorkshire. There are lots and lots of names beginning with Sk... I am tempted to do a whole search of England to see where the Sk- names seem to congregate."

Here are  the various spellings: Skiles, Skyles, Scyles, Scowles, Skells, Skebs [the b is an l and an e run together].

If you find any  mistakes E- mail Dale or Cindy Frie.

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This  is a joint project put together by Cindy L Skiles Frie, Dale Jay Frie,
Jan  Lorraine Byrnes, Bill Skiles, and Dan Norgard.

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