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This page is set aside for Links that we have found mentioning Skiles - Skyles. We will constantly be updating this page. If you have other links that you would like to see added, feel free to send them to Jan. E - mail her with any links you would like to see added to our website. Please list Links in Subject.

I got this site off of another list. It is a great one! I did a simple search on my surnames and got many hits. I heartily recommend visiting the "National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections," also known as NUCMC, at: Click here for an explaination about the "National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections"
Judy Forman Lee

Have you seen this Skiles descendant chart, prepared by Tom Caulley?

Jan Byrnes provided a great long list of several and various links on 9/10/1998. I placed them at the bottom of the page  as Jan's Links. Here's her introduction.

Here are some links that Skiles researchers may find useful.  You will have to use your "find in page" function to find some of these ancestors, because the name or names may be included in a large body of text.  It may just be one small piece of information, or it may be an entire multi-generational family tree of Skiles.  These links will always be "under construction" because new information is constantly being added to the internet.   So,  if you know where there we can find Skiles' genealogy information on the internet that is not included in the links below, please send me  the address.  I'm working on a list of links to direct you to information about surnames that sound similar to Skiles, hoping that some of these links will lead you to information you are searching for.  You know what phonetics and census takers can do to a name.  I'll be adding lots of different names to this list as time permits.  For your convenience, I have also included some general links you may find helpful to get you started if you're not sure where to look. Happy hunting to all.

Eventually, we will incorporate all of these links into "Jan's Links." If you have any sugggestions for format, speak now. Dale Jay Frie







Anyone needing US census records should check out
You can get any census records from 1790 thru 1920 on CD-ROM and thus view them on your own computer and use a graphics program to enlarge or enhance them as needed.

Handley's Eastern Shore Maryland Genealogy
Sometimes their hard to get a hold of...but their worth the effort.

Somerset and Wicomico Counties: Interesting Miscellany

For those who would like to explore their ancestors in DE, MD, and VA. They can be found at Delmarva Genealogy Links

On this site you will find the Surnames and known information on a person that is "MOST WANTED". In other words, an entire website of queries!

USGenWeb has links to any county in the USA where they've found someone to manage the information. There is usually a good list of Genealogical information. This link takes you to their home page where you can go where you need to to find what you need.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cindy Pegg has Southern Illinois roots and her web page has Southern Illinois links

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One page is just for Vietnam veterans. It lists 72 Vietnam Veterans named Skiles.

Have you seen I just heard about it and went into look and it seems to have an incredible amount of information, but you have to subscribe to it to get to all the stuff. One of the things that's free is you can do a search of the social security files for anyone who has died who had a social security number. They also have a listing of a WWI Civilian Draft Registry that mentions Skiles.

7th Texas Infantry, Company H
Texas Invincibles
Harrison County

Southeastern Illinois Resource Books [Pope, Massac, Johnson & Hardin] Judy Foreman Lee also manages the Pope County List Serve at

Subject: Kindred Konnections Research Center Update URL: Best of luck in your research Michael T Andrews Kindred Konnections.

Those of you who have ancestors from Greene County, TN can find a list
of Skiles landholders under the heading "Taxables of Captain James
Penny's Company for the Year 1797" (1798) at for 1797and for 1798

Welcome to the 1850 Census - Greene Co., Tennessee. Brought to you  by: Census Online. Transcribed by Mark E. Reed 1996-1997
You may search this census by the INDEX of Head of Households,  Strays, and others  or select a specific PAGE to view.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

The US GenWeb Project

Roudebush Genealogy  Surnames List

Illinois in the Civil War

First Settlers of Clarion County, PA

Index of Tennessee Libraries

The American War Library

The American Civil War Homepage

For those who would like to explore the Shiall ancestors in MD, they can
be found in a database called "THEY LIVED IN SOMERSET" at

I am so happy to see a "SKILES" webpage.  Would you please link to my webpage at:
Sunnie Skiles


Have you read about the Skyles mentioned in FROM THE OX CART TO THE AIRPLANE, Memoirs of Coleman Carpenter?  If not, you can access it at

The part about the Skyles begins about two-thirds of the way through the text.

Good Hope Cem., Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL (aka McTyree Cem)

Harris Special Feature by David Russell '51

The Geneology Home Page, under the heading "What's Really New in WWW Genealogy Pages" - their homepage is at

"The Library of Congress has put their card catalog online, using four
different ways to search through their holdings.  Just click here to gain access to the

Jan Byrnes


Teresa Skiles: Searching for my roots, FTM
Mahan, Gentry, Gordon, Clements, Surnames Beginning with S
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Frantz Family Genealogy
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Miller's Genealogical Family Tree, Surnames Beginning with S
Phelps Helps Newsletter Every Name Index
GORE Queries
The Kentucky Explorer Index
Carter County, MO Marriages, Book 1, 1860-1881
Donna Waggoner Carter's Genealogy Page
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Van Bibber Pioneers E-Newsletter, Vol 1, No. 6
Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society "Register"
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Martha Bruce & Robert Skiles Beeson
Robert Mack "Bob" Brummett, Eastland County, TX
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Ancestry World Tree -- Family Information
List of Surnames in Windrider's Genealogy
Genealogy Data, CROUSE, My Family
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Tulare Co. CA Marriages - Brides 1852-1893
Carter County MO Marriage Book D, 1906-1915
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Dent County, MO, Query Page
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The Latta Genealogy Newsletter: Index to Lattas
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Guide to the Papers of Herman Lee Donovan
Descendants of Abraham Vandal
Index to; Hood County Historical Highlights
Wood County, Texas, Posted Queries
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Woodville Cemetery, Tulare Co., CA GenWeb
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My Family
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Early Virginia / WVA Genealogy--Surnames S
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Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information Montana Genealogy Information kalispell montana Kalispell Montana kalispell Kalispell Montana kalispell montana Kalispell Montana kalispell montana montana Kalispell Montana kalispell montana
WHMC-Rolla -- R168 -- Index Cards
webGED: Skiles F. Montague Data Page
Genealogy Data, Ancestors of Herman Cummings and Descendants Thereof
INDEX, Ancestors of David Samuel King
WVSA Manuscript Coll. Itemized Listing
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Bibliography for Illinois in the Civil War


Soundex: S242 - Surnames Which Sound Like Skiles
Scales Family Genealogy Forum
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Scales - Harrison Genealogy BBS - Sir Edward William Harrison
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Scales - Washington County, Kentucky Queries
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Scales - (Surnames: Sandstedt - Schaffer) San Francisco Call Newspaper: Vital Records for 1875-1884
Scales - Rockingham County, North Carolina Queries
Scales - The Robert Newcomb Family Home Page
Scales - THE OLIVE TREE GENEALOGY: Red River Expeditionary Force 1870-1877
Scales - Mercer County, New Jersey, Genealogy: Queries for 1998
Scales - I09472: Marvin G. HELLENBRAND
Scales - Mike Scales Names Index Page
Skeels - Ruffer Genealogy Data Page
Stiles - Trefethen Sources
Stull - The Stull's Genealogy Page
Stull - Washington County, Md, Posted Queries


Inventory of Thomas Shills of Somerset
Somerset & Wicomico Internet Resources
ShoreWeb's Delmarva Genealogy Listing
UsGenWeb Somerset County - History Article
SSU [Community: Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture]
The Nutter Homepage


Cindi's List - (Look Here First)
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Women in Tennessee History: A Bibliography
Local History and Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress
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Making of America
Archiving Early America


American Revolution War Soldiers & Their Descendants
Revolutionary War Period Records Search Engine
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Military Records for Genealogy - War of 1812
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Genealogy Directory of Cemetery Lists, Burial Records, and Tombstone Inscriptions


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