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Scotland Marriage Records

County Fife


Note: Spellings are as found in the records, there are some that have more than one spelling for the same marriage, and some dates differ for the same marriage. There are also duplicate marriage records with two locations. It is also possible that they are not the same individual, and it is therefore the responsibility of the researcher to determine proper information by contacting record offices in localities where the conflict can be resolved.

The records contained herein are for the county listed and no determination has been made that these individuals immigrated to, or immigrated from any other location.

Information in this record is under copyright and cannot be used in any manner or form for profit. It may be reproduced for personal use, but copyright information must remain attached.

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Marriage Records - Scotland

County Fife

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Agnes Gilbert Knock 05-10-1586 Anstruther Wester
Agnes James Horsbrugh 09-08-1646 Anstruther Easter
Agnes Thomas Hill 02-01-1735 Crail
Agnes Thomas Hill 03-03-1735 Crail
Agnes (Smeal) Robert Heugh 11-22-1744 Kettle
Agnes Peter Fairful 08-28-1790 Kilconouhar
Agnes Alexander Kidd 01-19-1833 Anstruther Easter
Agnes Alexander Kidd 01-19-1833 Kilrenny
Agnes Alexander Kidd 01-19-1833 Kingsbarns
Agnes Andrew Kellock 01-12-1844 Kinghorn
Agnes Andrew Kellock 01-12-1844 Kirkcaldy
Agnes Peter Arnot 05-29-1848 Dunfermline
Agness William Dutch 10-29-1828 Ferry Port on Craig
Ailison Robert Robertson 05-31-1673 Elie
Alexander Grisell Cooper abt 1639 Elie
Alexander Jane Nesbett 06-25-1668 Kilconouhar
Alexander Joane Nisbit 10-10-1668 Elie
Alexander Jean Bennety 05-11-1699 Kilconouhar
Alexander Helen Archbald 04-00-1722 Markinch
Alexander Christian Muir 10-10-1724 Leuchars
Alexander Cristan Broun 02-02-1765 Kingsbarns
Alexander Betty Johnston 10-19-1793 Anstruther Easter
Alexander Helen Riggs 12-15-1793 St. Andrews/ St. Leonards
Alexander Hellen Rigg 12-22-1793 Cameron
Alexander Mary Hutt 01-01-1820 Anstruther Easter
Alexander Janet Stalker 11-28-1853 Dunfermline
Alexander Janet Stalker 12-02-1853 Dunfermline
Alexander Elizabeth Drummond 04-26-1861 Dunfermline
Alexr. Elizabeth Robertson 01-11-1747 Aberdour
Alexr. Elizabeth Robertson 01-23-1747 Aberdour
Alexr. Mary Hutt 01-01-1820 Anstruther Wester
Alison James Beatton 03-16-1658 Elie
Alison Robert Robertson 07-11-1763 Saint Monance
Alison Alexander Thomson 12-12-1778 Kennoway
Andrew Grizel Davidson 04-27-1728 Balingry
Andrew Ann Mary Hamilton 05-29-1733 Kilconouhar
Andrew Sophia Mcfarling 11-15-1734 Kilconouhar
Andrew Margaret Christie 12-31-1737 Inverkeithing
Andrew Janet Macathie 11-13-1761 Wemyss
Andrew Magdaline Napper 11-23-1809 Forgan
Andrew Ann Mclachlan 12-29-1837 Newburgh
Ann William Downie 04-23-1720 Strthmiglo
Ann William Downie 04-03-1725 Falkland
Ann William Downie 05-21-1725 Strathmiglo
Ann Robert Wishart 06-09-1786 Newburgh
Ann Andrew Halkerston 12-03-1797 Auchtermuchty
Ann William Jack 12-12-1822 Strathmiglo
Ann Robert Kidd 11-19-1825 Kilrenny
Ann James Dick 12-02-1843 Kilrenny
Ann Andrew Wilson 03-06-1849 Dunfermline
Ann George Ramsay 11-00-1849 Dunfermline
Ann George Ramsay 11-05-1849 Dunfermline
Ann Wilson Birrel 10-31-1865 Largo
Ann Miller Andrew Brand 01-01-1852 Monimail
Annas Johne Walker 08-22-1654 Kennoway
Anne John Davidson 02-25-1758 Kilrenny
Anne Robert Baird 03-28-1771 Wemyss
Anne David Laing 12-20-1800 Carnbee
Archibald Katharin Young 10-17-1691 Crail
Archibald Ann Tullos 03-23-1728 Leuchars
Barbara James Nicolson 06-25-1647 Largo
Bessie William Nairne 090-19-1639 Elie
Bessie Robert Gourlay 01-20-1648 Elie
Bessie James Syme 08-09-1649 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Bessie David Huton 10-04-1723 Kennoway
Bettie William Malcolm 08-28-1814 Monimail
Betty Adam Syme 03-01-1811 Dunfermline
Betty William Malcolm 08-29-1814 Collessie
Cateren Martine Gourlery 08-11-1640 Elie
Catharine James Keer 09-24-1848 Dunfermline
Catherine John Stenhouse 00-00-1822 Inverkeithing
Cathren James Keir 09-29-1848 Inverkeithing
Cathrine James Horsburgh 11-05-1814 Anstruther Easter
Cathrine William Henderson 10-20-1826 Inverkeithing
Charles Margaret Johnston 09-20-1826 Wemyss
Christan James Johnestone 09-01-1657 Anstruther Easter
Christane Thomas Walker 06-02-1653 St. Andrews/St. Leonards
Christen Alexander Myretoun 11-17-1640 St. Andrews/St. Leonards
Christian Alexander Gillespie 01-30-1663 Elie
Christian George Huston 07-03-1691 Kennoway
Christian James Mak 12-30-1720 Monimail
Christian Alexander Wemyss 12-14-1732 Wemyss
Christian Andrew Miller 11-25-1740 Crail
Christiane (Smal) Alexander Kilgour 07-31-1653 Kennoway
Christiane Henry Laverrock 11-23-1666 Wemyss
Christina (Smealls) David Greig 11-15-1871 Dunfermline
Cockburn John Chalmers 12-31-1836 Dunfermline
Daniel (Smeall) Isabel Henderson 04-17-1689 Dunfermline
David Margaritt A. 10-16-1648 Kilrenny
David Margerat Belfour 09-23-1670 Abbotshall
David Margaret Ailesone 03-02-1681 Anstruther Easter
David Helen Patie 12-06-1706 Forgan
David Helen Hernie 12-09-1720 Cupar
David Helen Fernie 12-09-1720 Cupar
David Katharine Clerk 10-07-1749 Leuchars
David (Smeal) Jean Small 11-29-1750 Falkland
David (Smeal) Jean Small 12-20-1750 Kettle
David Mary Thomas 01-31-1752 Monimail
David Margaret Daw 12-03-1779 Carnbee
David Margaret Daw 12-04-1779 Kilconouhar
David ? 12-10-1784 Auchtermuchty
David Isabel Thomson 06-01-1793 Auchterderran
David Euphan Greig 01-19-1801 Kinghorn
David Elisabeth Stenhouse 07-24-1818 Inverkeithing
David Margaret Henderson 11-01-1852 Dunfermline
David Agnes Mitchell 04-22-1853 Markinch
David Cathrine Murdock 09-14-1855 Kirkcaldy
Edward Elisabeth Millar 10-13-1716 Dunbog
Edward Elizabeth Millar 10-23-1716 Dunbog
Edward Janet Dishart 10-19-1745 Scoonie
Edward Janet Disheart 11-22-1745 Kilconouhar
Edward Jean Robertson 11-02-1783 Kirkcaldy
Effie Johnne Lughtoun 12-17-1611 Anstruther Wester
Elisabeth (Smaill) Andrew Balsillie 06-11-1847 Creich
Elisabeth Colin Douglas 11-07-1862 Kinghorn
Elisabeth Barron Adam Carstairs 12-28-1855 St. Andrews/St. Leonards
Elizabeth (Smeal) William Heugh 11-16-1737 Kettle
Elizabeth James Mitchell 04-21-1780 Aberdour
Elizabeth James Mitchel 04-21-1780 Dalgety
Elizabeth James Mitchell 05-00-1780 Aberdour
Elizabeth George Keddie 06-06-1804 Ferry Port on Craig
Elizabeth Thomas Hill 07-19-1804 Saint Monance
Elizabeth David Burns 11-15-1806 Leuchars
Elizabeth David Burns 11-29-1806 St. Andrews/St. Leonards
Elizabeth Andrew Fleeming 01-18-1813 Ferry Port on Craig
Elizabeth Andrew Dowie 12-03-1826 Monimail
Elizabeth James Stewart 04-26-1867 Saint Monance
Elizabeth George Turner 03-29-1875 Dunfermline
Elizabeth Gibb (Smealls) George Leggat 07-18-1835 Dunfermline
Elizbeth Andrew Poustie 07-11-1795 Saint Monance
Elspet David Wilsone 09-15-1674 Crail
Elspeth Archibald Landels 01-26-1660 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Elspeth John Williamson 04-29-1694 Arngask
Elspeth (Smale) Thomas Donaldson 12-19-1777 Kettle
Elspit John Scott 12-09-1815 Kingsbarns
Euphan James Lawson 11-14-1735 Creich
Euphan George Farmer 12-18-1778 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Euphem John Kinloch 12-15-1753 Auchtermuchty
Findlay Euphemia Blyth 02-02-1841 Collessie
Findlay Euphemia Blyth 05-02-1841 Collessie
Finlay Euphemia Blyth 05-22-1841 Cupar
George Cristen Fergusson 06-08-1655 Largo
George (Smal) Janet Garner 06-18-1693 Dysart
George (Smeall) Margaret Malcolm 11-18-1726 Kettle
George Helen Gibson 01-02-1778 Ferry Port on Craig
George Catharine Loudon 08-18-1784 Crail
George Jean Brabinder 02-06-1791 Monimail
George Margaret Leitch 01-04-1836 Monimail
George Catherine Melville 11-26-1875 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
George Westwater Isabella Baird Millar 07-18-1855 Wemyss
Gir. David Dewar 05-13-1803 Auchterderran
Grisel Thomas Barnard 10-12-1734 Dairsie
Grissel James Reikie 08-04-1737 Aberdour
Grissell (Smale) Thomas Pryde 06-10-1669 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Grizel David Storar 06-09-1798 Dysart
Grizel David Dewar 05-22-1804 Burntisland, Auchterderran
Grizell Alexander Watson 02-13-1745 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Grizzel David Storrar 06-16-1798 Wemyss
Helen James Scot 12-04-1660 Dunino
Helen John Scot 12-04-1660 Dunino
Helen William Henderson 10-31-1719 Dalgety
Helen William Henderson 12-04-1719 Dalgety
Helen John Mastertoun 03-16-1733 Dlagety
Helen John Scot 08-26-1749 Creich
Helen Thomas Ross 10-26-1749 Saint Monance
Helen William Ross 07-08-1791 Inverkeithing
Helen David Webster 11-30-1799 Ferry Port on Craig
Helen William Baldie 01-19-1810 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Helen Walter Ferguson 07-18-1824 Dysart
Helen Robert Morrison 01-27-1838 Strathmiglo
Helen James Watson 01-15-1855 Dunfermline
Helen Robert Mcconachie 06-14-1867 Kirkcaldy
Henry Clementina Henderson 11-29-1861 Auchtermuchty
Hillen (Smale) Robert Watt 05-06-1743 Auchtertool
Isabel James Peat 01-06-1739 Anstruther Easter
Isabel James Peatt 01-06-1739 Crail
Isabel Andrew Miller 10-25-1740 Crail
Isabel (Smeal) Thomas Moncreif 11-06-1741 Abdie
Isabel John Kenier 11-13-1784 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Isabell Allen Sheves 10-28-1644 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Isabell Andrew Birrell 08-12-1679 Falkland
Isabella William Davie 08-19-1850 Dunfermline
Isabella Alexander Ramsay 07-10-1855 Anstruther Easter
Isobel William Ballingall 01-06-1669 Dunbog
Isobel Thomas Bennet 03-30-1763 Ceres
Isobel James Patterson 05-21-1791 Kinghorn
Isobell Andro Dron 03-15-1672 Wemyss
Isoble (Smeal) Henry Rymer 12-15-1738 Kettle
J. janet Gourlay 10-19-1866 Kirkcaldy
James (Smeall) Grissell Bryce 05-23-1654 Dunfermline
James Catharine Hustoun 06-19-1674 Wemyss
James ? 06-13-1690 Cupar
James Agnes Walker 09-27-1690 Sconnie
James Elizabeth Lawson 11-08-1695 Kennoway
James (Smeal) Isabel Stones 03-12-1708 Abdie
James Eupham Miller 03-02-1717 Anstruther Easter
James Eupham Millar 03-02-1717 Kilrenny
James Margaret Beveridge 12-29-1727 Dalgety
James Elizebath Dishar 02-02-1728 Scoonie
James Elisabeth Dishart 02-02-1728 Wemyss
James (Smeal) Margaret Galloway 10-26-1733 Flisk
James Margaret Patie 03-07-1735 Forgan
James Katharine Wilson 01-01-1739 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
James Christian Colt 09-28-1750 Creich
James Janet Jackson 11-17-1752 Ferry Port on Craig
James Elspith Niven 01-09-1763 Balmerino
James Jean Peddie 03-02-1770 Inverkeithing
James Euphemia Skinner 08-08-1800 Dysart
James Euphemia Skinners 08-23-1800 Wemyss
James (Smealls) Agnes Reid 06-07-1809 Dunfermline
James ? relative George Anderson 12-02-1819 Wemyss
James Ann Johnston 12-02-1819 Wemyss
James Janet Crockart 06-20-1822 Newburgh
James Janet Mcallan 01-02-1830 Dysart
James (Smealls) Margaret Wier 01-13-1832 Dunfermline
James Ann Watson 11-01-1840 Kilrenny
James Jane Paterson 12-25-1842 Abbotshall
James Henrietta Dundas 05-17-1845 Dunfermline
James (Smealls) Elizabeth Sinclair 11-15-1869 Dunfermline
Jane Henry Gibb 12-19-1800 Cupar
Jane Andrew Richmond 12-19-1853 Dunfermline
Jane James Main 09-08-1869 Monimail
Jane William Simpson 09-25-1885 Dunfermline, North Church
Janet William Hervie 04-27-1651 Kilconouhar
Janet William Harvie 05-04-1651 Largo
Janet James Gardiner 00-00-1772 Kennoway
Janet James Gardner 11-02-1722 Wemyss
Janet John Davidson 12-30-1735 Wemyss
Janet James Thomson 11-30-1739 Monimail
Janet George Robertson 08-14-1746 Auchtertool
Janet George Robertson 08-14-1746 Burntisland
Janet John Galloway 10-11-1746 Crail
Janet John Galloway 11-07-1746 Crail
Janet Andrew Mackie 12-05-1767 Saint Monance
Janet Thomas Lindsy 07-29-1768 Saint Monance
Janet Mathew Dand 12-10-1772 Kirkcaldy
Janet Matthew Dand 12-17-1772 Kirkcaldy
Janet David Morton 12-13-1788 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Janet (Smeil) John Bett 11-20-1807 Collessie
Janet David Durkie 11-23-1816 Kilconouhar
Janet William Hollands 12-03-1832 Inverkeithing
Janet James Mcgill 12-06-1833 Anstruther Easter
Janet James Mcgill 12-06-1833 Kilrenny
Janet Hugh Lothian 05-27-1836 Beath
Janet James Mackie 06-11-1851 Scoonie
Janet James Mackie 07-01-1851 Wemyss
Janet A. John Collier 06-04-1868 Newburgh
Jannat James Nairne 01-22-1678 Elie
Jannet Robert Lying 05-30-1684 Kettle
Jannet John Blaith 05-21-1686 Kettle
Jannet Alexander Sellcraige 05-26-1693 Kettle
Jannet John Mitchell 12-16-1752 Leuchars
Jean Andrew Don 11-19-1713 Strathmiglo
Jean George Robertson 10-03-1724 Crail
Jean ? relative William Robertson 10-04-1724 Kingsbarn
Jean James Galloway 11-28-1729 Anstruther Easter
Jean John Sunderland 10-12-1742 Kilrenny
Jean Thomas Herd 02-04-1749 Crail
Jean Thomas Herd 02-24-1749 Crail
Jean David Smeal 11-29-1750 Flakland
Jean David Smeal 12-20-1750 Kettle
Jean William Norrie 10-08-1763 Crail
Jean William Norrie 10-25-1763 Crail
Jean Franc. Ingles 05-30-1767 Auchterderran
Jean Frances Ingles 05-31-1767 Auchtertool
Jean John Chalmers 01-05-1770 Auchtermuchty
Jean (Smale) George Chrystie 12-25-1790 Kettle
Jean James Brubonar 12-26-1823 Monimail
Jean James Inches 01-12-1824 Dunfermline
Jessie John Sinclair 12-31-1872 Torryburn
Jessie Johnstone Alfred Mckinnon 06-01-1917 Falkland
Joan Daniel Mcintosh 06-04-1841 Cupar
Joanit David Spence 07-24-1668 Wemyss
John Magie Huggoun 12-24-1607 Dunfermline
John Janat Blair 01-03-1630 Saint Monance
John Margaret Lucklae 05-14-1640 Elie
John Elspet Hasuall 06-26-1642 Kettle
John Isobell Scot 07-06-1658 Dunino
John Grisill Din 10-14-1676 Anstruther Wester
John Issobell Bennet 01-26-1677 Abbotshall
John Bessie Leslie 06-26-1680 Inverkeithing
John Lilias Ounstone abt 1704 Aunstruther Wester
John Isabel Learmonth 02-13-1713 Abdie
John Helen Philp 05-10-1718 Leuchars
John Catharine Cook 02-01-1734 Cameron
John (Smale) Sophia Briggs 10-25-1740 Kennoway
John Sophia Briggs 11-13-1740 Kilconouhar
John Annas Cairns 11-03-1744 Saint Monance
John Margret Anderson 11-28-1746 Kingsbarns
John Jean Allan 09-05-1763 Saint Monance
John Margt. Hog 10-11-1766 Auchterderran
John Margaret Summers 11-14-1767 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
John Christian Moes 07-22-1766 Auchtermuchty
John Janet Paton 06-02-1785 Kennoway
John Mary Annon 06-26-1791 Monimail
John Jean Galloway 06-30-1797 Carnbee
John Elizabeth Whyte 03-05-1807 Abdie
John Elisabeth Whyte 03-13-1807 Newburgh
John Janet Bell 09-30-1820 Elie
John Mary Anne Lindesay 04-16-1824 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
John Elisabeth Thompson 12-07-1827 Creich
John (Smail) Margaret Tough 05-05-1849 Largo
John Helen Downie 09-09-1850 Newburgh
John (Smail) Margaret Gray 12-02-1856 Kirkcaldy
John Betsy Gilchrist 11-14-1863 Cupar
John Catherine Scott 02-12-1864 Dunfermline
Johne Margaret Luklay 02-07-1640 Largo
Johne Eupham Adamson 10-22-1661 Elie
Johne (Smale) Isobell Brydie 06-12-1662 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Katharine Robert Robertson 06-19-1677 Crail
Katharine John Ramsay 09-01-1778 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Katharine James Horsbrugh 11-14-1814 Kilrenny
Katherin Martine Gourlay 08-11-1640 Elie
Katherin Robert Laing 11-17-1640 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Kirstane William Duncane 12-22-1685 Saint Monance
Lillias Thomson Laurence Thomson 03-08-1848 Wemyss
Lindsay Elizabeth Graham Carstairs 12-09-1858 Cupar
Mairtin Margaret Orake 12-20-1678 Crail
Majory William Rate 12-06-1733 Cameron
Margaret John Quhyt 07-14-1642 Elie
Margaret Arthour Robertsone 10-26-1656 Kilconouhar
Margaret James Short 12-09-1677 Burntisland
Margaret (Smeall) James Breade 06-05-1697 Dunfermline
Margaret (Smeall) James Breadie 06-05-1697 Dunfermline
Margaret Thomas Scot 11-23-1705 Crail
Margaret David Bevrage 06-06-1712 Abbotshall
Margaret David Beveridge 06-29-1712 Abbotshall
Margaret Francis Scott 12-07-1720 Newburgh
Margaret John Ramsay 10-26-1728 Monimail
Margaret Archibald Smart 06-10-1735 Dysart
Margaret John Waste 06-10-1749 Aberdour
Margaret Robert Baxter 12-15-1749 Markinch
Margaret John Foggo 10-20-1750 Leuchars
Margaret Alexander Wilson 11-22-1751 Dysart
Margaret William Lyel 12-31-1758 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Margaret James Grieve 02-06-1761 Wemyss
Margaret Philp Martin 10-31-1765 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Margaret Philip Martin 11-29-1765 of Largo
Margaret Philip Martin 11-29-1765 Cameron
Margaret John Dewar 09-02-1769 Inverkeithing
Margaret Alexander Grinton 07-16-1775 Kirkcaldy
Margaret John Dowie 12-31-1824 Creich
Margaret John Dowie 12-31-1824 Moonzie
Margaret William Young 03-29-1833 Kilrenny
Margaret William Young 03-29-1833 Saint Monance
Margaret David Davidson 11-16-1838 Kilconouhar
Margaret David Davidson 11-16-1838 Kilrenny
Margaret John Russell 12-03-1842 Dunfermline
Margaret William Cooper 01-03-1853 Burntisland
Margaret John Gray 10-28-1870 Dunfermline
Margaret Andrew White 01-08-1875 Anstruther Easter
Margarit Thomas Scot 10-30-1705 Crail
Margerat William Mershall 05-25-1675 Abbotshall
Margory William Rate 11-18-1733 Carnbee
Margret John Quhytt 06-19-1642 Kilconouhar
Margret (Smale) David Bennet 06-17-1669 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Margt. Duncan Grant 09-16-1687 Balingry
Margt. John Learmont 06-14-1818 Auchterderran
Mariorie Archiblad M'Craich 01-05-1655 Dunfermline
Marjorie Archibald Mccraich 01-05-1655 Dunfermline
Marjorie John Broun 12-17-1696 Kingsbarns
Marjorie James Smyth 01-01-1704 Crail
Marjorie James Smyth 02-03-1704 Crail
Marjorie James Smith 02-03-1704 Kingsbarns
Marjory Robert Littlejohn 05-17-1745 Carnbee
Marjory George Thomson 11-28-1753 Kingsbarns
Martin Jean Couper 12-15-1711 Crail
Martin Jean Coupar 12-31-1711 Crail
Mary James Hutsone 11-02-1678 Kingsbarns
Mary John Dickson 04-07-1823 Ferry Port on Craig
Mary William Rollow Black 07-07-1834 Beath
May David Russel 11-10-1775 Inverkeithing
Merjorie Thomas Darnie 12-21-1722 Kilrenny
Mina Alexander Fyfe 06-21-1867 Monimail
Patrick Elisabeth Whytt 05-01-1711 Anstruther Easter
Patrick ? 00-00-1732 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Peggie John Graham 08-23-1772 Kilconouhar
Penelope James Doeg 01-02-1764 Kingsbarns
Penelope James Lawson 04-29-1786 Markinch
Peter Mary Walker 11-08-1800 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Peter Mary Walker 11-29-1800 Cameron
Peter Helen C. Wilson 11-27-1874 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Rachel James Lindsy 05-16-1766 Saint Monance
Richard (Smeal) Abdie Christie 01-10-1774 Dysart
Richard (Smeal) Margaret Christie 01-19-1774 Dysart
Robert Jonet Gardiner 03-09-1658 Anstruther Wester
Robert Christean Kay 12-14-1666 Kingsbarns
Robert Katharin Mitchell 12-10-1672 Monimail
Robert (Smeall) Jean Bad 06-08-1690 Dunfermline
Robert ? 11-23-1701 Falkland
Robert Katharine Murray 12-06-1722 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Robert Elspet Foreman 11-19-1731 Kingsbarns
Robert (Smeal) Margaret Galloway 11-30-1733 Abdie
Robert Margaret Ross 06-20-1752 Crail
Robert Margaret Ross 07-07-1752 Crail
Robert Mary Dowie 01-26-1781 Saint Monance
Robert Mary Fraser 04-14-1792 Dysart
Robert Margaret Allan 10-24-1794 Kinghorn
Robert Isabella Young 01-13-1839 Abbotshall
Robert Isabella Bisset 12-01-1843 Saint Monance
Robert Christina Rintoul 06-22-1870 Abbotshall
Robina William Beveridge 10-04-1818 Dysart
Robt. Isabella Bisset 12-01-1843 Kilconouhar
Scotta John Westwood 03-24-1786 Kingsbarns
Sophia Alexander Hut 12-24-1754 Anstruther Easter
Sussanna Alexander Reid 08-27-1708 Elie
Tassie Wardlaw William Purdie Dickson 12-07-1853 Cameron
Thomas (Smal) Christan Wiliamson 12-15-1691 Arngask
Thomas Jean Taylor 06-30-1707 Crail
Thomas Jean Taylior 01-06-1708 Crail
Thomas Hervie 11-06-1734 Crail
Thomas Ketheren Harvie 12-20-1734 Kingsbarns
Thomas (Smeal) janet Mcbain 06-17-1737 Abdie
Thomas Elizabeth Brown 10-18-1766 Crail
Thomas Elizabeth Brown 11-18-1766 Crail
Thomas Elizabeth Millar 00-00-1772 Saint Monance
Thomas Elizabeth Miller 03-06-1772 Crail
Thomas Janet Bruce 11-26-1808 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
Thomas Rachel Baldie 03-01-1816 Saint Monance
Thomas Janet Robertson 06-29-1818 Ferry Port on Craig
Thomas Christian Scott 03-07-1824 Saint Monance
Thomas Margaret Latto 12-27-1828 Carnbee
Thomas (Smealls) Christian Peffers 12-16-1843 Dunfermline
Thomas Ann Melville 04-01-1845 Kilrenny
Thomas Isabella Summers 04-25-1845 Saint Monance
Thomas Margaret Paterson 04-09-1866 Pittenweem
Thomas Nicoll Melville Trotter 06-02-1875 Forgan
Tomima James Cunningham 01-06-1854 Ferry Port on Craig
Wilhelmina Molyson William Millar 06-26-1846 Cupar
Willelmina William Millar 06-04-1846 Monimail
William Margaret Broun 05-07-1640 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
William (Smale) Jenat Peat 10-22-1668 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
William (Smeal) Margaret Tod 12-23-1703 Kettle
William Anna Hunter 02-15-1704 Crail
William Ann Hunter 03-17-1704 Crail
William Agnis Corstorphine 11-24-1715 Kingsbarns
William Christian Clerk 05-05-1717 Cameron
William Jean Davidsone 12-23-1743 Forgan
William Isable Duncan 11-11-1763 Kingsbarns
William Christan Anderson 12-07-1764 Cameron
William Janet Greig 08-30-1765 Balingry
William Betty Mcnaughton 12-13-1765 Cupar
William Betty Mcnaughton 12-15-1765 Cupar
William Margaret Renny 01-20-1783 Kingsbarns
William Agnes Methven 08-05-1792 Cameron
William Isabel Aitken 12-28-1792 Dunfermline
William Elizabeth Blackater 04-25-1795 Dysart
William Helen Anderson 09-27-1796 Kingsbarns
William Janet Hutton 03-12-1800 Dunfermline
William Janet Hutton 04-12-1800 Dunfermline
William (Smeal) Mary Brooks 04-07-1806 Newburgh
William Margaret Mitchell 08-26-1809 Leuchars
William Margaret Pratt 02-27-1817 Kilrenny
William Margaret Trail 11-21-1818 St. Andrews/St.Leonards
William Margaret Anderson 03-03-1829 Kilrenny
William Mary Young 05-28-1841 Cults
William Mary Young 05-30-1841 Kettle
William (Smail) Janet Walker 06-27-1850 Kilconouhar
Williame Ewphame Ireland 09-08-1646 Anstruther Easter
Williame Catharine Walker 01-20-1665 Wemyss

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