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Descendants of William Small and Mary Henderson

By Jim Small

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Generation No. 3

9. GEORGE MCNEELY3 SMALL (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born April 04, 1803 in Logan County Kentucky, and died May 23, 1865 in Small family cemetery on his farm, near Boonville, Warrick Co., IN. He married EASTHER MCCOOL March 16, 1826 in Boonville, Warrick Co., Indiana, daughter of WILLIAM MC COOL and MARGARET BAKER.

Notes for GEORGE MCNEELY SMALL: George M. Smalls' Will is located in Spencer will Box 61-62

The Small family Cemetery is located south of Elizabeth Chapel, 1/2 mi. S. 1/2 mi. E of highway 62, 3 miles East of Boonville IN. The cemetery is located in Warrick Co. near the eastern boundry line, on a small hill of 35.9 acres of land. In 1840, George McNeely Small bought this acerage, he willed it to his son George Washington Small, who in turn willed it to his son Henry Berton Small. On 7-8-1954 Henry B filed a declaration in Circuit Court as folllows:

I Henry B. Small, residing at Apartment 11, Oaklee Village, Baltimore, Zone No. 29, Maryland, do hereby set forth that I am the owner of the Small Family graveyard located and described as follows:

A plot of land that has been used as a private cemetary by the Small family, located within the Southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 5, township 6, range 7 in Warrick County, Indiana, more particularly described as follows:

Said plot of land starting at a point 382 feet north from the center of the county road on the line between the Jones farm and the Small farm; thence running 67 feet north; thence west 54 feet; thence south 67 feet; thence east 54 feet to the point of beginning.

That I came in possession of this land by the will of my father, the late George W. Small, as is evidenced by Will Record No. 5, beginning on page 161, which record is in the office of the Clerk of the Warrick Circuit Court.

That the cemetery is privately owned by me and not for public use.

That it is my desire to establish this plot as a shrine in memory of my father and mother, the late George W. and Nancy Smith Small.

Signed and sworn to on the 8th day of July 1954.

On 12-22-1979 Henry B. Small died in Annapolis MD, he was returned to Indiana and buried in Maple Grove Cemetery next to his wife, Alma Mae Purdue Small.

In 1975 this recorder visited this cemetery and recorded all the stones still present in the cemetery. There were several which were broken, and some that were not readable. Norma Small Miller, daughter of Henry B. states that there were more stones than presently located. She expressed a concern that the man who currently leases the land may have incroached upon the cemetery and disposed of some of the stones, which may be the cause of Henrys' action in the courts. IL


July 21, 1839, Bought 100 acres from Moses Chase NE Sec 6 T6 R7 November 27, 1836, Bought SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sec. 5 T6 R7 35.49 acres


In the 1870 census of Warrick Co. Easther was listed as living with her son George W., her husband George M. died in 1865.


	i.	PATRICK HENRY4 SMALL, b. 1827, Boonville Ind.; d. Bef. 1860, Boonville IN.


Single, in the 1850 census he was listed as an idiot, apparently some type of birth defect, his age listed as 23, or born 1827.

28.	ii.	BENJAMIN F. SMALL, b. August 29, 1829, Spencer CO, Indiana; d. June 01, 1888, Maple Grove Cem. Boonville Ind..
29.	iii.	LEWIS B SMALL, b. January 05, 1831, Boonville Indiana; d. October 14, 1914, Maple Grove Cem. Boonville Ind..
30.	iv.	GEORGE WASHINGTON SMALL, b. January 09, 1835, Spencer CO, Indiana; d. November 26, 1916, Small family cemetery near 
                Boonville, Warrick Co., IN.
31.	v.	MARGARET EASTER SMALL, b. February 14, 1844, Boonville Indiana; d. April 15, 1907, Brown Chapel Cem..
32.	vi.	JOHN DECKER SMALL, b. March 31, 1845, Boonville Indiana; d. September 02, 1919, Sunset Hill Cem. Rockport Ind..
	vii.	CAROLINA SMALL, b. January 08, 1850; d. January 25, 1913, Gentryville Cem. Spencer Co., Indiana.


Information from Mortality schedules, lists burial as 1-25-1913 aged 63y-17d. George Small listed with this entry.

10. WILLIAM HENDERSON3 SMALL (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born September 25, 1804 in Logan County Kentucky, and died August 18, 1877 in Phillips Cem., NW of Rockport Ind., Near Rockhill. He married MARY ANN HUFFMAN November 18, 1824 in Spencer CO, Indiana.

Notes for WILLIAM HENDERSON SMALL: On 12-12-1859 William purchased land North of Rockport IN, approx. 20 acres,the East 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of sec 34, twp 6, range 6. It appears this land fronts on a small lane parallel to CR400N and running west of CR25W.

Description is to clear land of trees, fence the land 9 rails high and build a log home with a brick chimny on one end, the house to be 15 feet wide and 30 feet long.


	i.	MARY ANN4 SMALL, b. February 02, 1826, Spencer County Ind.; d. September 18, 1889, Thurman Family Cem.; m. 
                 JEREMIAH M. THURMAN, April 21, 1851.
33.	ii.	WILLIAM HARVEY SMALL, b. June 26, 1831, Spencer County Ind.; d. January 30, 1914, Phillips/Lakey Cem..
	iii.	JOHN H. SMALL, b. 1834, Spencer County Ind.; m. CATHERINE RODGERS, April 10, 1862.
34.	iv.	NANCY MARY SMALL, b. 1836, Spencer County Ind..
35.	v.	JAMES SMALL, b. 1838, Spencer County Ind..
36.	vi.	LUCINDA SMALL, b. 1840.
37.	vii.	HENRY R. SMALL, b. December 28, 1842, Indiana; d. December 25, 1897, buried in Mt. Pleasant Cem. Rockport Indiana.

11. SARAH3 SMALL (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born 1806 in Logan Co. Kentucky. She married ENOCH GARRETT January 23, 1824 in Spencer County Ind..

Notes for SARAH SMALL:

Sarah lived and died near Mt. Zion cemetery in Spencer county Ind. Sarah is documented as deceased in Nancy Smalls' will probated in 1850. A grandson is mentioned in Nancy's Will, and is named as, "my beloved grandson Hardin Small"


	i.	HARDIN SMALL4 GARRETT, b. Abt. 1825.

12. JOHN HENDERSON3 SMALL (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born 1810 in Logan County Kentucky, and died February 12, 1886 in Mt. Zion, Luce Twp. Spencer County Indiana. He married NANCY HARMON February 09, 1829 in Rockport Ind., daughter of ABRAHAM HARMON.


Deed book #1 lists John H., his wife Nancy and brother Martin Harmon as heirs of Abraham Harmon deceased, make an indenture for 80 acres of land located in Luce Township, E1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec 2 in Twp 8 South of Range 7W and dated 11-21-1834. Deed was filed same day.

At a term begun and held at the court house in Rockport on Monday the 14th of October, 1833, John Small was listed as a member of the Grand Jury.

On 11-21-1841 these three again make an indenture for an additional 40 acres of land in the section North of their property, Sec 35, two 7 range 7. A partial record of this transaction is held by this recorder and the complete description of the land is not available due to a copying error, but the entire transaction is in the court house. It cannot be determined if this land is across from their property or some other location within that 6 mile square section.

History of Warrick, Spencer, and Perry county, page 428. The united Brethern Church called Mount Zion, two miles south and one mile east of Richland City, was built about thirty years ago, (c.1855) among the members being Rev. Jacob Scammahorn, the founder of the class, Noah Shoptaugh, Cynthia Shoptaugh, John and Mrs. Small, Peter and Nancy Shoptaugh, and others.

NOTE: This John and Mrs. Small would likely be Nancy McNeely Small and her son John, otherwise they would have been listed as John and Nancy Small, however, it could also be John and Nancy Harmon Small but not likely due to the wording.

Indiana Abstracts, Vol. 1 lists his death date as follows: 77 yrs d 12 Fweb 1886: obit: brother of James. "Johnny"

More About JOHN HENDERSON SMALL: November 21, 1834, Sold to Martin Harmon 80 acres E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec 2 T8S R7W

December 25, 1841, Sold 40 acres NW1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 35 T7S R7W

Children of JOHN SMALL and NANCY HARMON are:

	i.	MARGARET4 SMALL, b. Abt. 1829.
38.	ii.	MARY ANN SMALL, b. 1830.
	iii.	JOHN WILLIS SMALL, b. 1832, Spencer CO, Indiana; d. Bef. 1875; m. ANN S. HOWARD, February 24, 1848.

Notes for JOHN WILLIS SMALL: 1850 census indicates Hiram Stuteville, age 19 was living with the family. He born abt 1831.


Census record indicates 3 children

	iv.	SARAH ELIABETH SMALL, b. 1843; m. (1) JOHN M. DAVIS, January 16, 1860, Spencer County Ind.
 1st marriage???; m. (2) WILLIAM GRAY, May 27, 1866, 2nd marriage???.

Notes for JOHN M. DAVIS: Served in the Civil War in Company E, 26th IN INF.

	v.	MARTHA JANE SMALL, b. 1850; m. JOHN T. BINGLE, September 24, 1871.


Court house record says Mattie J. was Burial: married by B.W. Small, a justice of the Peace

13. NANCY3 SMALL (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born November 25, 1812 in Spencer CO, Indiana, and died February 27, 1876 in Parker (Friendship) Cemetery, Rockhill Ind.. She married (1) . She married (2) PETER SHOPTAUGH February 10, 1833 in Rockport, Spencer Co. Indiana, son of HENRY SHOPTAUGH and REBECCA REZNAR.

Notes for NANCY SMALL:

Our original records state Nancy was born in Indiana. The 1860 census states she was born in Kentucky.


1860 Census record states Peter was born in KY.

Child of NANCY SMALL and is:

39.	i.	HARDIN4 SMALL, b. 1829, Spencer County Ind..


40.	ii.	SARAH4 SHOPTAUGH, b. May 13, 1832, Spencer CO, IN; d. September 11, 1876, Friendship Cem., Spencer Co., Indiana.
	iii.	MARY A. SHOPTAUGH, b. November 08, 1834, Spencer CO, Indiana; d. December 03, 1897, buried in Friendship Cem. Richland Ind..



	iv.	INDIANA ANN SHOPTAUGH, b. August 04, 1836, Spencer Co., Indiana; d. April 13, 1916, Spencer
 Co., Indiana; m. ALBERT JACKSON, December 22, 1859, Spencer Co., Indiana.


Baptism (LDS): her proper name was India Ann. marriage record says her name was spelled as "Indian", The original record says


Served in the Civil War, Co. H, 35th Illinois Inf. WC-389,770

41.	v.	NANCY L. SHOPTAUGH, b. August 1840, Spencer CO, IN.
42.	vi.	ESAU SHOPTAUGH, b. December 21, 1842, Spencer CO, Indiana; d. July 04, 1912, buried in Sunset Hill Cem., Spencer Co., IN
	vii.	REBECCA SHOPTAUGH, b. 1845, Spencer CO, IN; d. Breckinridge Co., Kentucky; m. ROBERT FRANK WOODS, July 13, 1865, Spencer Co., IN
43.	viii.	MATILDA J. SHOPTAUGH, b. May 1846, Spencer CO, IN.
	ix.	MISSOURI SHOPTAUGH, b. March 26, 1849, Spencer CO, IN; d. Sept. 17, 19213; m. (1) JOSEPH R. WOODS; m. (2) JOHN VEECK, 
               Sept. 09, 1886, Warrick Co., IN
	x.	ANNA E. SHOPTAUGH, b. June 03, 1851, Spencer Co., Indiana; d. May 05, 1861, Friendship Cem., Spencer Co., IN.
44.	xi.	JOHN HENRY SHOPTAUGH, b. June 01, 1853, Spencer CO, IN; d. December 10, 1922, Oklahoma City, OK
45.	xii.	WILLIAM THOMAS SHOPTAUGH, b. April 17, 1855, Spencer CO, IN d. April 27, 1931, buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Spencer Co., IN

14. JAMES E.3 SMALL (JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born May 06, 1815 in Spencer, Co. Indiana, Ohio Twp. near Mt. Zion church, and died January 18, 1888 in Spencer, Co. Indiana, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Luce Twp.. He married JANE CAMERON August 07, 1844 in Spencer CO, Indiana, daughter of JOHN CAMERON and SARAH TURINER?.

Notes for JAMES E. SMALL:

In 1833, James E. and his Mother purchased 80 acres of land from her daughter and her husband, Peter and Nancy Small Shoptaugh. They built a home and she lived with her son until she died in 1850.


Certificate of death lists the town of Hatfield as where she died, listed her as a widow, her occupation as housekeeper, chief cause of death was old age, immediate cause was heart failure.

Children of JAMES SMALL and JANE CAMERON are:

46.	i.	JOHN S.4 SMALL, b. July 27, 1845, near Rockport Indiana; d. February 06, 1884, Spencer, Co. Indiana, Mt. Zion Cemetery.
47.	ii.	GEORGE W. SMALL, b. March 07, 1847, near Rockport Ind.; d. August 31, 1927, Gentryville Ind..
48.	iii.	ELIZA R. SMALL, b. October 14, 1849, near Rockport Ind.; d. September 20, 1935, Sunset Hill Cem. Rockport Ind..
49.	iv.	MARTHA A. SMALL, b. November 19, 1851, near Rockport Ind..
	v.	NANCY N. SMALL, b. December 29, 1853, Near Rockport Ind.; d. March 25, 1929, buried Grandview Cem., Terre Haute Ind.; m. 
               LORY FORD WEAVER, November 06, 1919.

More About NANCY N. SMALL:

A comment on Joseph D. Smalls master sheets reads well of Nancy, who apparently took care of Joe's parents for the final two years of their lives, (reason unknown) "Aunt Nan, lived with and cared for the family of this recorder for the last two years of their lives. She was a spinster till her marriage at the age of 66, she related a great deal of family lore to me but upon her death, none of her personal possessions were made accessable to me. I visited with she and her husband several times at their farm near Dennison IL"

50.	vi.	SARAH J. SMALL, b. February 23, 1855, near Rockport Ind.; d. December 28, 1889, buried in Mt. Zion Cem..
51.	vii.	WILLIAM M. SMALL, b. March 29, 1857, near Rockport Ind.; d. May 12, 1933, Woodlawn Cem. Terre Haute Ind..
52.	viii.	MARY H. SMALL, b. February 02, 1859, Near Rockport Ind.; d. 1859.
53.	ix.	MORANDA T. SMALL, b. October 27, 1861, Near Rockport Ind.; d. June 18, 1914.
54.	x.	JAMES TECUMSEH SMALL, b. December 10, 1866, near Rockport Ind.; d. January 27, 1917, buried Grandview Cem., Terre Haute Ind..
55.	xi.	JOSEPH S. SMALL, b. October 07, 1868, near Rockport Ind.; d. March 12, 1937, Metropolis IL.

15. NAPOLEON B.3 SMALL (HENRY2, WILLIAM1) was born 1813 in Logan Co., Kentucky, and died January 13, 1863 in possibly Mississippi Co., Missouri. He married MARYETTA.


Left the Shaker community 12-29-1834 with his brother Dinwiddie

An estate record bond of 13 Jan., 1863 shows Napoleon deceased.

1860 census

Tywapitty Twp Mississippi County Missouri

Page 11 recorded on June 5, 1860

Family 86.

Napoleon Small 45 M KY Farmer Marietta Small 28 F KY Elizabeth Small 6 F KY Harriet Small 5 F KY Henry Small 4 M KY William Small 1 M MO

From St. Louis Public Library (929.3778) "Death Notices from Mississippi County, Missouri Newspapers 1858-1899"; Compiled by Joan Tinsley Feezor; 1981 page 3.

October 11, 1860 - David Henry, son of N. B. and Marietta Small, near Matthew's Prairie, age 4 years 9 months 11 days.

1870 census

Tywappitty Township Mississippi County Missouri

Page 15

Recorded 1870

Family 18.

Weakley, Isaac F. 28 M Farmer 1000 1000 MO Martha 89 F Keeping House KY Small, Mary E. 17 F KY Harriet P. 16 F KY William 11 M MO Maggie B. 8 F MO Weakley, Anna L. 5 F MO Gregg, Isaac 24 M Farm Hand TN Stiles, Watkins 18 M Farm Hand TN

Goodspeads History of Southeast Missouri Page 955

Frank baker was about eight years when his parents brought him to Mississippi County. He remained on a farm with his father until he was married, in 1870, to Mary Elizabeth Small, a daughter of Napoleon and Mary Small. Soon after, he located on a farm in Concord settlement, and in 1875 moved to the farm on which he now resides, having made all the improvements on the place. He and wife have two children: John G. and Iva May. Mrs. Baker is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and in politics is a Demorat.

From St. Louis Public Library (HG-929.3778) "Marriages of Mississippi County, Missouri 1845-1887" compiled by Mississippi County Gen. Soc.; 1985.

p31 BAKER, Franklin to SMALL, Miss Elizabeth on 9 Aug 1870

p45 HUTSON, George W. to SMALL , Harrietta (Harriet) P. on 20 Oct 1874

p95 SMALL, William E. to RUSSELL, Sarah E. on 5 Aug 1886

Children of NAPOLEON SMALL and MARYETTA are:

	i.	MARY ELIZABETH4 SMALL, b. Abt. 1854; m. FRANKLIN BAKER, August 09, 1870, Mississippi County, Missouri.
	ii.	HARRIETT P. SMALL, b. Abt. 1855; m. GEORGE W. HUTSON, October 20, 1874, Mississippi County, Missouri.
	iii.	DAVID HENRY SMALL, b. December 30, 1855; d. October 11, 1860, Matthews Prarie, Mississippi Co.,  Missouri.
56.	iv.	WILLIAM E. SMALL, b. August 1860, Missouri.
	v.	MAGGIE B. SMALL, b. Abt. 1862, Mississippi County, Missouri.

16. JOHN DINWIDDIE3 SMALL (HENRY2, WILLIAM1) was born April 1819 in Spencer Co., Indiana, and died Bef. November 18, 1864 in Oak Grove Cem., Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri. He married CAROLINE VAUGHN September 14, 1845 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky, daughter of WILLIAM VAUGHN, SR..


Left the Shaker community with his brother Napoleon on 12-29-1834. Dinwiddie wrote a genealogy of his family in his bible.

According to William (Bill) Small ( he was called Dinwiddie in Shaker records, but first name was John.

There appears to be a discrepancy in the death date of John D. The cemetery inscription (stone is broken) gives death as 1863, yet a court record I have would indicate he must have died after April 11, 1864. An estate packet dated 18 Nov., 1864 , shows receipt for burial expenses 22 Oct., 1864.


	i.	MARY OPHELIA4 SMALL, b. 1846; m. GEORGE LYNN, February 07, 1871, Mississippi County, Missouri.
	ii.	JOHANNA L. SMALL, b. 1848; m. RADFORD E. STANLY, July 19, 1877, Mississippi County, Missouri.
	iii.	AMANTHA J. SMALL, b. November 1849; m. OSCAR CRAIG, January 24, 1878, Mississippi County, Missouri.
57.	iv.	WILLIAM ELDORACE SMALL, b. 1852, Kentucky; d. March 10, 1880, Fulton Co., Kentucky.
	v.	E. LYCUGUS SMALL, b. Abt. 1856.
	vi.	MELINDA E. SMALL, b. February 03, 1859.

17. JOHN SR.3 SMALL (MATHEW2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1819 in Spencer CO, Indiana. He married ELIZABETH GENTRY Abt. 1835.

Notes for JOHN SR. SMALL:

This individual was found in the Warrick Co. IN records, he was a constible in 1836 in Hart townlship. There are numerous land transactions for him in Hart township in 1836 through 1846. His father is assumed. His age is such that he does not fit with any other relatives except he could possibly be a son of Henry, brother of James and John, who remained in Indiana. It is possible he is a son of Matthew since he is listed as married in Indiana. Matthew is also listed in the 1830 census and located in Warrick county. He is placed here only as a temporary lineage until other facts can be found to support his ancestory, and data can be added to the record concerning him.

His children are listed in Warrick Co. records, he has two daughters listed as Nancy, which is unlikely and they apparently contain married surnames. One likely is not directly related but living with his family.

More About JOHN SR. SMALL:

January 11, 1839, sells 40 acres SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 25 T4R8 to Daniel Adams

September 29, 1836, buys 40 acres NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec 27 T4R8 from A. Baldwin

January 11, 1839, buys 40 acres SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec 35 T4R8 from Daneil Adams

May 02, 1840, sells 80 acres E 1/2 of NE Sec 27 T4R8 to Elisha Batchelor

April 13, 1846, sells 120 acres E1/2 of SW 1/4 and SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sec 29 T3R7

September 27, 1847, sells 40 acres SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sec 29 T3R7 to Jacob Miller

December 01, 1845, sells 40 acres NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 29 T4R8 to Matthew Gentry


	i.	SUSANNAH4 SMALL, b. Abt. 1836.
	ii.	NANCY FEAGLEY SMALL, b. Abt. 1837.
	iii.	NANCY RICE SMALL, b. Abt. 1838.
	iv.	REBECCA SMALL, b. Abt. 1839.
	v.	JOHN B. SMALL, b. Abt. 1840.
	vi.	HENRY SMALL, b. Abt. 1841.

18. MARY SUSAN3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born March 22, 1819 in near Rockport Ind., and died February 01, 1860 in Old Snyder Cem. Ohio Twp. Spencer Co. IN. She married WILLIAM P. SNYDER March 29, 1842 in Spencer Co., Ind..


Named in her fathers will along with his grandson Zachary, son of Mary Susan and William P.


	i.	ZACHARY T.4 SNYDER, b. Abt. 1843.

19. LEANDER S.3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born March 06, 1823 in Spencer Co., Ind., and died February 17, 1870 in Luce Twp., Spencer Co., Ind.. He married MARY E. PENN August 30, 1857 in Spencer Co., Ind..


Mortality Schedules list his age at death at 47years, a widower, born in Indiana, died 2-1870 in Luce Twp. His occupation as a farmer. He died of Pneumonia.

Children of LEANDER SMALL and MARY PENN are:

	i.	SUSAN4 SMALL, b. September 30, 1858, Spencer Co., Ind.; d. March 03, 1864, Spencer Co., Ind..
	ii.	ATLAS SMALL, b. 1860.
	iii.	ALLEN S. SMALL, b. April 09, 1860, Spencer Co., Ind..
	iv.	SARAH ALICE SMALL, b. May 15, 1862, Spencer Co., Ind..
58.	v.	AMANDA E. SMALL, b. March 10, 1865, Spencer Co., Ind.; d. 1936, Sunset Hill Cem. Rockport Ind..

20.  JOHN WILLIS3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 1826 in Spencer Co., Ind., and died Bet. 1858 - 1859 in Spencer Co.,
Ind..  He married ANN S. HOWARD February 24, 1848 in Ind..


Listed as deceased in his father James' will written in 1875, not listed in 1850 census with family but is listed by himself as head of household with his wife Ann S. Howard. Also a Hiram Stuteville is listed with the family, assume this individual is related by marriage and would be a cousin and possibly a borther of Mary Stuteville, James' 2nd wife.

1850 census lists him and wife, no children. Hiram Stuteville age 19 living with the family.

1860 census does not list this family unit, but lists children who would be of the proper age living with his father James. Children of John W. were mentioned in his will in 1875, listing the children as heirs of John W. deceased. No other family member of either marriage has children who fit except John W, These children were added to this family unit based on this information.

His death date is affixed in the same manner, he would have been alive in the 1850 census, had three children, the last being born in 1859, his death was prior to the 1860 census. This places his death date 1858-1859.

Likewise, Ann is not listed with her children in the 1860 census, it is assumed that she died at the same time as her husband. She is not mentioned in James' will either. Since Hiram Stuteville was living with this family in the 1850 census, if Ann had survived, he would have been able to provide help to the family without them moving in with their grandfather.

Children of JOHN SMALL and ANN HOWARD are:

	i.	MARY J.4 SMALL, b. 1854, IN.
	ii.	JOSEPH SMALL, b. 1856, IN.
	iii.	ALEXANDER SMALL, b. 1859, IN.

21. ROBERT M.3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 1828 in Spencer CO, Indiana, and died 3. He married (1) AMELIA ANN LAY January 14, 1851 in Spencer CO, Indiana. He married (2) MARGARET M. JACKSON June 06, 1867 in Spencer CO, Indiana.

Notes for ROBERT M. SMALL:

1850 census lists Roberts age as 21, or born 1829;

1860 census lists his age as 32, or born 1828.

1870 census lists him as 41 or born 1829.

1870 census also list his occupation as a minister. It is assumed that he would be the minister in the Ohio Baptist Church which was formed by Bailey W. Small and built by him during the Civil War. This is not confirmed.

Amelia Ann Lay is listed as the wife of Robert and is buried in the Bailey Small cemetery. The 1870 census lists his wife as being younger, born 1845 and her first name is Margaret. There are three children listed with them, the first two cannot be children of Margaret since their ages would indicate she had the first child at the age of nine as her age is listed as 25.

It appears Robert was married twice, his first wife Amelia died after they had two children, and he remarried after her death and had another child with his second wife.

Marriage record in Spencer lists Robert M married to Margaret M. Jackson on 6-6-1867.

Children of ROBERT SMALL and AMELIA LAY are:

	i.	MARY J.4 SMALL, b. 1854.
	ii.	JOSEPH SMALL, b. 1857.


	iii.	SARAH4 SMALL, b. 1868.

22. CYNTHIA ANN3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1830 in Spencer CO, Indiana, and died Bef. 1860 in Spencer CO, Indiana. She married JACOB MILLER March 18, 1851 in Spencer CO, Indiana.


The 1850 census lists her age as 20, or born in 1830.

The 1860 census lists Jacob, her husband living with her parents James and Mary Stuteville. There are four children listed and these apparently are children of Jacob and Cynthia Ann, but they are listed with the surname Small.


Jacob was listed as living with James and Mary Stuteville in the 1860 census.His wife was not listed in the census, but it appears his children, James' grandchildren were listed also.


	i.	LADOSCA4 MILLER, b. 1852.

	ii.	MARY J MILLER, b. 1854.

	iii.	JOSEPH MILLER, b. 1856.

	iv.	ALEXANDER MILLER, b. 1859.

23. BAILEY W.3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born February 02, 1832 in Spencer Co., Ind., and died November 04, 1906 in Bailey Small Cemetry, on his farm. He married (1) ELIZABETH YOUNG. He married (2) MARTHA JANE SKAGGS October 24, 1854.

Notes for BAILEY W. SMALL:

History of Warrick, Spencer, and Perry Counties 1885, pages 396, 387, 377

There are several narriatives on Baileys' service in the Civil War, and he served in the following units:

The Independent Rifles of Ohio Township were organized under Capt. B.W. Small.

The Union Calvary were sworn in Oct 27,1864 under

B. W. Small, captain; Martin Stuteville First Lieutenant.

Bailey W. Small 1st Lt. 4th Calvery Company K

B.W. Small, 1st Lt. 4th Regiment, Indiana Infantery.

B.W. Small, Corporal, 53rd Ind. Inf. Company I.

According to a 4 page history on the Small family written by Abbie Small in 1925, Bailey built a church of logs on his farm of Baptist faith, he was deeply religious. Many of the older residents remember the old church, some of them were converted there. The church is gone but graves of Grandfather and Mother and their children, and grandchildren and some great grandchildren are there. Also some of the other pioneer settlers. Grandfather was a judge along in the thirties and he with another pioneer and wealthy landowner, Abraham Stryker, for whom Strykers landing was named, collected the taxes.Grandmother told of them recounting the money in the evenings from their saddle bags.

Then thereafter, came the Civil War. His sons to manhood grown, some married with families of their own, were the first to respond. My Grandfather and Grandmothers contribution to the defense of the cause, was six sons and two sons-in-law. My grandfather visited the little log church each day and prayed for the safe return of his brave sons, and he was rewarded. Every one of them got home.

Bailey W. was a first leutenant of his company and would have been captain, his captain being killed, but was forced to resign on account of disability. Martin, my father, was just 17, the youngest of seven boys, he too must go.

He Served three years, enlisted again, has two honorable discharges at Washington. He was wounded at Missionary Ridge, (Battle of Stone Mountain), which eventually caused his death in 1883. He married Nancy A. Thomas in 1872. There were four children, Maxwell, Lulu, Abbie, and Bert M.


	i.	MARGARET4 SMALL, b. 1853.
59.	ii.	MARY C. SMALL, b. 1856, Spencer Co., Ind..
	iii.	JEROME SMALL, b. 1857.
60.	iv.	CHARLES ELLIS SMALL, b. June 13, 1857, Spencer Co., Ind.; d. November 22, 1933, Alexander Cem. Patronville Ind..
61.	v.	CYNTHIA ANN SMALL, b. September 27, 1859, Spencer Co., Ind.; d. January 23, 1945, New St. Marcus Cem. St. Louis Mo..
	vi.	OLIVER SMALL, b. Abt. 1860, Spencer Co., Ind.; m. LIDA KELLER, December 24, 1893, Spencer Co., Ind..
	vii.	BAILEY W SMALL, b. Abt. 1861; m. LIZZIE K. LOVE.
	viii.	NANCY SMALL, b. 1862.

24. JAMES C.3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 1836 in Spencer Co., Ind., and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Buried in Bailey Small Cemetery. He married (1) MARGARET E. CARTER July 25, 1855 in Spencer Co., Ind.. He married (2) REBECCA T. CAIN September 01, 1863 in Spencer Co. IN4, daughter of WILLIAM CAIN and NANCY STUTEVILLE.

Notes for JAMES C. SMALL:

Son of James and Mary Stuteville, served in the Civil war, Company K 25th Indiana Infantry. His father, James, was a Captain in the same company.

The 1850 census lists his age as 14, or born in 1836.

The 1870 census lists Rebecca and three children, she is head of household which indicates James C. died prior to the 1870 census.

James C. was listed in his fathers will as being deceased prior to the writing of the will, which places his death before 1875, census places his death before 1870 and after the 1860 census.

He is buried in the Bailey Small Cemetery, the stone lists him only as "J C" and gives his military information but no birth or death..


Inscription on stone at Bailey Small/Ohio Baptist Church, In Spencer County reads: Margaret E. Small, wife of J.C. died 201701860 in 24th year of her age.


Inscription on stone at Bailey Small/Ohio Baptist Church, In Spencer County

Margaret E. Small, wife of J.C. died 2-17-1860 in 24th year of her age.

Notes for REBECCA T. CAIN:

Listed in the 1870 census as head of household, her children are listed as heirs in James C. Smalls' fathers Will written in 1875.

Children of JAMES SMALL and REBECCA CAIN are:

	i.	LIZZIE C4 SMALL, b. 1865.
	ii.	CHARLES SMALL, b. 1866.
	iii.	JAMES H SMALL, b. 1868.

25. HARRISON CHARLES3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born February 29, 1840 in Rockport, Spencer Co., Ind., and died January 02, 1926 in Van Buren, Arkansas. He married (1) ALICE BURNS March 10, 1878 in Spencer Co., Indiana. He married (2) SARAH ELIZABETH LONG September 01, 1883 in Arkansas, daughter of ROBERT LONG and MARY TREWHITT.


	i.	RUTH4 SMALL, b. Abt. 1879; m. HOMER MILLS.
	ii.	CHARLES LOGAN SMALL, b. Abt. 1880.

Children of HARRISON SMALL and SARAH LONG are:

	iii.	HARRISON VICTOR4 SMALL, b. October 01, 1887; d. October 14, 1977.
	iv.	BAILEY SMALL, b. September 11, 1894; d. January 07, 1933.
	v.	HOWARD W. SMALL, b. January 28, 1896.
62.	vi.	JUANITA SMALL, b. August 28, 1899, Union Town, Arkansas; d. December 09, 1970.

26. SARAH ELIZABETH3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 1842 in Spencer Co., Ind., and died in Bailey Small Cemetry, stone is gone.. She married JOHN M. DAVIS January 16, 1860 in Spencer CO, Indiana, son of JOHN DAVIS.


The 1860 census taken 6-24-1860 lists her age at 18, or born in 1842.

Her first child is listed in the census as James Small, she would have had him at age 14.

We have recorded James on previous records as being illigitimate and this is an obvious error since we did not take into account that this was his middle name and was named after her father.

Notes for JOHN M. DAVIS:

Served in the Civil War in Company E, 26th IN INF.

Children of SARAH SMALL and JOHN DAVIS are:

	i.	JAMES SMALL4 DAVIS, b. August 16, 1856, Spencer Co., Ind.; d. September 17, 1860, Bailey
Small farm / Ohio Baptist Church Cem. Spencer Co. Ind..


The census record taken in Spencer county on 6-24-1860 lists this individual as James Small age 4, or born in 1856.

The stone located in the Bailey Small cemetery reads as follows:

Davis, James S. s/o J.M. & S. E. , born 8-16-1860 d 9-17-1860

Davis, J.M., Co. K, 25th Ind Inf. is next to him and is John M. husband of Sarah Elizabeth Small.

	ii.	MARY A. SMALL, b. 1857.
	iii.	MARGARET SMALL, b. September 1859.


Listed in 1860 census as being 10 months old. The census was taken on 6-24-1860, this would place her birth at September 1859.

27. MARTIN S3 SMALL (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1843 in Spencer Co., Ind., and died 1883 in Bailey Small Cemetry. He married NANCY A. THOMAS September 28, 1872 in Spencer Co., Ind..


Enlisted in Company F, 58th Ind. Inf. at the age of seventeen, wounded at Missionary Ridge, the battle of Stone Mountain GA and eventually died of his wound in 1883.

Children of MARTIN SMALL and NANCY THOMAS are:

	i.	MAXWELL4 SMALL, b. 1873, Spencer Co., Ind.; m. ALICE P UNDERWOOD, December 13, 1905.
	ii.	LULU SMALL, b. Abt. 1874.
	iii.	ABBIE SMALL, b. 1875; m. JESSE JORDAN, January 03, 1897.
	iv.	BERT M SMALL, b. 1877.

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