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Newsgroup for Genealogy of Africa and the African Diaspora. (Moderated)
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NEWSGROUP: soc.genealogy.african
RFD Date: 21 Jun 1995
1st CFV Date: 10 Oct 1995
2nd CFV Date: 20 Oct 1995
Voting closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 31 Oct 1995.
RESULT: unmoderated group soc.genealogy.african passes 158:17

The unmoderated newsgroup was soon made unusable by some very nasty
racist messages which were crossposted to any newsgroup with "African"
in the name, and to some volatile newsgroups with vulgar troublemakers.
A new proposal was made immediately to moderate the newsgroup.

RFD Date: 20 Feb 1996
1st CFV Date: 15 Apr 1996
2nd CFV Date: 29 Apr 1996
Vote ended 23:59:59 UTC, 6 May 1996.
RESULT: moderated group soc.genealogy.african passes 175:26

Newsgroups line:
soc.genealogy.african  Genealogy of Africa and the African Diaspora. (Moderated)


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RATIONALE: soc.genealogy.african
RATIONALE - original RFD

There is an established precedence and interest in the study of
African-ancestored genealogy on the Internet, as well-evidenced by the
discussions and queries concerning this topic that regularly appear in
cluster groups on commercial online networks, bulletin boards, and in
limited discussions in various newsgroups in the "soc." and "alt."
hierarchy.  However, there is not a place of concentration where such
people can register their queries and remarks, and be assured that they
will be read by the many who are interested world-wide, rather than by
the few in small localities.  Soc.genealogy.african would provide a
forum for people to share queries and insights regarding the genealogical
considerations of Africa and the African Diaspora.

RATIONALE - RFD for moderation of the group

Soc.genealogy.african has recently encountered an opportunistic and
hostile energy, taking the form of a particularly offensive message
thread that continues beyond any reason.  It persists because this
message has been cross-posted to several unrelated newsgroups in such
a manner as to develop a miserable little life of its own, and diverting
attention from this newsgroup's intended purpose.  And while the thread
persists, exciting the nerves and diverse opinions of many cyber-denizens
from around the world, the sum and total of these messages serves up
nothing but insult to the legitimate users of this newsgroup.  It is, in
addition, a total waste of bandwidth.

Moderation of soc.genealogy.african will cure this infection of poor
taste and bad judgment, at least within this newsgroup.  Moderation
will restore the decorum of the newsgroup, and lead again to a
productive atmosphere.

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CHARTER: soc.genealogy.african
The focus of soc.genealogy.african is on exchanging information on the
genealogy and family history of African-ancestored people world-wide.
This group is designed to be an Afro-centric presentation; but, it is
not meant to be Afro-exclusive.  Discussion is open to anyone with an
interest in the genealogy of Africans and any of the populations who
can claim African ancestry, including, but not limited to: people who
do live, did live, or may have lived in Africa; voluntary emigrants;
involuntary emigrants (such as slaves); immigrants; colonists; and
their descendants.  The scope of the group reflects language, history,
migrations, slavery, and the realities of researching public records
and genealogical archives, and includes questions of local customs and
history, or of regional or national history which affected the lives of
these people and which are difficult to research in the present.

Some people hold the belief that all of today's human life descends
from progenitors who lived on the African continent.  The proponents of
soc.genealogy.african hold this to be a philosophical theme rather than
a genealogical matter; therefore, we feel it is not a germane subject
area for this discussion group.  A better place for discussing this
might be the Usenet groups sci.anthropology or sci.archaeology.

Posts may be in any language, but those seeking replies from a wide
spectrum of readers would be well-advised to also post in English.
Postings on offensive or defamatory themes and any other topics
unrelated to genealogy are not welcome.

Moderation Policy:

Soc.genealogy.african will be moderated in order to filter out off-topic
and offensive material, therefore to improve the newsgroup's readability
and focus, as supported by the charter of the newsgroup.  Postings of a
commercial nature, such as items for sell or services for sell, are generally
considered to be off-topic.  However, the occasional commercial postings
which have a general relevance to genealogy are most appropriately
posted to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.marketplace, which has its own
rules of conduct.  Consult the FAQ for that newsgroup for more details.

Admittedly, there might occur some commercial postings which are
germane to soc.genealogy.african, which do enhance the quality of
the newsgroup and inform its browsers in a useful manner.  A one-time
commercial message that clearly has a bearing on African genealogy
can be submitted for posting.  It is very likely that the copy for an
acceptable message will include words like "African" and "genealogy."

Cross-posted messages are very likely to be rejected, except cross-posts
such as FAQs within the soc.genealogy.* hierarchy, and, on rare
occasions, cross-posts that are on-topic to this newsgroup and to all
other groups they are cross-posted to.

Any prospective cross-posts must have a single appropriate group in the
Followup-To: header.

Messages that have no genealogy value, but are intended to slander or
defame or otherwise direct derogatory insinuations toward an individual
or individuals will be rejected.  Additionally, postings that do not add
anything to the quality of the newsgroup, such as the nefarious "me too"
message, can be rejected.  The responsibility of the moderators of
soc.genealogy.african is to use these standards, mentioned here to
preserve the focus of the newsgroup.  In any case, the actions of the
moderator will be determined by the intention of protecting the focus
of the newsgroup, at any cost.

Initially, the moderators of this newsgroup will be both founders.
Other volunteer moderators will be added to the soc.genealogy.african
moderation group by means of nomination by the members of the group
who are current at that time. Individuals so nominated must be
approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the group.  The moderators
will be listed in the soc.genealogy.african FAQ.

Voluntary retirement from the moderators group is supported. Also,
involuntary retirement can be forced by means of a two-thirds
majority vote of the moderators group.

Administrative contact address:

Article submission address:

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The GEN-AFRICAN-L mailing list was formed at RootsWeb in
January 1999 to provide the soc.genealogy.african archives.  There
has also been interaction with another mailing list, AFRIGENEAS.


Subject: [can be blank, or say subscribe]

one line, only. Anything else confuses the computer.

Mail to GEN-AFRICAN list manager

The current list managers/moderator is Tim Pierce.

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