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Newsgroup for Francophone genealogy.
One of 25 Usenet Newsgroups in the soc.genealogy hierarchy

Soc.genealogy.french was one of the original seven soc.genealogy newsgroups.

NEWSGROUP: soc.genealogy.french

1st RFD Date: 15 Aug 1994
2nd RFD Date: 3 Oct 1994
1st CFV Date: 11 Oct 1994
2nd CFV Date: 20 Oct 1994
Vote ended 23:59:59 UTC, 1 November 1994.
RESULT: soc.roots reorganization all groups pass
RESULT: unmoderated group soc.genealogy.french passes 383:93

Newsgroups line:
soc.genealogy.french  Francophone genealogy.

1st RFD:
A straw poll on naming, the 2nd RFD and both CFVs and the results are all
missing at What is shown was archived by one of the proponents.

Straw Poll   2nd RFD   Supporting FAQs   1st CFV   2nd CFV   Vote Results

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RATIONALE: soc.genealogy.french

See the RATIONALE for reorganizing soc.roots into seven groups,
including this one. Excerpts applying to soc.genealogy.french are:

The renaming of soc.roots to soc.genealogy.* is proposed because
the use of "roots" to mean genealogy is often misunderstood.
The soc.g.jewish and soc.g.french groups are based on
existing conference/mailing-list/newsgroup connections.
Arbitron data for May '94 shows about 3600 messages per month for
soc.roots and about 200 for alt.genealogy. Changes to both groups since
May makes it difficult to make good projections, and current Arbitron
data is unavailable for comparisons, but on-line genealogists generally
agree that the total number of genealogy posts has been growing rapidly.
We also propose a few new ethnologic or "ethno-newsgroups" in which
genealogical researchers who have a focus in a particular ethnicity
could post. The groups we propose already have constituencies, either
in existing groups or in mailing lists.

The ethno-newsgroups are meant to be inclusive rather than exclusive.
They do not correspond to any physical geographic limits, but are open
to anyone who has ethnic connections to the named groups. These include
emigrants and immigrants, those that share the same language, or those
that share the same focus of interest. Posts to the ethno-newsgroups
will not be restricted to any particular language.

The charters of the 3 ethno-newsgroups we propose would limit
posts to genealogy topics, and posts without genealogical
content are strongly discouraged. Such topics might be better
discussed in soc.culture.[country] or elsewhere.

Also, the ethno-newsgroups are not meant to be strict partitions
between regions, peoples, countries, languages, or topic areas, but
rather to reflect a focus of interest among on-line genealogists.

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CHARTER: soc.genealogy.french

Charter:   In English   En Francais

NOTE: the link to fr.rec.genealogie did not occur. Both still exist. The
fr.rec.genealogie group is almost entirely carried on in the French language,
while soc.genealogy.french is multi-lingual. See fr.gec.genealogie

soc.genealogy.french Francophone genealogy
Unmoderated, archived, and gatewayed to a mailing list.

Soc.genealogy.french will be gated to fr.rec.genealogie, whose
moderator, Denis Beauregard, [invalid e-address deleted] supports
this proposal and is the proponent for this group.

One purpose of this group is to exchange information about ancestors
who spoke French, had French names, or lived in places inhabited by
French speakers or where records were kept in French. Posts in the
French language are encouraged when practical. They are accepted
in other languages otherwise. Those who prefer to communicate
in French are invited to discuss any topic relating to genealogy
in soc.g.french. Others should use the appropriate other newsgroup.

The newsgroup name was chosen specifically not to indicate France
(the country) but French (the language) because 80% of the
traffic is from Quebec (which is not France of course).

soc.g.french will be gatewayed to FrancoMedia (a Fidonet technology BBS
network) equivalent conference (FM-Genealogie). Presently, 80% of the
traffic in the group fr.rec.genealogie comes from FM-Genealogie.

soc.genealogy.french Genealogie francophone
Non modere, archive et avec passerelle vers liste d'envoi (mailing list)

Soc.g.french aura une passerelle avec fr.rec.genealogie dont
l'animateur, Denis Beauregard, [] appuie cette proposition et a
suggere la creation de ce nouveau groupe.

Un des buts de ce groupe est d'echanger des informations concernant
des personnes, noms ou endroits francophones ou encore vivant dans des
endroits habites par des francophones ou dont les registres sont tenus
en francais. L'usage du francais est encourage, mais quand cela est
impossible, les demandes d'information peuvent etre envoyees en
d'autres langues. Ceux qui preferent communiquer en francais sont
aussi invites a discuter de tout autre sujet relie a la genealogie
dans soc.g.french. Les autres devraient utiliser le groupe approprie.

Le nom du groupe a ete choisi de facon a ne pas preciser la France
(le pays), mais le francais (la langue) puisque 80% du trafic
provient du Quebec (qui n'est pas la France).

soc.g.french aura une passerelle avec FM-Genealogie, la conference
equivalente du reseau FrancoMedia (un reseau de babillards ou BBS
de technologie Fidonet). Presentement, 80% du trafic du groupe
fr.rec.genealogie provient de FM-Genealogie.

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The GEN-FR-L mailing list was formed at the same time
as the newsgroup. It provides archiving and an alternative access to


Subject: [can be blank, or say subscribe]

one line, only. Anything else confuses the computer.

Mail to GEN-FR list manager

The current list managers are Denis Beauregard, Denis Savard, Pascal Pinan-Lucarre

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WEB PAGE: soc.genealogy.french

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FAQ: soc.genealogy.french en Francais en Francais in English

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