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Newsgroup for Genealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.
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NEWSGROUP: soc.genealogy.medieval

RFD Date: 17 Mar 1995
1st CFV Date: 3 May 1995
2nd CFV Date: 12 May 1995
Vote ended 23:59:59 UTC, 24 May 1995.
RESULT: unmoderated group soc.genealogy.medieval passes 334:18

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soc.genealogy.medieval  Genealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.


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RATIONALE: soc.genealogy.medieval

The scope of the group reflects the different nature of genealogical
research in the medieval period. Vital records and census records are
not available for this period, and the researcher must rely instead on
records of inheritance of property or tenancy, heraldic visitations,
monastic charters, chronicles, onomastic evidence, and even numismatic
evidence. There is a long history of study of the medieval period by
genealogists of variable reliability, with much of the older incorrect
work still in general circulation. More recent work has often
appeared in obscure journals; sometimes it is in languages other than
English. The group is intended to address all these various facets.
As with the available sources, posts may be in any language but will
probably be understood by the largest audience if in English. All
posters are encouraged to provide references for genealogical
information presented, and to present lineages in as condensed a
format as will still convey the necessary information.

While there are significant differences between countries for
genealogical research after the medieval period, the differences are
less pronounced during the medieval period, especially in Europe and
neighboring regions, because of substantial similarities in social and
legal structures, the pervasiveness of the Christian Church, the
widespread use of Latin as an official language, frequent changes in
national boundaries, and intermarriages between royal families. In
addition, the amount of genealogical material available for a given
area is much smaller for the medieval period than for the modern. For
these reasons it is plausible at least initially to conduct
discussions in a single group (with no geographic subdivisions).

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CHARTER: soc.genealogy.medieval

soc.genealogy.medieval is for genealogy and family history discussion
among people researching individuals living during medieval times, as
well as related topics. The primary focus of the group is likely to
be on Europe and neighboring regions, but postings about genealogy in
other areas during this time period are welcomed. The medieval period
is loosely defined for the purposes of this group as the period
extending from the breakup of the (Western) Roman Empire until the
time public records (such as church, tax, and census records) relating
to the general population began to be kept. This period would extend
roughly from AD 500 to AD 1600, but these limits are not intended to
exclude related topics of discussion lying outside of these

The group is open to anyone with an interest in genealogy in the time
period in question, including, but not limited to: royal and noble
descents, origins of American colonists, feudal descent of property,
value of pre-historical sources (such as sagas), adoption of surnames
and arms by families, source availability and reliability, and reviews
and correction of published works.

The group is open to discussions of other related topics falling
outside the boundaries of the period, such as the genealogy of modern
nobility and genealogical links to antiquity. On the other hand,
postings of a general historical or cultural nature which are
completely unrelated to genealogy are not welcome even when falling
within the medieval period.

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The current list managers are Don Stone and Todd Farmerie.

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