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HAPEMAN (and others) are an anglicized version of HAUPTMANN
C1730/40-Bef. 1800

The name of Johannes is kin to John, a Hebrew name meaning "God's grace".

The name Hapeman also appears in records as Hebmann, Hepmann, Hopman, Hapman, Hauptmann
A middle name for Johannes Hapeman, our progenitor, has NOT been documented in ANY public record. This is true also for birth date, death date, burial location, or country of origin. Many have speculated on his origin, but no proof has been found. Any facts not in public record, are in reality, 'Family Lore'. If you have proof, please let us know.

The Hapeman Family Historians
Jeannine Minisci (1929-2004) Lakeland, Florida.
Joan Hapeman Somers, San Diego, California.
Henry Walters, Ocala, Florida.

rev-soldier Johannes Hapeman was a Pvt. in Col. Morris Graham's Regiment, Capt. James Wilson's Company of Dutchess County Militia (from the Roster of the State Troops). General George Clinton's Brigade was in active service from 4/2/to 8/3/1777 (p 278), 1st Regiment (Rhinebeck and Northeast), 3rd Company, Northeast Precinct. "Archives of the State of New York, New York in the Revolution", Vol I, Berthold Fernow, Albany, NY p 388 and "History of Little Nine Partners", p 64, Isaac Huntting, 1897, Pine Plains, NY. Huntting, Pine Plains, N. Y., Pg. 64. He had first refused to sign the Articles of Association, but later served actively.

Brig. Gen. George Clinton 1739-1812 became the first
Governor of New York State in 1777.

The American Revolution, 1776-1783


Johannes Hapeman is noted in "The Palatine Families of New York" by Henry Z. Jones, 1985, pg. 1001. The notation states that Johannes married widow Anna Barbara Stickel C1758

Anna Barbara Stickel was the daughter of Nicholas Stickel and Anna Margaretha Drumm. Of this union, seven children were born. Petrus (died in infancy); Maria; Johannes; Catherina; Lydia; Anna; and Petrus.


After Anna died, Johannes married Elisabeth Maria Kilmer. Three sons and three daughters were born of this marriage. Frederick; Zachariah; Elisabeth; Catharine; Jacob and Maria-Polly.

Johannes passed away before 1800 as he disappeared from the census and tax rolls. To date, no record has been found.

Research quote: 3rd cousin Jeannine Riley Minisci, born in Rhinebeck, N.Y., a descendant of Johannes Hapeman (1730/40-?) was a Regent for the DAR for several years. She was also a professional researcher and the Queries Editor for the Dutchess County, New York Genealogy Society until her death in 2004

Partial quote of Email to me (Joan Hapeman Somers) March 1999 from
Cousin Jeannine Riley Minisci (1929-2004)
Copy to Cousin Hank Walters of Ocala, Fl.

"His middle name being Henry is news to me. I don't know when or where he was born, 1730-1740 is my estimate and my records read place unknown, but do know beyond any shadow of doubt that he was not born in Red Hook or elsewhere in Dutchess Co. I know, that he died pre 1800 as he disappears from the census rolls in 1800 and I think that his widow Elizabeth Kilmer may have remarried shortly thereafter. He was not living in Dutchess County at the time of his death and basically, he never lived in Red Hook. He resided in Northeast Precinct, served from there in the Revolution. His later children were all baptized in Columbia Co churches. I think that where many people get confused is in the church records, such as German Ref Ch of Lower Red Hook (St. Paul's Luth of Red Hook today) and St. Peter's Luth (Stone Ch) of Rhinebeck. These 2 churches, especially Stone Ch, serviced a very wide area that covered the Northeast Precinct and Rhinebeck Precinct. This would include the present towns of Red Hook, Milan, Northeast, Pine Plains, extending into lower Columbia Co. Both John (Johannes) Hapeman and John Hapeman, Jr. are listed in the Town of Northeast in the 1790 Census. The deed of Johannes Hapeman selling property in the area of Stissing (one that Joanie found), is today in the Town of Pine Plains, but in the time frame of the 1790's it was still the Town of Northeast. Gallatin is in Columbia Co, all of which would leave one to believe that he lived close to the Columbia/Dutchess Co border. The terrain in this area is hilly and rather jagged and the boundary between the counties follows a zigzag course. I do know that the Hapemans owned much property that included Twin Lakes. This is Columbia Co.

Are you well confused now? Guess I have rambled on. Good reference for an explanation of these areas is French's Gazetteer of NY State. You are probably saying 'who cares' at this point and rightly so, but I have rode through the back roads that crisscross this area and tried to figure out exactly where they lived. It was fun and I still enjoy doing it when I go back to NY."

End of quote


Dutchess County, N.Y. Map
Early Dutchess County New York History

Ref: Grolier International Encyclopedia 1963

The American Revolution, 1776-1783 was a war for independence fought by 13 united British colonies in North American against Great Britain. The war, which became part of a world-wide struggle, established the United States as an independent nation, affected its internal political, social and economic arrangements, and had a significant and lasting influence on national and liberal political movements throughout the world.
The origins of the Revolution can be traced to the first establishment of English colonies in North America. English ideas of self-government--manifested in the vitality of English local government and in the check on royal authority exercised by Parliament--were transferred to America and there took root and flourished. The sharp conflict of interests between Great Britain and her colonies that emerged after the French and Indian War was the climax of an estrangement that had been developing for more than a century. Three trends during the 18th century underlay that crisis: (1) The gradual maturing of American society; (2) a transition in internal British politics; and (3) the rise of international rivalries in which the colonial possessions in the New World became increasingly important.



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