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Niagara Vital Records
Vital records in Niagara
(the former Welland & Lincoln Counties, Ontario)

Niagara, Ontario

Vital Records in old Lincoln & Welland Counties (now Niagara)

Ontario Historical Society, Volume 3, 1901
  • St. Mark's Anglican and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Churches
  • Baptisms in Niagara by Rev. Robert Addison 1792-1832
  • Weddings at Niagara 1792-1820
  • Burials at Niagara 1792-1829
  • Baptisms in Township of Grimsby 1817- 1822
  • Marriages in Township of Grimsby 1817-1822
  • Burials in Township of Grimsby 1817-1822
  • Register of Christenings in the Presbyterian Congregation, Township of Newark-1793-1814 (only 26 entries)
  • Register of Births and Baptisms, St. Andrew's Church, Niagara 1830-1833 (only 22 entries)
  • Marriages celebrated by Rev. Robert McGill 1830-1834 (only 37 entries)
  • (Photo copies of the St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Church records can be viewed in Special Collections at the St. Catharines Centennial Library)

    Ontario Historical Society, Volume 8, 1907
  • Register and Session Book of the Stamford Associate Presbyterian Church, Rev. John Russell. Marriages 1827-1834
  • Baptisms, Marriages and Burials by Rev Wm. Leeming 1820-1837
  • Baptisms Chippawa in Townships of Stamford and Willoughby by Rev Wm. Leeming 1820-1837
  • Marriages by Rev. Wm. Leeming 1820-1835
  • Marriages by Thomas Cummings JP 1801-1812
  • The Papers of James and Thomas Cummings Marriages 1816-1832 (8 only) Many of the above are located on micro film in the Ontario Archives.
  • Stamford Presbyterian records are at the Presbyterian Church Archives
  • Marriages Licences Issued at Queenston by Robert Grant 1825-1829 Ontario Register Vol 6 #2 pgs 93-98, Vol 6 #3 pgs 173-174, Vol 6 #4 pgs 241-242 Vol 7 #4 pgs 199-205 (from National Archives of Canada)
  • County Marriage Records 1858-1869 of Lincoln & Welland Counties Vol. 19 Generation Press (Ontario Archives)
  • Early Canadian Marriages in Erie Co. New York 1840-1890, 12 Volumes, Special Collections Room St. Catharines Centennial Library (non lending)
  • Marriages by Robert Nellis Justice of the Peace at Grimsby 1796-1823 "Annals of the Forty" by the Grimsby Historical Society Vol. #1, pgs 88-93
  • Marriages by Rev. Wm. Sampson 1817-1822 "Annals of the Forty" by the Grimsby Historical Society Vol #1, pgs 93-94
  • Marriages by Rev. A.N. Bethune 1823-1849 "Annals of the Forty" by the Grimsby Historical Soceity Vol. #10 pgs 45-48
  • Marriages of the Pelham Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) 1800-1843 Ontario Register Vol4 #1 pgs 1-9
  • Marriages St. Pauls Anglican Church Fort Erie 1844-1870 Ontario Register Vol #1 pgs 105-118
  • Ontario Historical Society Vol # 27, 1931 The Register of St. Paul's Church at Fort Erie Marriages, Baptisms and Burials 1836-1844
  • Ontario Historical Society Vol # 15 Fort George Garrison Records
  • Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West Volume 1 Part 1, Niagara District 1795-1856 by Dan Walker & Fawne Stratford-Devai
  • Marriages by Robert Nelles JP 1796-1823 Knox Presbyterian Church, Beamsville, Baptisms 1825-1835
  • Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake 1827-1830
  • Register of Christenings St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake 1795-1830
  • Register of Baptisms St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake 1829-1830
  • Marriage Licenses by Robert Grant at Queenston, 1825-1838
  • Registry of Births, Marriages and Burials, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake 1848-1856
  • Registers of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials Rev. Wm. Sampson, St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Grimsby, 1817-1822
  • And for those interested in the Ancaster area, Ontario Historical Society #5, 1904, Ancaster Parish Records 1830-1838
    All of the above except the New York records in the St. Catharines Public Library can be brought in to your local Ontario library on inter-library loan.
    Also check at your LDS Library to see what is available on microfilm.
    The Niagara Peninsula Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society has various church records transcribed. You can locate the publications at Niagara OGS
    The Branch publications are also loaned through the National Library.
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    Joan Hapeman Somers
    23 Feb 2000