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TADDINGTON Law and Order
LA692 Frances FOXLOW Taddington widow, six ? small children. Husband died on way to Sheffield,Yks. eighteen months since. Now nothing remaining to supply herself. 1708

TIBSHELF Law and Order
LA1056 William ANDERSON Tibshelf, tinker, stealing kettle from Francis RADFORD Holbrook.  1748

TIDESWELL Law and Order
LA50a Godfrey KERKE (KIRK) Constable of Tideswell presents Ellis REVILL also HOUSSON (HOWSON?) of Tideswell, miner, absent from Church 1634
Anthony BARKER of Tideswell miner, for keeping an unlawful gaming "on Saboth day" 1634
Arthur BLACKWALL miner, of Litton for absenting him from Church. 1634
LA72  William BAGSHAWE Constable reports Richard ENSOR for being drunk  1639
LA898 John BAGSHAWE Constable reports John ALLEN, William SHRIGLEY, Richard TORR, Richard HARDY, Jervas BAGSHAW, Henry BOCKIN Popish rcusants.  1725
LA1111 Kitty BRAMWELL Tideswell pregnant.  George THOMPSON Tideswell father of child.  1762
LA882 Richard TURNER Constable of Tideswell presents John ALLEN Gent., Henry BOWDEN, Gervas BAGSHAW, Richard HARDY, Henry BOCKIN, Robert LONGDEN, Richard TORR, Elias HOWE,   Papists  1723
LA420 Thomas MICHELL (MITCHELL?) Constable of Tideswell presents; John ALLEN, Edward ALLEN, Ellen ALLEN, Agunis ALLEN, Richard HARDY, John HARDY, Elizabeth HARDY, Edward BAGSHAWE, William BAGSHAWE, Mary BAGSHAWE, Francis VERNON, Elizabeth VERNON, Thomas BAGSHAW, Michell SHERWOOD, Ann SHERWOOD, Francis HOUSON, Mary HOUSON, Henry BOCKING,William BATES, Jone (Joan ?) BATES, Dortey (Dorothy?) PALFRYMAN, Ann NALL?, Margaret MELLOR, Ann DUFFIELD, Elizabeth DUFFIELD, Richard PALFRYMAN, George NALL, Robert BAGSHAWE, Catherine BAGSHAWE, Ann BAGSHAWE, Francis BORCHENOUGH (BIRCHENHOUGH?) , John BORCHENOUGH, Thomas BORCHENHOUGH, Catherine BORCHENHOUGH, Catherine HOUSON, Robert NALL, Allyon? NALL,  George CROUKES (CROOKS?) Ann DUFFIELD yon., Henry BOODEN,(BODEN?), Jane SRIGLEY, John WILDE, Mary WILDE, Elizabeth NEEDHAM, Mary BOCKING  all recusants in Tideswell.
Charles WALTON, Widow ASH, Ralph CLAYTON, Dorothy WORSLEY, John ROWBOTHAM, Henry HANCOCK all for selling ale without a Licence
Peter WHITE, Mary WHITE, William BLACKSHAW all Quakers
Christian BAGSHAWE, Joyes GENT, Charty GENT, Thomas ROYLAND, Francis JAMES, Mary JAMES, Edmond JAMES, John CLAYTON either sellling ale without a Licence or all Quakers. The Constable has written the names in such a way to make it uncertain as to which category they belong.
Badgers within Tideswell; William BURDEKIN swaler, Thomas MEELER ( MELLOR ?) Francis HOUSON, Robert JOHNSON, Grace SLATER, Robert SUTON (sic), Thomas ROBINSON, Edward ALLEN, Edward JACKSON, Robert ROBINSON, Edward ASHE, Robert ALLEN badger of West ?? (Wheston?), Thomas MITCHELL ? William CLARKE badger in Litton.
Great Hucklow; Michell (Michael ?) MARSHALL badger, William WINTERBOTHAM badger, Thomas NEEDHAM badger.  1689 
LA405 Edward TOWNSEND Tidsall, ( Tideswell) wife decd, four children, asks for a home " where I was bred and born".  c.1689
LA570 William BAGSHAW Constable of Tideswell presents; John ALLEYNE, William BAGSHAW and Mary BAGSHAW his wife, Richard PALFREEMAN, William BATES and Joan BATES his wife, John HARDY and Mary HARDY his wife, Francis VERNON and Elizabeth VERNON his wife, Thomas BAGSHAW, Thomas BIRCHENOUGH, Robert NALL and Alice NALL his wife, Francis HOWSON,Margaret MELLOR wife of Thomas MELLOR all of Tideswell, Anne LONGDEN wife of William LONGDEN of Millhousdale, Jane SHRIGLEY wife of James SHRIGLEY, John WILD and Margaret WILD his wife all of Westowne ( Wheston)  Popish Recusants.  1698
LA685 Anthony MELLOR Constable of Tideswell presents; John WILD, Elizabeth CHEATHAM. John ALLEN, William BAGSHAW, John HARDY. Popish recusants. 1703
LA697 Thomas CRESSWELL Constable of Tideswell presents; Mr John ALLEYNE, John WILDE AND Mary WILDE his wife, Robert ROODARN (REDFERN?) and Elizabeth his wife, John BERCHINOUGH, Thomas BAGSHAW, John HARDY and Mary HARDY his wife, Henry BOCKING, Joan CROOKS, Richard PALFREMAN, Ann ROBBINSON. Popish recusants. 1707 

TISSINGTON Law and Order
LA523 Elizabeth APPLEBEE Petition for relief. 1695/6
Ann APPLEBY of Tissington for having several bastard children be sent to the House of Correction in Ashbourne  1683   1/8/2/11
Walter BUXTON of Lee Hall, p.Tissington warrant issued for his speaking contemptuously to J.P.  1683  1/8/2/17
LA104 Thomas SPRAY to answer charges of molesting Joan KESTERNEN wife of Thomas KESTERNEN of Heath.  1648

UTTOXETER (Staffs) Law and Order
LA379 Constables presentment for Uttoxeter, Staffs. listing trades and 241 named people in those trades. 1683
WEST HALLAM Law and Order
LA/24/1 Thomas HANDLEY, Constable of West Hallam, present John HORNE, William STALEY and his wife Margaret STALEY, Henry HALLINGEWORTH (HOLLINGWORTH), Ann GRAUNGER (GRAINGER?), Margaret SHAWE, Joane NORMANTON, Anthony WAGSTAFFE and Troth WAGSTAFFE his wife, that they and every one of them have bene absent from there Parrish Church of West Hallam three Saboth daies last past. 17th C.
LA39b William WHEELOUST? Constable for West Hallam presents Mary POUTRILL, Margery BROWNE, William STALEY and Margaret his wife, Henry HOLLINGWORTH, Ann GRANGER, Anthony WAGSTAFFE, Jane NORMANTON, Margaret SEALE and the wife of Anthony WAGSTAFFE absent from Church. 1634
John POWTRELL of West Hallam, Popish recusant. 1682  1/8/1/8
Cuthbert NEWTON Constable for Weston on Trent presents George POULTON?, Alexander QUILL? and wife, Richard GROODCOATE?, Jefferery (Geofrey) CASHE? and the wife of John BENTLEY absent from Church. 17thC
WHITWELL Law and Order
LA1096 Elizabeth ELLIS says Ann BATTERSBY and Sarah WATTS of Whitwell taking corn  belonging Thomas FLETCHER.  1759
LA1164 Mary STARKY pregnant.  James WRIGHT of Whitwell ,she claims is the father.  1772

WILNE Law and Order
LA356 Katherine BURROWS of Risley p.Wilden (sic)  six miles remote from Derby. Sick, forced to hire a horse to come hither, being under Mr LANGFORD Doctor at Nottingham,Notts. c. 1683
LA1047 Thomas ROSELL of Draycott re abuse of his servant Hannah ROGERS. He is "an entertainer of vagrants and strolers". 1743 
LA1109 Ann MOSSLEY p Wilne pregnant.  Joseph LAKIN father.  1761
LA1194a Robert STONE examination, 28, born Shardlow, married Sarah, has William, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah. Mentions Mr DAWSON Weston on Trent, Leonard FOSBROOKE. 1786
LA1194b Joseph WOOLLEY of Wilne, examination, servant to Mr DAWSON  1786
LA429 John HODGKINSON Constable of Wingerworth presents; Henry HAMBLOCK (HUNLOKE?) and his Lady Frances HARDWICK, Elizabeth --------, Rebekah GREENSMITH Popish recusants, Ann CHANTERY ? Walton c.1689/90
LA874 Thomas STEVENSON Constable of Wingerworth presents Winsor HUNLOKE Bart. Papist  1722
LA907 Edward HODGKINSON Constable reports that Winsor HUNLOKE is a reputed Papist.  1725
WINSTER Law and Order
LA43b William ASHMORE of Winster brewing without a licence.
Robert HILTON apprehended a wandering rogue, punished and sent to Mayfield, Staffs. where he said he was born. 1634
LA385 Ann SPENCER widow,  "tenement on ye waste" fallen to ground. starved and almost "drowned"   1684
LA368 Thomas DONCASTER of Winster, widdow ( sic) three score and sixteen, "having neither child nor frend in the world to take care of him". c.1683
Richard NORMAN  removal from Winster to Hasland. Born Winster, sent back to Hasland having resided there for 16 yrs. Stated to have been a vagrant. Not so.  1682  1/8/1/3
John HAMPSON has been a resident of Winster above twenty years, has laboured at Chaddesden for two years and has a house at Winster. Confirmation by Quarter Sessions order that his Settlement is Winster.  1683  1/8/3/1
John HAMPSON Winster has been resident above 20 yrs.Has laboured at Chaddesden 2 yrs. Has a house at Winster. Appel confirms Winster Settlement 1683  1/8/3/7
WIRKSWORTH Law and Order
LA42 Richard WALKER Constable for Middleton and Cromford, John WATSON for wandering "I punished him according to law". 1634
LA47 Examination of Joseph BOND bonelacemaker of Wirksworth accused of stealing a smock from a hedge, the goods of Elizabeth wife of Griffith SANDERSON. 1634
LA59 Information of James ADAMS of Ashleyhay concerning theft of handkerchief, gloves and knife. Margaret PORTER of Ashleyhay accused 1638
LA350 Alice WRAGG Wirksworth, ,ancient and weake petition for relief.  1683
LA351 John HUMPHREY Wirksworth, impotent lame man above 82 yrs.  1683
LA412 Millisent GLOSSOP widow, lately lost husband, eldest child taken as apprentice by Overseers of Wirksworth, after death of his father left his Master to help relieve his mother, and now sent by Overseers to House of Correction. 1689
LA524 Hellin STALEY of Wirksworth seeks relief.  1695
LA560 Ralph HIGGET of Wirksworth, prisoner in Derby Gaol seeks relief for family  1698/9
LA645 John BROCKLEHURST Alderwasley, maimed soldier. n.d.
LA659 Robert ARMFIELD bigamy. 1650
LA994 James ALLIN of Alderwasley re being struck by Thomas HOWBROOK with a drinking pot in an ale house.  1737
LA1051 Benjamin GELL states that Thomas YEOMANS of Wyaston Common stole his horse.  1744
LA1064 Henry BROWN of Wirksworth attempting to serve a writ on  William WILSON of Wirksworth regarding Francis SMITH of Derby was set upon by Charles BROUGH, William WILSON jnr, Rebecca WILSON wife of William WILSON snr, Dorothy BLACKWALL and Mary BLACKWALL her daughter. Witnessed by Thomas FOUKE of Wirksworth.  1751
LA1166 William SMITH born Wirksworth, fathers legal Settlement Elton. Apprenticed to Daniel PHASIE Bakewell, William GOODALL South Normanton. 1773
LA1081 Robert CORKER, attacked by Henry RILEY and Henry RILEY jnr. for no reason. 1756
LA1081a Robert CORKER of Mar'ton (possibly Markeaton, p. Mackworth) at Wirksworth Fair selling tools. Went into Red Lion and was struck by Henry RILEY of Mar'ton son of Henry RILEY snr of Derby. Younger son struck CORKER tearing his great coat to pieces  1756
LA1081b Joseph SIMPSON of Brailsford witnessed the assault of Henry RILEY upon Robert CORKER . Says RILEY is a loose and disorderly person. 1756
LA1195 William STRETON  aged 19, apprehended in Wirksworth, born Philadelphia in "Pensilvania" where his father was a soldier under Lord John MURRAY. At aged eight sailed on merchant vessel to Dundee, Scotland. Later served on ships and disbaled at Bilston (poss Boston) near Charlestown, America. Brought to England ,landed at Portsmouth. Taken prisoner of the Hand of Rubay. Sent back to England landed at Falmouth.  1787 
LA1211a Thomas FLETCHER unlawful assembly in a barn or outhouse according to Conventicle Act.  1673
LA1211b Thomas FLETCHER of Wirksworth, appeal against unlawful assembly 1673
LA1211c James ADAMS of Ashleyhay, appeal against unlawful assembly 1673
LA1211d German BUXTON of Wirksworth, appeal against unlawful assembly 1673
LA1211f John BUXTON of Wirksworth , appeal against unlawful assembly 1673
LA1211g John HILL of Wirksworth, appeal against unlawful assembly 1673
LA1211h John HELLEBY of Wirksworth, appeal against unlawful assembly 1673
LA1273a Rebekah TOPLIS widow of Wirksworth re John PALMER and theft. 1694
LA1273b Mary JACKSON re John PALMER and theft 1694
LA1273c Sarah MATTHEWS of Wirksworth re John PALMER theft. 1694
LA1274a Anne PALMER information against Gervas WARD of Pike Hall 1694
LA1274b Mary JACKSON, re Gervas WARD of Pike Hall 1694
LA1274c John JACKSON , re Gervas WARD Pike Hall 1694
LA1292 Adam FLINT of Wirksworth re breaking into a coe of Robert HEATH and Cornelius VERMUYDEN 1634 
LA1338 Rebecca TOPLIS widow of Wirksworth seeks relief. n.d.
LA1343 Thomas BLOUNT of Wirksworth, in gaol for bastardy denied. 17thC  
LA1361 Henry ARWIN of Wirksworth "a troublemaker" n.d.
LA1370 Anne BLUNT seeks relief  n.d.
LA1374 Richard BROWNE seeks relief   n.d.
LA661 George HARDY of Hopton convicted of swearing by God and other such oaths. 1650
LA659 Robert ARMEFIELD of Wirksworth accused of having two wives. Married Anne MADDER at Wirksworth, Warbur THACKER says she was married to him Tuesday before Candlemas day last. She lived with him 7 weeks after the death of his first wife who died a month before Christmas last. Petitioner does admit he did lie with Warbur in an ungodly way but not since he married Anne MADDER.  1650
William HOLBROOKE, wife, family   removed to Longford 1682  1/8/1
Elizabeth STAPLETON of Alderwasley to receive 6d weekly  1682 1/8/2/1
Richard BROWNE of Wirksworth to receive 1/- a week.  1682   1/8/2/1
Thomas CROOKS a prisoner in Derby gaol. wife and children at Cromford to receive 2/6 weekly 1682 1/8/2/3
William HOLBROOK removal from Wirksworth to Longford, appeal made by Longford, returned to Wirkswoth. 1683  1/8/2/16
LA1059 Elizabeth JOHNSON born Harborne ? Warwicks. Fathers legal settlement was at Belbroughton Worcs. She gathers rags and rabbit skins.  1749 (see also Rogues and Vagabonds,RV38.)
WORMHILL Law and Order
LA43c Margaret ROYLIE, Richard ROYLIE, Elizabeth ROYLIE Vagrants apprehended in Wormhill, punished and sent to Blackburn, Lancs where they were born. 1634
Robert WARAM? Anne wife, vagrants sent to Lancaster where they were born. 1634
LA40d Gervase TORR Constable of Wormhill presents Francis TUMSTYDE and Tomazin his wife James TUMSTYDE and Grace his wife, John GREATROCK and Elizabeth his wife, Grace KYRKE (KIRK), Robert TORR and Hellen his wife, John REDFERNE, Ann LONGDEN, Elizabeth TORR, Margaret BUXTON, Elizabeth GREATROCK widow, George BAGSHAWE, Ann CHADERTON, Raphe STADON absent from Church. 1634
LA33e Gervas TORR Constable of Wormhill presents John GREATRACK of Tinstyd yeoman and Elizabeth GREATRACK his wife, Margaret BUXTON of Tinstyd, widow, Elizabeth GREATRACK of Tinstyd widow, Raphe STADON Tinstyd labourer, George BAGSHAWE Wormhill, yeoman, and his wife, Ann CHADDERTON of Wormhill widow, Joan TOMPSON Wormhill spinster, Francis TINSTYD Gent and Thomazin his wife, Joan REDFEARNE widow, Anne LONGDEN wife of Richard LONGDEN elder of Wormhill, husbandman, Joan LONGDEN wife of Richard younger of Wormhill husbandman, Elizabeth TORR spinster of Wormhill, Elizabeth RIDGE of Wormhill, spinster, James TINSTYDE yeoman, Joan HAYWARD widow of Wormhill,Grace KIRK of Wormhill widow, Emma WHILDON of Wormhill widow, all Recusants. Sep 1634
LA419  Thomas WRIGHT Constable of Wormhill presents; Hugh EILEY and his wife of Millhouse Dale, Ellen KIRK spinster Millhouse Dale. Elizabeth HAMBLETON spinster,Wormhill, Robert TORR Mary TORR his wife and son Jerius, Ann SMITH spinster, Dennis SMITH carpenter, George BOUDEN blacksmith, Mary BORE spinster.  Mill; Thomas TORR and Margaret TORR his wife. Hargate Wall; Humphrey THORNHILL Jone THORNHILL his wife, George THORNHILL, William THORNHILL their sons, Thomas HALL and Margaret HALL his wife, widow LION and Edward LION  and Ann LION his wife, widow BRAMHALL and Ellin her daughter. Prescliff ( Priestcliff): William HODSKINSON  miner and Catherine HODSKINSON his wife. Getterix ( Great Rocks) widow HEROD? , Thomas WHITE and Jane WHITE his wife. Blackwall; George EATTON "shoomaker" and Margaret EATTON his wife. Priestcliff; Francis NEEDHAM day labourer. Hagate Wall; John KNOT day labourer and Elizabeth KNOT his wife. Wormhill; Ann BARBER spinster, William LINGERT day labourer, Ann THORNHILL spinster. Dale Head; William ROLLY. Meadow; widow ALLIN, Hellen MERIMAN spinster. "I doe present these for absenting from the Church of England for a month last past".  1689
LA568 John WIBBERSLEY Constable of Wormhill presents; Robert TORR and Mary TORR his wife, Gervase SMITH and Ann SMITH, George BOWDEN, Humphry THORNHILL and Joan THORNHILL his wife, Margaret HALL, Willfred GHILL, Elizabeth HAMBLETON, Mary BOWER, Thomas TORR, Hellen BRAMMALL, William HODGKINSON. I have no Affrays nor bloodshed to present.  1698
LA671 Robert HOLIWARD Constable of Wormhill presents Houmpery THORNEILL, George BOODEN, Gervas SMITH, Robert TORR, Thomas TORR  Roman Catherlicks. 1702
LA699 Francis TORR Constable of Wormhill presents Jarius TORR, Jarius ( Jarvis ?) SMITH, George BOUDEN all of Wormhill and George THORNHILL, Wilfret GILL of HargretWall ( Hargate Wall) Roman Catholics
LA884 Thomas TORR Constable of Wormhill presents Stephen GILL, George THORNHILL, George BOWER, Gervas TORR, Gervas SMITH, Matt: TAYLOR  Papists.  1723
LA899 Michael HAGUE Constable reports Jervas TORR, Jervas SMITH, George THORNHILL, George BORE, Stephen GILL, Mathew TAYLOR, John TORR reputed Papists.  1725

YORKSHIRE Law and Order
LA1101 John JACKSON born Tadcaster, Yks. vagrant.  1759 (see also Rogues and Vagabonds. RV48)
LA1185 John TAYLOR late of Darnham nr Doncaster Yks. Rogue and vagabond. On his way to Mansfield, says the horse is his. . Signs John CULSHAW.  1783

YOULGREAVE Law and Order
LA101 James ROBERTS, Stanton,theft of cheese, information of Thomas NUTTHALL. George GOTHARD accused. 1648 
LA378 Francis KEMP, Esther wife three children. Husband ran away four years ago. John CALTON of Stanton p.Youlgreave asks that a house be found them as he does not want her and her children out of doors.  c.1683/4
LA381 Joseph SHELDON Youlgreave wife and children, in extreme want. c.1683/4
LA386 Mary MACHANT Youlgreave, husband gone away and not returned leaving her with a little girl. Given a tenement but when she went to work owner of tenement put a lock and key upon her door. No habitation.  1684
LA388 Dorothy CARMON Youlgreave "very ould",  two children afflicted by the Kings Evil. Allowed 12d but Mr PAINTER alias BALLICHOUSE allows but sixpence.   1684
LA402 William BRACKINFIELD,Stanton p.Youlgreave lame, cannot put on cloathes without help of wife.  c.1689
LA409 Elizabeth WEBSTER, five children in a deplorable state "Landlord Daly threating to put mee and my children forth of doors" 1689
LA650 Samuel CARRINGTON, shutmaker ?, Youlgreave said Henry SHELDON was in an alehouse drinking the Kings Health and that William CALTON said "God, bless King Charles", in an alehouse in Alport.  1651
Dorothy GREGORY of Youlgreave to receive 1/6 weekly relief. 1682  1/8/2/1
Mary CHESHIRE of Youlgreave to be paid 6d until eldest son is apprenticed and if she will not consent then allowance taken off  c.1682/3   1/8/3/1 
Sarah CARRINGTON of Youlgreave to be paid 1/6 weekly.  c.1682/3   1/8/3/1
Elizabeth HOLLINGHEAD of Youlgreave to be paid two shillings weekly  c 1682/3   1/8/3/1
Elizabeth HARTLE widow. That John ROBERTS of Youlgreave pay 1/- maintenance to his daughter a widow for her relief. Her father having the ability to do so. c1682/3 1/8/3/17
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.