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Shirley Schools

Shirley National School Admissions
Adm Name DOB Parent/guardian residence last school/Notes
--/8/1873 Francis Pegge BLAKE 16/5/1865 Francis Tutbury Staffs -
13/10/1874 Annie SMITH 17/6/1868 Samuel SMITH Shirley Bradgate Infants
13/9/1887 Lily BOUCOCK 30/5/1878 William Henry BOUCOCK Manchester Lancs Birch St Manchester Lancs
14/12/1891 Alfred George ANSTEY 24/6/1880 George HOWARD Guardian St Michaels Orphanage London
27/3/1899 Fred WEST 17/12/18-- George BEE Guardian Peat Hays Bristol B(ritish) or B(oys) School Gloucs
7/3/1887 Agnes WHEELDON 6/6/1875 William Shirley Spondon
7/3/1887 Mary Ellen WHEELDON 11/2/1882 William Shirley Spondon
7/3/1887 William WHEELDON 14/2/1883 William Shirley none
4/7/1887 Annie HARRISON 27/31/1878 sic John HOUGH Guardian Shirley St Pauls Derby
27/5/1889 Ethel SLATER 3/10/1883 Joseph SLATER Shirley Mappleton
17/5/1897 Ada DIXON 22/8/1888 Oliver Rodsley Holy Moor Side   
17/5/1897 Samuel DIXON 3/7/1890 Oliver Rodsley Holy Moor Side
24/5/1875 Lucy TEMPLE 10/9/1861 C.J.HUSBAND Shirley Longford
09/08/1975 Emma WILLIAMS 1/4/1865 #NAME? Shirley Osmaston
1/1/1877 Marriet Mary BAILLIE 26/10/1870 George Shirley St Johns Chelsea
6/11/1876 Annie HALL 18/10/1869 John Manchester Lancs Salem Manchester Lancs
28/1/1878 George WALLACE 26/7/1869 William MASON guardian Nottingham Notts
5/1/1880 Rosa CROSS 28/4/1869 William CROSS Stoke Staffs Private
24/5/1886 Sarah HILL 31/12/1874 William Ilkeston Ilkeston Grammar
30/8/1886 Eliza WHITTINGHAM 27/4/1873 William TITTERTON guardian Shirley Derby St.Lukes    
8/11/1886 Frances Mary BOTT 6/2/1881 Mrs BOTT Shirley Ellestone Staffs
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