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Betsy West's Photo Gallery

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Title: John MacKinnon
Date: 1846 - 1926
Description: Digital image of a portrait of Betsy (McNeill) West's grandfather


Title: Margaret Ferguson MacKinnon
Date: 1854 - 1934
Description: Digital image of portrait of Betsy (McNeill) West's grandmother


Title: Portnahaven
Date: c1890


Title: Portnahaven
Date: c1890


Title: Donald McIntosh (b. 1855, Barr, Killean & Kilkenzie, Argyle) and Catherine McNeill, b 1867 (Duncan McNeill & Ann McAllister)
Date: 1890 44 West Bath Street, Glasgow.
Description: Wedding photograph of g-g-grandparents of Iain MacIntosh

amcn1890 wife and son arch1918.jpg

Title: Archibald McNeill and Wife Isobella McKinnon with son Archibald (b. 1889)
Date: 1890
Description: Clydebank

amcn family 1897.jpg

Title: Archibald McNeill & Family
Date: 1897


Title: Betsy's Uncle Charles MacKinnon (aged 21) and her mother, Marion MacKinnon (age 20)
Date: 1898
Description: In Glasgow. Note ship named Lady Beatrice on Charles' jersey. Worked on yacht chartered out in the Mediterranean


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Title: McNeill cousins, Sarah, Archibald and Bessie


367.9 KB
Title: Port Wemyss from Orsay Island
Date: c1900


896.9 KB
Title: Port Wemyss
Date: c1900


656.1 KB
Title: Port Wemyss from Orsay Island
Date: c 1900


912.2 KB
Title: Claddach
Date: c 1900
Description: Now has only some 8 families


705.4 KB
Title: Fisher Families on Portnahaven Slip c 1900: Peter McIntyre, Effie Turner (Mrs Lapsley), Willie Lapsley (son),Neil McIntyre, Peter's father, Children: Neil McIntyre (wife: Flora Ann Clark) John McAulay (Ian Pheigi Bhan)
Children: Mary & Peter McIntyre, Willie Lapsley, & Gilbert McIntyre


529.9 KB
Title: Malcolm McNeill - Betsy's father
Date: 1903
Description: Married Marion MacKinnon


538.6 KB
Title: Maggie MacFadyen with Malcolm MacNeill & Marion MacKinnon McNeill
Date: 1915
Description: Photographer: Albion Photo Co. Lauriston Place, Gt Junction Street, Leith, Edinburgh


816.7 KB
Title: Betsy MacNeill
Date: c1916


498.0 KB
Title: Mrs MacKinnonn of Portnahaven Hotel with her daughter Jean
Date: c 1907
Description: taken in front of the hotel.


624.5 KB
Title: Mother, Marion (MacKinnon) McNeill and neighbour, Margaret Connell
Date: 1915
Description: Taken outside 9 Queen Street, Portnahaven


666.7 KB
Title: Margaret MacKinnon, daughter of Mary MacDonald MacKinnon and Neil MacKinnon
Date: 18 months


693.0 KB
Title: L-R: Sarah Clark (1898) Betsy McNeill, James Gray (Sen) and Duncan MvGillivray, Malcolm McNeill and Kenneth Munro
Date: c 1920


843.1 KB
Title: Seated: Katie Holmes, and standing Annie Holmes, her daughter. She married Betsy's mother's cousin John MacKinnon.
The children are McArthurs, as Holmes died and Kate married Alex McArthur, Port Wemyss. Gilber and Donald on her knee and
Bell McArthur next to her. Taken outside King Street. Their shed had a thatched roof.

gpaw mckinnon.jpg

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Title: Betsy (McNeill) West' s grandfather, John MacKinnon with Neil Anderson, his nephew (son of Rachel MacKinnon and Duncan Anderson)
Date: about 1920
Description: Portnahaven


595.8 KB
Title: Marion (MacKinnon) McNeill in her wash house on the rocks below 2 Queen Street, Portnahaven
Date: c 1920
Description: Fire lit, big pot of water from nearby pump, Lux soap flakes, a washing board and a tub on tea chest - Hard work in those days!

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Wedding photo

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Embossed card from Sarah MacNeill, "with Mr. and Mrs. James Baillie's Compliments."

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Marion & Margaret

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Page from the "People's Journal" 1916, describing 4 men from Islay "doing their bit" for the war effort (WWI)

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