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Betsy West's Photo Gallery

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Title: Marion (McKinnon ) McNeill, (Betsy's mother )
Description: spinning outside 2 Queen Street, Portnahaven with Lagmor House in the background.


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Title: Outside 2 Queen Street, Portnahaven. Back row: Betsy McNeill, her mother Marion, James Park from Glasgow. 2nd Row: Mrs Park
daughter-in-law of Jim, Kate Clark from 7 Queen Street, Sarah Clark, 3 Queen Street. 3rd row: Jane Clark, Jim's daughter with
Betsy's dog Daisy, Mary McCormick, Jim Clark, Jr, Peggy McIntyre, 6 Queen Street, and Cathy McAulay, a visitor from Glasgow.


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Title: Bessie McNeill, daughter of Betsy McNeill's Uncle Gilbert and Sarah Niven, whose mother was a Keith.
Date: 1920's
Description: Taken in Glasgow


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Title: Archibald McNeill, brother of Bessie (image 43) and son of Gilbert McNeill
Date: 1920's


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Title: Betsy in her gaelic choir outfit aged 10
Date: 1925
Description: Queen Street, Portnahaven


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Title: The car belonged to visitors on Queen Street, Portnahaven. Neil McGillivray, Bert Bain and Pearl McDougal are in it
Date: c1926
Description: The car belonged to Pearl's uncle from Glasgow

mary mclellan.jpg

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Title: Mary McLellan and daughter
Date: 1930
Description: Portnahaven


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Title: Betsy MacNeill and Ian Campbell in front of Lagmore House, Portnahaven


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Title: Betsy MacNeill and ? McCormick with Betsy's goats
Date: 1928
Description: Portnahaven


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Title: Gilbert McLellan, Betsy's Grandmother's neighbour, cutting the hay in the gullies - Port Wemyss, 1930
with Agnes McLellan, daughter of Betsy's mother's cousin Flora (Gillies) McLaughlan and Betsy taking them their tea.


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Title: Betsy on the ferry to Skye. Going on holiday.
Date: 1937


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Title: On Ronald McDonald's boat on the way to Soay from Mallaig - L to R, Ronald, Betsy MacNeill, Harry McDonald and Uncle, Mr Cameron
Date: 1938


486.6 KB
Title: Effie McDonald and Betsy on Soay
Date: 1938
Description: Betsy on holiday at her Uncle's on Soay, off the Isle of Skye


487.2 KB
Title: Betsy MacNeill and Ruth Campbell
Date: 1923


490.0 KB
Title: Neil Campbell and Betsy MacNeill on Soay (Isle off Skye)
Date: 1937


521.6 KB
Title: Betsy West and D. Cameron (MacDonald's uncle)
Date: 1938
Description: on Soay


489.2 KB
Title: Hurry up before I slip!
Date: 1938
Description: Betsy McNeill on holiday on Soay


318.7 KB
Title: Betsy McNeill on Soay
Date: 1936
Description: on holiday


411.8 KB
Title: Betsy McNeill
Date: 1938
Description: On holiday on Soay


384.8 KB
Title: Mrs McDonald and Betsy McNeill at the haymaking on Soay
Date: 1938


453.2 KB
Title: Effie McDonald, Mrs McDonald and Betsy McNeill on Soay
Date: 1937


496.4 KB
Title: Betsy McNeill playing the chanter and squeezing her 'bag' on Soay
Date: 1938


654.0 KB
Title: Betsy McNeill on Soay
Date: 1938


378.4 KB
Title: Betsy McNeill and Ronald Murdoch McDonald on Soay
Date: 1937

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