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Betsy West's Photo Gallery

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632.7 KB
Title: Sadie Clark and Peggy McGillivray
Date: 1925
Description: Queen Street, Portnahaven


479.3 KB
Title: Betsy outside 2 Queen Street Portnahaven
Date: 1925
Description: pretending to be able to spin


706.6 KB
Title: Catherine (McNeill) McIntosh (b. 1867)
Date: 1936
Description: daughter of Duncan McNeill and Anne McAllister


362.9 KB
Title: Mrs McKechnie
Date: August 1939
Description: 38 Port Wemyss


291.0 KB
Title: Angus McNeill (cousin of Donald); Donald McNeill, Ina Palmer (later Mrs John MacIntosh); Angus McNeill, Sr.
Date: August 1939
Description: Shore Street, Port Wemyss


401.1 KB
Title: Summer tourists outside Angus McNeill's house in Shore Street, Port Wemyss with their 'tour guide' and landlord, Angus McNeill
Date: August 1939


397.6 KB
Title: Ina Palmer (later Mrs John MacIntosh) on rocks at Port Wemyss
Date: August1939


406.5 KB
Title: Archie McNab with his horses on Hill Street, Port Wemyss
Date: August 1939


345.0 KB
Title: Mary McNeill, Catherine McIntosh (dau of Catherine McNeill) and Ina Palmer on Orsay Island opposite Port Wemyss
Date: August 1939


417.3 KB
Title: Margaret MacNeill (daughter of Betsy's uncle Alexander), later Hughes, Annie MacNeill (Donald's sister) and Catherine McIntosh (dau of Catherine MacNeill)
Date: Aug 1939
Description: Port Wemyss - Friends of John McIntosh on Archie McNab's horses. Mrs Mair's house in background. (Cook at Islay house)


434.2 KB
Title: Angus McNeill, (b. 1870), (son of Malcolm McNeill,) with his wife Flora (McArthur)
Date: August 1939
Description: Shore Street, Port Wemyss.

archdmcneilisbella anderson.jpg

1521.5 KB
Title: Archibald McNeill, b. 1872 (son of Duncan McNeill and Ann McAllister)
Date: c 1920
Description: with wife , Isabella Anderson, and family - Schoolmaster at Connel Ferry and Kilkrennan.


607.5 KB
Title: Betsy (McNeill) West and her brother Malcolm (b.1904)
Date: 1975
Description: at his home @Kishmul' 2 Queen Street, Portnahaven


846.0 KB
Title: Fred West, husband of Betsy at 2 Queen Street, Portnahaven

finlaggen stones.jpg

1013.2 KB
Title: Finlaggen Stones
Date: 1960

agios minos claddach1960.jpg

1097.7 KB
Title: Wreck of the Agios Minos at Claddach
Date: 1960


649.4 KB
Title: Ardnahoe
Date: 2002

fly from islay 1966.jpg

514.5 KB
Title: Flying from Islay Airport
Date: 1966

flight over islay 1976.jpg

431.6 KB
Title: Flight over Islay
Date: 1976

port ellen.jpg

760.8 KB
Title: Over Port Ellen
Date: 1976


986.9 KB
Title: Port Wemyss, Portnahaven and Orsay Island


465.7 KB
Title: Port Wemyss, Portnahaven and Claddach from the air.
Date: 2000?


1025.2 KB
Title: Ardtulla beach
Date: 2000

back of queen st.jpg

622.5 KB
Title: Back of Queen Street, Portnahaven

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