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Death records of Islay for the years 1855 to 1875

...from James Maxwell

I originally produced the spreadsheet to provide a clearer presentation for my own use, from Ted’s CSV file postings.

A spreadsheet offers one of the most versatile ways of working with large amounts of data but I was concerned that some genealogists might prefer not to sort the information with the sometimes complex Excel spreadsheet functions.

Consequently I have tried to produce an easy to use spreadsheet with the information sorted on a year-by-year and parish basis.

For those interested, I have frozen the spreadsheet column descriptive headings for scrolling convenience and included additional information in a cell as a “comment”, or (cell notes in plain language). All that is necessary to reveal the information is to place the curser over the relevant cell with a red triangle in the top right hand corner.

I am offering this presentation to List researchers in the hope that they might find it useful in their endeavors.   People can now simply view or download the file here

My thanks to Ted for his marvelous postings and to Steve, who’s Islay site is a wonderful treasure trove of an Internet resource.

Best wishes,

James Maxwell

You may either download the file: "right click and choose 'save target as', using Windows" - or simply click on the link as you normally would, viewing the EXCEL spread sheet with your browser (IF your browser is configured for viewing such files.