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Bolton Higher Bridge Street
Methodist Chapel
Graveyard Inscriptions

KAY's M.I.

Grave # 30C


In memory of Ann the wife of
William BUTLER, daughter of William
and Ellen KAY of Little Bolton who
departed this life on the 16th March 1832
in the 24th year of her age.

Also of Ann, their daughter who departed
this life on the 19th of October 1832 aged
7 Months.

Grave # 77E


In memory of Salmon
the son of Salmon & Betty KAY
of Little Bolton who died Nov. 6th 1837
aged 6 months
Also William their son who died
January 17th 1844, Aged 29 years.

Grave # 91E


Here lie the remains of Jeremiah the son of Joseph
and Betty KAY of Little Bolton who died Dec 15th
1810 aged 18 years.

" All you that look upon this stone
O think how swift my time is gone
Death did to me short warning give
Therefore be careful how you live".

Also John thier son who died Sept 13th 1817 aged 16 years.
Also Hannah their their daughter who died March 30th 1835
Aged 44 years.
Also Betty the wife of Joseph KAY who died May 15th 1836
aged 72 years.
A tender parent and loving wife.
Also of the above named Joseph KAY who died
March 21st 1844 aged 80 years.

Grave # 122


In memory of Anne the
Affectionate and beloved wife of
Adam KAY of little Bolton who departed
this life Apr 16th 1833 Aged 32 years
Also of Mary Anne the daughter of
Adam and Anne KAY who departed this
life August 23rd 1836 in the 6th year of
her age. Also Willm. Olivant the son of
Adam and Maria KAY who departed this life April
7th 1843 aged 44 years.
Also of John Hall KAY son of Adam and Anne
KAY who departed this life Jany 7th 1852
age 22 years.

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