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The KAY Monumental Inscriptions

St. John The Baptist - Birtle, Bury Lancashire England
Fiche # 6341067 (b16) Monumental Inscriptions.

Page 14
No. 104(88b)

Mary Ann, daughter of John & Nancy KAY of Bradshaw Hill,
Birtle, died Friday October 2nd 1868 in her 6th year.
Elizabeth Alice, their daughter, died October 14th 1869 in her 10th year.
John Barnest Albert, their son, died April 18th 1879 aged 11 months.
The above Nancy KAY died April 3rd 1884 in her 49th year.
The above John KAY died July 19th 1887 aged 66 years.
Sarah Elizabeth BEDFEARN, their granddaughter, died February 26th 189? aged 13 months.

Page 15
No. 107(89b)

Samuel KAY, late of Cheesdon lumb, died October 17th 1868 aged 70 years.
Susan his wife died December 18th 1878 aged 74 years.
Mary their daughter & wife of James STEPHENSON died June 8th 1915 aged 73 years.

Page 34
No. 252(176)

Richard KAY of Woodgate Hill died August 12th 1862 aged 50 years.
Esther KAY, his mother died May 10th 1864 aged 81 years.
Margaret, wife of Lawrence GASKILL, died August 1 1884 in her 49th year.
Ann KAY of Jericho died April 19th 1888 in her 83rd year.

Page 36
No. 262(184)

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel KAY of Chesham, died March 14, 1924 in her 73 year.
Samuel KAY her husband, died April 21, 1933, aged 81 years.
William, their son, died February 13, 1875 aged 3 months.
Mary Alice KAY, their daughter, died July 29, 1971 aged 93 years.
Eliza Ann, eldest daughter of Eli & Ann Brierley
and dearly beloved freind of Mary Alice KAY, died February 24, 1938 aged 62.

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