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Millhouse Mill

Millhouse Mill (front view)
Photo by Lea Dunning

Millhouse Mill (back view)
(photo by Lea Dunning)

Millhouse Mill is located on Holt Street in Whitworth, Lancashire about 8 miles north of Rochdale.
In the early 1800's it was occuppied by the woolen manufacturers of James Kay & Son.
It employed 14 men according to the 1851 census.

It is believed to be started by James KAY (b. pre: 1774).
It was passed to his son James Kay who was born 14 June 1795 in Rochdale.
In the 1850's the business was passed to James Kay's brother Edward Kay who was
born 14 April 1812 in Rochdale.

The building is still standing according to the Whitworth Library
and is now used as a garage to repair farm vehicles.
I would like to thank Lea Dunning who kindley offered to help find out about the Millhouse Mill
for me and found it and sent the pictures. Thank-you Lea I couldn't have done this without you.

Lea also sent me pictures of the Hope Street Chapel in Rochdale
where many of my Kay family were christened.

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