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Old Church of St. John,
Bury, Lancashire
Monumental Inscriptions

While searching through a Bristol Film at the LDS I came upon these M.I.'s for the Bury Lancashire Area.
At the beginning of the inscriptions it says:
The Old Church of St. John
The Rock. Bury, Lancs.
Details of Inscriptions on Gravestones.

No. on Plan / Details

# 1.
In memory of Mary, relict of Thomas KAY, who died
10th May 1830 and son of Edward & Jane, who died 18th September 1838.
Also John Broxup their son, who died 16th January 1840.
Also Robert, their son, who died 25th January 1840. Also
Jane wife of the above Edward KAY, who died 8th June 1847,
Also Maria their daughter, who died 11th June 1851. Also
of Mary Jane, daughter of John & Sarah KING, who died 28th January 1853.

# 45.
In memory of Mary, the wife of Roger KAY, who died
25th December 1778. Also Roger KAY who died 29th June 1787.
Also John SPENCE, who died 3rd. March 1790 and Betty, his wife
who died 11th April 1794.

# 57.
In memory of John, the son of Robert and Allan KAY,
who died 19th August 1834.(sic)

# 70
In memory of Hannah, daughter of John and Mary KAY,
who died 13th October 1806. Also James, their son, who died
10th November 1808. Also Mary FIRTH, who died 22nd February 1823
Likewise John KAY who died 24th October 1823, also Mary his widow
and wife of David BUCKLEY, who died 25th November 1842.

# 165
In memory of William KAY who died 6th November 1808.
Also Mary his wife who died 11th December 1819. Also
William their son who died 4th April 1822 and John FLETCHER
who died 20th 1833. Also Martha, his daughter who died February - 1827.
Also wife of Samuel KAY who died 13th September 1834. Also Richard son of the above
Samuel and Ann KAY, who died 6th June 1840.
Also William son of Samuel and Alice KAY who died 7th May 1845.

# 184
In memory of John the son of William and Sarah KAY
died 24th July 1834.

# 193
In memory of Mally daughter of Thomas & Richmul
CROSSLEY, who died 21st February 1829. Also
of Richmul the wife of John KAY and daughter of the
above Mally CROSSLEY who died 12th June 1850. Also
the above Thomas CROSSLEY who died 6th August 1850.

# 267
In memory of Mary, daughter of William and Betty KAY
who died 26th October 1828, Also Thomas, their son, who died
27th April 1839, also the said William KAY who died 28th June 1836
also Elizabeth, their daughter, who died 25th March 1837.
also John, their son, who died June 5, 1839.

# 324
In memory of Mary KAY who died 7th July, 1831.

# 462
In memory of Thomas KAY died 25th March 1851
also Sarah wife of Thomas KAY died 20th December 1843
also William, their son, died 22nd April 1841, also Thomas KAY
grandson of above died 1st October 1846.

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