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'Spare' Birth Records
for the Victorian North East

This page lists details of 'spare' birth records that subscribers to the AUS-VIC-NE list (and others) have volunteered to provide to other researchers.

If you would like the full details of any of the entries below, email the appropriate volunteer directly by clicking on their name in the right hand column which should open your email program.

 The pre-filled email that is opened when you click on the submitter's name  includes the subject/title, so you will need to politely make your request and to include the person's name and the year of birth.

If you are unsure whether the entry is connected to you, rather than ask for the full details, please supply the volunteer with brief details such as parent's names and request the full details only if there is a match.

The people who have made the offer to lookup their records are busy, and their offer is appreciated. Please make it as easy for them as you can.

Words such as PLEASE help a lot.

Also remember to thank them for their work afterwards regardless of whether it helped you or not. At least acknowledge that you have received the volunteer's reply.

The volunteers are helping you for free and are not allowed to charge for their time nor make a profit in any way from these lookups.

Please do not ask for multiple entries, nor ask the volunteers to search for names that are not listed. Also, do not ask for photocopies of the records, as many are not willing or able to provide this service and it may be in breach of state copyright and upset the Registrar General.

The details that are generally available (but vary slightly depending on the date) are:
- Date and place of birth
- Given names
- Father's name (including surname), occupation, age and birthplace
- Parents marriage details and other siblings
- Mothers name, maiden name, age and birthplace
- Details of the informant
- Doctor/midwife details
- miscellaneous registration details.

To submit your spare birth records, click HERE.

If you find any of the email addresses below are invalid (or you wish to change your contact details or remove your entry) , please email Peter.

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Name Place Year Submitter
ADAMS, Ada Eldorado 1872  Sheila
AITKEN, Grace Fairbaurne Spring Creek 1858  Anne
ALLEN Geo. Harry/Henry Buckland 1863  Denise
ALMER, Ellen Bowmans Forest 1861  Anne
AN GEE, Elizabeth Emily
also registered as BLEWETT, Elizabeth Emily
Spring Creek 1871  Ronda
ANDERSON Frederick Ernest Albert Lower Indigo, Chiltern 1889  John
ANDERSON, Joseph El Dorado 1870  Mary
ANDREWS, John Patrick Kinchingtons Creek 1899  Ronda
ANDREWS, Mary Eleanor Mansfield 1867  Catherine
ANKS, Elizabeth
Wahgunyah 1873  Sally
ANNERSLEY, Laurence Thomas Eldorado 1898  Ronda
ARKLEY, Elizabeth Beechworth 1859  Steve
ARMSTRONG, Isabella May Beechworth 1903  Ronda
ARMSTRONG, John Gordon Beechworth 1894  Ronda
ARMSTRONG, Lilian Seaton Beechworth 1900  Ronda
ARMSTRONG, Robert Katunga 1881  Joy
ARUNDEL, Anna Osbornes Flat, Yackandandah 1882  Pamela
ASPDEN, Unnamed female Mansfield 1859  Anne
ATKINSON, Lilian Maude Amy Beechworth 1871  Ronda
AYLWARD, Lillian Eveleen Lilliput 1902  Steve


Name Place Year Submitter
BAIRD, Alice May Two Mile 1911  Rebecca
BAIRD, Isabella Roseman Eldorado 1884  Ronda
BAKES, Charlotte Victoria Back Creek 1894  Ronda
BALL, Irene Violet Euroa 1902  Rebecca
BALLANTYNE, George Hastie Mansfield 1859  Anne
BALLARD, Emma Yackandandah 1873  Ian
BAMFORD, Mabel Balmattum 1888  Peter
BANKS, John Wahgunyah 1869  Sally
BARASS, Mary Jane Eldorado 1873  Sheila
BARLOW, Francis James S Woolshed 1861  John
BARR, Amelia Ann Black Dog Creek 1881  Steve
BARRY, Ellen Beechworth 1864  Steve
BARTLEY, Albert Edward Henry Chiltern 1901  Steve
BASSETT, George Arthur Eldorado 1872  Sheila
BASTER, William Edwin Spring Creek 1858  Anne
BATEMA, Hanna Strathmerton 1881  Joy
BAWDEN, Edwin Charles El Dorado 1876  Mary
BEATTY, Eric Geoffrey Beechworth 1913  Rebecca
BEATTY, Sarah Carraragarmungee 1895  Ronda
BECK, Alfred Thomas El Dorado 1871  Mary
BECK, Charles El Dorado 1870  Mary
BECK, Christina Ellen El Dorado 1873  Mary
BECK, Edwin El Dorado 1876  Mary
BECK, Lily Lenora El Dorado 1874  Mary
BECK, Walter Beechworth 1878  Mary
BENNETT, Charles Henry Melville Longwood 1892  Ian
BENNETT, Mary Doma Mungi, Chiltern 1872  Steve
BENSON, Hannah Margaret Beechworth 1857  Carol
BISHOP, William George Beechworth 1866  John
BLACK, Unnamed female Mansfield 1859  Anne
BLAIR, Archibald Wodonga 1892  Ian
BLAIR, Emma Hamblin Yackandandah 1880  Ian
BLAIR, Janey Wodonga 1895  Ian
BLAIR, Jessie Long Swamp 1894  Ronda
BLAIR, John Frenchmans Flat 1895  Ronda
BLAIR, Mary Ann Yackandandah 1873  Ian
BLAIR, William David Osbornes Flat 1896  Ronda
BLASHFORD, Helen Fowler Chiltern 1901  Steve
BLEAKLEY, Margaret Catherine   Hillsborough 1872  Ronda
BLEESDALE, Gladys Lilian May Beechworth 1896  Ronda
BLEWETT, Alice Muriel Yackandandah 1899  Ronda
BLEWETT, Elizabeth Emily
also registered as AN GEE, Elizabeth Emily
Spring Creek 1871  Ronda
BLEWETT, Jean Bruarong 1908  Ronda
BLEWETT, John Hillsborough 1894  Ronda
BLEWETT, May Agnes Waterson Hillsborough 1905  Ronda
BLEWETT, Violet Mary Hillsborough 1896  Ronda
BLEWITT, Alfred Intoy Beechworth 1867  Ronda
BLOCK, Annie Rutherglen 1892  Sally
BOHUN, Unnamed male Mansfield 1858  Anne
BOLLINGER, Henry Louis Rutherglen 1866  Sheila
BOND, Emma Pennyweight Flat 1857  Denise
BOOTH, David Frederick Chiltern 1870  Steve
BOOTH, Herbert George Chiltern 1890  Steve
BOOTH, Thomas Roy Chiltern 1903  Steve
BOURK, Margaret Greta 1879  Lisa
BOURKE, Margaret Boosey 1887  Jennifer
BOYD, Margaret Sarah Isabella Three Mile 1883  Ronda
BRADLEY, Elizabeth Spring Creek 1856  Mary
BRADY, Marie Agnes Three Mile, Beechworth 1876  John
BRAY, Frederick James Wahgunyah 1866  Sheila
BREARLEY, Frank Beechworth 1894  Ronda
BRIDESON, Alfred Edward Rushworth 1881  Wendy
BRINER, Sarah Jane Beechworth 1857  Carol
BRITTON, Ernest Yackandandah 1889  Ronda
BROMLEY, Charles Edward Nathalia 1889  Steve
BROTHERTON, Inez Beryl Bright 1902  Robert
BROWN, Elsie Freda Yackandandah 1907  Robert
BROWN, Wilhelmina El Dorado 1871  Mary
BROWNING, David William Cobram 1911  Charlotte
BRYANT, Emily Adelaide Chiltern 1903  Steve
BUCKLER, Thomas North Wangaratta 1859  Jenny
BULL, Ernest Robert Byawatha 1898  Ronda
BURKE, Mary Beatrice Beechworth 1911  Rebecca
BURNS, Cecilia Ann Eldorado 1876  Ronda
BURNS, Edna Benalla 1907  Robyn
BURNS, Egerton Joseph Rutherglen 1882  Sheila
BUTLER, Charlotte Julia Beechworth 1866  Anne
BUTLER, Henry Percival Charles Mitta Mitta 1898  Don
BUTSON, Clyde Marshall Yackandandah 1894  Ronda
BUTT, Arthur Thomas Byawatha 1894  Ronda
BYRON, Thomas Bowen Chiltern 1907  Steve


Name Place Year Submitter
CAHILL, Patrick Thomas Eldorado 1875  Sheila
CALDER, Ellen St James 1887  Jennifer
CALDWELL, William Indigo Creek 1862  Sheila
CAMERON, Donald Baulkamaugh 1881  Joy
CAMERON, Frances Simpson Chiltern 1872  Steve
CAMPBELL, Mary Kerr Woolshed Creek 1856  Joy
CAMPBELL, Robert Willliam Brewer Spring Creek 1900  Ronda
CANNON, Frances Simpson Indigo Road District, Chiltern 1872  Steve
CARLYLE, Delia Rutherglen 1873  Sally
CARMICHAEL, Donald Noorilim 1884  Merryl
CARNSEW, Ann El Dorado 1866  John
CARNSEW, George Eldorado Creek, Beechworth 1860  Steve
CATTS, Henry Beechworth 1858  Carol
CATTS, James Beechworth 1856  Denise
CHALWELL, Shirley Irene Beechworth 1919  Rebecca
CHAMBEYRON, Antoine Julian Clear Creek, Yackandandah 1882  Pamela
CHANDLER, Letitia Wangaratta 1859  Jenny
CHAPMAN, Eliza Jane Beechworth 1868  Anne
CHAPMAN, Ruby May Byawatha 1895  Ronda
CHARLTON, Elizabeth Jane Wangaratta 1860  Kaye
CHARMAN, Margaret Everton 1862  Steve
CHATFIELD, Jessie Margaret Bright 1902  Robert
CHEESLEY, Hilda Alexandra South Barnawartha 1896  Steve
CHRISTESEN, Madeline Laurine Barnawatha 1900  Kate
CHRISTESEN, Roderick Beechworth 1911  Rebecca
CLANCY, Sarah Ann El Dorado 1874  Mary
CLARK, Florence Amelia Margaret Wangaratta 1861  Jenny
CLARK, George Arthur Wangaratta 1859  Jenny
CLARK, Jemima Maria Wangaratta 1855  Jenny
CLARK, Morton Sitch Beechworth 1856  Denise
CLAY, Isabella Branjee 1887  Lois
CLAY, James William Albert Euroa 1885  Lois
CLELAND, Mary Middle Creek, Yackandandah 1889  Ronda
CLINGIN, Florence Hillsborough 1879  Virginia
COAKLEY, John Madmans Gully 1870  Ronda
COMERFORD, Elisa Oxley 1878  June
CONCANNON, John Beechworth 1856  Anne
CONDE, Mary Eldorado 1872  Sheila
CONISHEE, Ann Victoria Bonegilla 1878  Pamela
CONNAL, Emily Rutherglen 1869  Sally
CONNOR, George Andrew Carraragarmungee 1887  Ronda
CONNOR, Jack Lewis Eldorado 1898  Ronda
CONSIDINE, Elizabeth Ellen Woolshed 1861  Anne
CONSTABLE, John James Springhurst, Rutherglen 1884  John
CONSTANTINE, Louisa Maude Newtown 1871  Ronda
COOK, Stanley George Stanley 1891  Carol
COOPER, Ann Sebastopol, Woolshed Creek 1857  Joy
COOPER, Frederick Rutherglen 1897  Sally
COOPER, Rebecca Ann El Dorado 1873  Mary
CORBETT, Robert Charles Benalla 1889  Peter
CORCORAN, Jane Indigo 1882  Steve
CORISH, Louis William Thomas Benalla 1907  Robyn
CORKE, Philippa Clara Mary Chiltern 1888  Steve
COTTON, Charles Clarence Moyhu 1891  Sharon
COWEN, Dorothea Dundas Mansfield 1858  Anne
CRAMPTON William Stanley 1879  Ronda
CRIBBES, John Johnston Beechworth 1888  Ronda
CROSS, William Rutherglen 1897  Ian
CRUISE, Lawrence Patrick Eldorado 1895  Ronda
CULPH, Evelyn Milawa 1878  June
CUMMIN(G)S, Christopher George Stanley 1892  Carol
CUNNINGTON, Henry Augustus South Wangaratta 1874  Kaye
CURD, Mary Jane Elizabeth Beechworth 1895  Ronda
CURRIE, Mary Beechworth 1862  Sheila
CUSACK, Ann Wangaratta 1855  Kaye
CUSACK, Blanche Octavia Wangandary 1880  Robyn


Name Place Year Submitter
DAIRYMAN, George Christmas Town 1865  Steve
DALDRY, George Alfred William Mitta Mitta 1898  Don
DARCY, Jean Frances Shepparton 1918  Sharon
DAVIS, Walter Spring Creek 1857  Ronda
DAVIS, William John Considine Christmastown 1892  Steve
DAWE, Anne El Dorado 1873  Mary
DEAN, Albert Black Dog Creek 1884  Steve
DEASY, Mary Catherine Eldorado 1872  Sheila
DELL'ORO, James Wangaratta 1871  Jenny
DENIER, James Vivian Beechworth 1900  Kate
DENNIS, Leslie Henry Shepparton 1918  Sharon
DENNY, Leslie Thomas Chiltern 1898  Steve
DEWAN, Johannah Beechworth 1870  Anne
DEWAN, Mary Ann Beechworth 1870  Anne
DEWAR, Walter Indigo 1860  Mary
DICK, Gladys Rutherglen 1900  Sally
DICKSON, Selwyn Ray Beechworth 1891  Sheila
DIGGIN, John Archer Beechworth 1869  Anne
DIVE, William Henry Wangaratta 1880  Robyn
DIXON, Martha Ann Indigo 1862  Steve
DIXON Sarah Greta 1879  Lisa
DODD, Elizabeth New Town, Beechworth 1872  John
DODDS George Back Creek, Stanley 1879  Ronda
DONCHI, Trevor Chiltern 1870  Steve
DONOHOE, Mary Wangaratta 1855  Kaye
DOWLING, Annie Berry North Ovens Shire 1876  Mary
DOWNES, Charles Beechworth 1907  Mary
DOYLE, Sarah Beechworth 1873  Anne
DRAPER, Elizabeth Susella Yackandandah 1899  Ronda
DRAPER, Jessie Chiltern 1884  Steve
DRUMMOND, Archibald McIntyre Yackandandah 1873  Ian
DUCHATEL, Charles Francois Beechworth 1863  Anne
DUNCAN, John Newtown, Beechworth 1858  Virginia
DUNN, James Hillsborough 1872  Ronda
DUNSTAN, Catherine Eldorado 1876  Sheila
DYSON, Grace Eva Beechworth 1876  John


Name Place Year Submitter
EDGAR, Janet Helen Beechworth 1867  Anne
EDWARDS, Emiline Chiltern 1885  Steve
EDWARDS, Frances Mary Beechworth 1860  Steve
EDWARDS, Margarethe Buckland 1863  Denise
EDWARDS, Osborne Chiltern 1885  Steve
ELLEN, Valentine Joseph George Beechworth 1911  Rebecca
ELLINGHAM, George Francis Harrietville 1890  Nicole
ELLINGHAM, Ruby Clare Harrietville 1909  Nicole
ELLIOTT, Emma Lettia Rutherglen 1866  Sheila
ELLIS, Thomas Beechworth 1859  Steve
ELLIS, William Stains Carraragarmungee 1884  Ronda
ELMER, Henry Beechworth 1907  Mary
ERICH, Charles Frederick Spring Creek 1857  Steve
ERICKSON, Emily Beechworth 1856  Anne


Name Place Year Submitter
FAHEY, John George Bonegilla 1878  Pamela
FARLEY, Edith Beechworth 1873  Anne
FARMER, Mary Catherine Peechelba 1855  Jenny
FARMER, Winifred Rutherglen 1892  Sally
FARRELL, Patrick Moyhu 1896  Peter
FARRINGTON, Kathleen May Bright 1904  Robert
FAY, Veronica Euroa 1910  Ian
FEALY, Alfred Thomas Beechworth 1866  John
FERGUSON, Francis James Benalla 1856  Peter
FERGUSION, Mary Ellen Milawa 1883  June
FIELD, Ann Benalla 1856  Peter
FIELD, Mary Jane Rushworth 1876  Wendy
FINNIE Maud Stanley 1879  Ronda
FISHER, Henry Duncan Beechworth 1856  Denise
FITZGERALD, Elizabeth Ann Reids Creek 1861  Anne
FITZPATRICK, Florence Isabella North Wangaratta 1874  Kaye
FITZPATRICK, James Reids Creek, Beechworth 1864  Steve
FLEGG, Alice Phoebe Indigo Creek 1881  Steve
FLETCHER, Marion Espie Yackandandah 1908  Ronda
FLOWER, Susannah Newton (Beechworth) 1858  Denise
FLYNN, Jeremiah Black Springs, Beechworth 1865  Steve
FOOTT, Nicholas Nattl? Wangaratta 1855  Jenny
FORBES, George Growlers Creek 1866  Mary
FORD, Isabel Wangaratta 1864  Kaye
FORD, John Narioka 1889  Steve
FORGE, Ellen Elizabeth Wangaratta 1891  Sharon
FORGE, Mabel Irene Myrrhee 1894  Kaye
FRASER, Charles Rutherglen 1903  Sally
FRASER, Ellen Greta 1870  Kaye
FRATER, Maggie Beechworth 1882  John
FRENCH, John Richard Wooragee 1882  John
FULLERTON, Alexander Rutherglen 1892  Sally
FULTON, Henry Chiltern 1864  Mary
FULTON, James Lonnie Woolshed 1856  Mary
FULTON, Jessie Chiltern 1862  Mary
FULTON, John Indigo 1859  Mary
FULTON, Mary Growlers Creek 1866  Mary
FULTON, Robert Indigo 1861  Mary
FYFE, Clarence Beechworth 1872  John


Name Place Year Submitter
GAHAGAN, Harriet Isabella Wangaratta 1855  Kaye
GAHAGAN, Christian Frederick Charles Wangaratta 1864  Kaye
GALBRAITH, Frederick Ross New Town, Beechworth 1870  John
GALLAGHER, Annie Nathalia 1889  Steve
GALVIN, David Morris Carraragarmungee 1895  Ronda
GARVEY, James Yackandandah 1878  Ronda
GEERING, Rose Yackandandah 1881  Ian
GEISLER, Margaret Rushworth 1871  Wendy
GIBBS, Louisa Catherine Woolshed Creek 1856  Joy
GIBSON, Thomas Arthur Wangaratta 1909  Peter
GILBERT, Charles Peechelba 1855  Jenny
GILMOUR, Andrew Leslie Chiltern 1888  Steve
GILMOUR, Reginald Colin Thomas Chiltern 1898  Steve
GIMBLETT, James Taperell Beechworth 1867  Anne
GIMESON, John James Beechworth 1857  Denise
GINSON, George Beechworth 1858  Denise
GOLDSWORTHY, Alice Beechworth 1876  John
GOODWIN, Arthur Rutherglen 1900  Sally
GOVETT, William Highett Maindample 1858  Anne
GRAMBTON, Sarah Louisa Newtown, Beechworth 1859  Steve
GRANT, George Eldorado 1873  Sheila
GRANT, Margaret Beechworth 1857  Carol
GRAY, Cynthia Rutherglen 1897  Ian
GRAY, John Henry Beechworth 1857  Carol
GREADY, Margaret Lower Woolshed 1857  Ronda
GREELY, John Henry Beechworth 1867  Anne
GREELY, Mary Veronsey Beechworth 1870  Anne
GREEN, Alice Victoria Benalla 1887  Kaye
GREEN, Annie Jardine North Winton 1882  Kaye
GREEN, Edith North Winton 1884  Kaye
GREEN, Phoebe Catherine Benalla 1890  Kaye
GREEN, Sarah North Winton 1880  Kaye
GREY, Lena Beechworth 1882  John
GRIEVES, Clara Beatrice Chiltern 1884  Steve
GROSE, Thomas Henry El Dorado 1870  Mary


Name Place Year Submitter
HAEFFNER, Catherine Wooragee 1857  Denise
HAEFFNER, Christina Wooragee 1868  Denise
HAEFFNER, Henry Wooragee 1858  Denise
HAEFFNER, Jessie Wooragee 1865  Denise
HAEFFNER, Mary Louisa Beechworth 1856  Denise
HALL, Melmoth Thurston Beechworth 1855  Sheila
HALLIGAN, Edward Francis Benalla 1889  Peter
HANSON, Erasmus Rutherglen 1875  Sally
HANSON, Mary Burrows Greta 1877  Sheila
HARDY, George Europa Gully 1857  Steve
HARDY, Mary Jane Stanley 1858  Denise
HARRIS, Thomas Alexander Britten Rutherglen 1897  Ian
HARRIS, Thomas James William Percival Eldorado 1894  Ronda
HARRIS, Victoria Maude Albury 1879  Pamela
HARRISON, Mary Eliza Snake Valley 1856  Mary
HARRISON, Ralph Rushworth 1873  Wendy
HARRISON, Thomas George Rushworth 1874  Wendy
HART, Female Everton 1862  John
HARVEY, Edwin Robert Christmastown 1882  Steve
HAYES, Ethel Maud Bruarong 1899  Ronda
HAYES, John Chiltern 1892  Steve
HAYES, John Joseph Staghorn Flat 1905  Ronda
HAYS, Michael Chiltern West 1889  Steve
HAZEL, William Beechworth 1856  Anne
HEATON, Ann Elizabeth Beechworth 1870  Denise
HEIDTMANN, Rudolph Red Hill, Beechworth 1876  John
HEILY, Matilda Hunter Rushworth 1881  Wendy
HEINECKE, Vivian Sidney Beechworth 1911  Rebecca
HENDERSON, Anna Jane Snake Valley 1855  Sheila
HENDLEY, Gilbert Reids Creek 1868  Denise
HENNESSY, Mary North Wangaratta 1861  Jenny
HEWISH, Jessie Euroa 1859  Lois
HEWISH, William Alfred Euroa 1866  Lois
HICKS, Gertrude May Christmastown 1889  Steve
HILL, Carl William Henry Stanley 1905  Ronda
HILL, John William Wangaratta 1860  Kaye
HOBBS, Ruth Yackandandah 1878  Ronda
HOBDAY, Amy Constance Rushworth 1873  Wendy
HOCKING, Kenneth Clarkson Harrietville 1909  Nicole
HODGENS, Henry One Mile, Beechworth 1865  Steve
HOFFMAN, Hilda Doretta Beechworth 1895  Ronda
HOLDERNESS, Laure Vezey Eldorado 1876  Ronda
HOLLIBONE, James Lindsay Gooramadda, Rutherglen 1882  Sheila
HORN, Leo Herbert Chiltern 1885  Steve
HORNE, William George Beechworth 1867  Anne
HOSKING, Mayella Harrietville 1909  Nicole
HOSKINS, Cecilia Rutherglen 1918  Sally
HOUGH, Herbert Claude Tallangatta 1906  Don
HOUSTON, Elizabeth Taylor Chiltern 1867  Steve
HOWE, Arthur Joseph Silver Creek 1904  Rebecca
HOWE, Walter Beechworth 1914  Rebecca
HOWELL, Chas Alex Buckland 1863  Denise
HOYSTED, Robert Albert Wangaratta 1899  Jenny
HUGGINS, Louisa El Dorado 1871  Mary
HUGHES, Emily Catherine Christmastown 1885  Steve
HUGHES, Patrick High St, Barnawatha 1876  Viv
HULDERNESS, Fanny El Dorado 1873  Mary
HULME, Mary Stanley 1858  Denise
HUMPHREY, Jane Indigo 1861  Mary
HUMPHRIES, Richard Bowmans Forest 1862  John
HUNTER, Unnamed Female High St, Barnawartha 1876  Viv
HUSSEY, Dorothy North Ovens 1918  Sally
HYNES, Terence John Eldorado 1872  Ronda


Name Place Year Submitter
IRVING, Joseph Indigo 1861  Mary


Name Place Year Submitter
JACKSON, Ruth Beechworth 1870  Denise
JAMES, Jane Eldorado 1873  Sheila
JAMES, William Henry Longwood 1892  Ian
JARVIS, Dorothy Beechworth 1907  Mary
JERRAM, Harry Beechworth 1894  Ronda
JERVIS, Frederick Wooragee 1863  Anne
JEWETT, Charles Greta 1871  Kaye
JOHNSON, Eric Clive Rutherglen 1897  Ian
JOHNS[T]ON, Frederick William Oxley 1878  June
JOHNSON, John Eldorado 1894  Ronda
JOHNSON, Reginald James Eldorado 1911  Ronda
JOHNSON, Richard John Beechworth 1858  Carol
JOHNSON, William John Three Mile Creek 1857  Ronda
JOHNSTON, Alexander Robert Euroa 1859  Lois
JOHNSTON, James Moyhu 1896  Peter
JONES, Annie Matilda Oxley 1878  June
JONES, Benjamin Rushworth 1871  Wendy
JONES, Edith Susan Rushworth 1876  Wendy
JONES, Edwin Rushworth 1881  Wendy
JONES, Elizabeth Ellen Chiltern 1890  Steve
JONES, Florence Rutherglen 1897  Sally
JONES, Harold Thomas Rushworth 1873  Wendy
JONES, Ida Nellie Murmungee 1900  Kate
JONES, Margaret Harrietville 1867  Nicole
JONES, Marmaduke Euroa 1887  Lois
JONES, Millicent Rutherglen 1903  Sally
JONES, William Myrtleford 1881  Kate
JOY, Beatrice Isobel Beechworth 1919  Rebecca
JUPPENLATZ, Elizabeth Ellen Reids Creek 1856  Denise


Name Place Year Submitter
KEEFER, Alexander Beechworth 1858  Denise
KEEFFE, Henry Woolshed 1861  Anne
KELLOR, Frank Yackandandah 1889  Ronda
KELLY, Francis Beechworth 1858  Denise
KELLY, Gilbert Hugh Melito Wodonga 1895  Ian
KELLY, Mary Ann Beechworth 1871  John
KELSEY, Martin Black Dog Creek, Chiltern 1870  Steve
KENNEDY, Elspit Meldrum Spring Creek 1862  Sheila
KENNEDY, John Frederick Spring Creek 1862  John
KENNEDY, Leslie Frederick Chiltern Valley 1896  Steve
KENNEDY, Mary Theresa Branjie? 1888  Peter
KENNY, William Whisky Flat 1884  Ronda
KEOGH, Alice South Tarrawingee 1893  Ronda
KERFERD, Florence Beechworth 1864  John
KERR, John North Wangaratta 1859  Judy
KIBELL, Sydney Clifton Beechworth 1903  Ronda
KILGOUR, Agnes Isabella Chiltern 1872  Steve
KING, Agnes Anne Tarrawingee 1872  Ronda
KING, Florence Beechworth 1907  Mary
KING, George Henry Eldorado 1864  Kaye
KING, John Thomas Mansfield 1858  Anne
KING, Mary Wahgunyah 1875  Sally
KING, unnamed Sebastopol, Woolshed Creek 1857  Joy
KIRKHAM, William George Everton 1888  Ronda
KIRWIN, Andrew Carboor 1878  June
KITCHENHAM, Edward Thomas Winton 1907  Robyn
KLEINITZ, Flora Sophie Josephine Wodonga 1892  Ian
KNEEBONE, Elsie Chiltern 1888  Steve
KNEEBONE, William Henry Eldorado 1861  Neva
KNIGHT, William Henry Hawker Chiltern 1891  Steve


Name Place Year Submitter
La FONTAINE, Rupert Agustus Mitta Mitta 1898  Don
LACEY, Dorothy Grace Beechworth 1914  Rebecca
LADEN, James Wooragee 1862  Steve
LAIDLAW, Robert Chiltern West 1892  Sally
LAIRD, Georgina Sarah Mary Grierson Rushworth 1876  Wendy
LAKEMAN, Edward Benalla 1889  Peter
LAKEMAN, Edward Joseph Wangaratta 1909  Peter
LAMPITT, Charles Henry Beechworth 1864  Steve
LANGSHAW, Harriet Letitia Wooragee 1888  Ronda
LAST, Margaret Ellen Baarmutha 1897  Ronda
L'AUTON, Frances Ernest Yackandandah 1896  Ronda
LAWS, Dorothy May Pine Lodge 1918  Sharon
LEARMONTH, James Eldorado 1870  Sheila
LEE, William Black Springs (Beechworth) 1858  Denise
LEDGWICK, George Eldorado 1872  Sheila
LEDOMORE, Thomas Henry Indigo 1896  Steve
LEE, Thomas Duncan Wangaratta 1909  Peter
LEE, William North Wangaratta 1859  Judy
LEES, William El Dorado 1870  Mary
LENNAN, Ellen Spring Creek, Beechworth 1865  Steve
LESLIE, John Rutherglen 1918  Sally
LEWIS, Emma Beechworth 1858  Virginia
LEWIS, Frederick Arthur Staghorn Flat 1905  Ronda
LEWIS, Maud Euroa 1888  Peter
LISSAK, Adolphus Beechworth 1857  Carol
LONDEN, Sarah Elizabeth Black Swamp, Mansfield 1867  Catherine
LONGMORE, Charles Henry Two Mile 1866  Anne
LOUDRIGAN, Maurice Thomas Baarmutha 1916  Rebecca
LOVERIDGE, William James Eldorado 1870  Sheila
LOWE, Edward Charles Beechworth 1891  Sheila
LOWE, Robert Henry Black Dog Creek 1861  Steve
LUCAS, George Ernest Youarang 1889  Carol
LUCAS, John Hinnomunjie 1875  Nardia
LUCH, Mary Ann Wangaratta 1855  Kaye
LUMLEY, Jessie Ford’s Station, Wahgunyah 1855  Kaye
LYONS, Lindsay Gordon Euroa 1887  Lois

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