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Victorian North East Surname Interests

This page lists north east Victorian surnames of interest to researchers, the towns they lived in and the period they were in those towns. If you find a name of interest to you, please email the person whose name is in the right hand column, making reference to where you saw their entry.

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Surname Town/area Period Name/eddress/URL
ABRAHAM Harrietville, Bright 1850-1935  Jim
ADAMS Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
AILEY Beechworth, Corryong 1850-present  Margaret
ALCOCK/ALLCOCK Stanley, Wangaratta 1850 - 1900  Hec
ALCORN Mooroopna, Kyneton 1860-present  Kerrie
ALDERDICE Beechworth 1850-1900  Nick
ALDERDICE Beechworth 1850-1945  Helen
ANGUS Ten Mile, Benalla 1856+  Maureen
ASHDOWN Beechworth/Stanley area 1840-1900s  Carol
AYRE Baranduda 1940-1950s  Pat


Surname Town/area Period Name/eddress/URL
BACKHAUS Yackandandah, Allan's Flat, Tallangatta, Albury 1850s - 1920s  Thea
BALDWIN Amherst 1813  Joy
BAMFORD Benalla 1859-present  Peter
BAMFORD Euroa, Balmattum 1885 -1910  Peter
BARBER Beechworth, Mitta Mitta, Tintaldra 1880-present  Peter
BARRY Moyhu 1870 - 1910  Kevin
BEATON Euroa 1875-1890  Vivienne
BECK Eldorado, Beechworth 1868-1900  Mary
BEEL Beechworth, Baarmutha 1850-present  Margaret
BEET Bright 1910-1919  Jen
BENJAMIN Myrtleford 1922  Kevin
BENZIE Sandy Creek 1850+  Judy
BLACK Wangaratta 1847  Kevin
BLACKMAN Beechworth 1860-1900  Margaret
BLACKMORE Beechworth, Stanley, Bright, Buckland. 1860s-1920s  Alister
BLACKWOOD Yarrawonga/Wilby 1882-c1902  Anne
BLAIR Yackandandah, Sandy Creek & Upper Murray 1860-1940  Ian
BLEWETT Hillsborough, Bruarong, Yackandandah 1860s+  Ronda
BORNHOLDT Mansfield, Yea 1870 +  Julie
BOWDEN Growler's Creek (Wandiligong), Rutherglen, Beechworth 1860 - present  Kelli
BOWLER Mitta Mitta 1850+  Kath
BREWER Albury, Towong 1875 - present  Kathy
BREWER Woorogee, Beechworth, Wodonga 1850s-1900s  Marion
BROWN St James 1870+  Maureen
BULLEN Wandiligong 1865-present  Denise
BURNS Woolshed, The Junction (near Yackandandah), Jamieson, Kevington 1856-1908  Robyn
BURROWS Eskdale 1880-1910  Lesley
BUTLER Bright, Tallangatta, Eskdale 1860-present  Kerrie
BUTLER Yackandandah, Allans Flat 1850+  Peter
BUTLER Tallangatta, Wangaratta, Eskdale, Bright 1840 - present  Robyn


CAMERON Winton, Eldorado, Beechworth 1857-1920  Rosie
CAMERON Mansfield 1850-1910  Cherrie
CAREY Miepoll, Euroa 1862-1917  Margaret
CARROLL Beechworth, Euroa 1878+  Liz
CARROLL Beechworth 1896  Margaret
CASEY Three Mile Creek, Beechworth 1856+  Jenny
CLARK Seymour, Benalla, Wangaratta 1837-present  Lorraine
CLARK Wangaratta, Benalla. 1800s+  Bill
CLARK/E Molka, Tamleugh, Kialla, Arcadia, Violet Town, Mooroopna 1878 - 1903  Kelli
CLAXTON Rushworth 1855-1900  Mike
CLUNE Yackandandah, Osborne's Flat 1850s - 1920s  Thea
COCKERELL Woods Point 1875 -  Bill
COLLIER Beechworth/Stanley area 1840-1900s  Carol
COLLINS Wandiligong 1860-1910  Margaret
COLSTON Barnawartha 1853-1900  Jennifer
CONNOR Yackandandah, Eldorado, Rutherglen 1855-1900  Chris
CONROY Rutherglen, Benalla 1860+  Brian
CONWAY Beechworth, Wooragee, Noorongong, Mitta Mitta 1852 -  Denise
COX Euroa 1860-1900  Vivienne
CRAWFORD Beechworth, Everton, Chiltern 1853-1903  Denise
CROZIER Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
CULLEN Beechworth, Euroa 1899+  Liz
CULLEN Woods Point, Aberfeldy, Jordan, Walhalla 1863+  Susan
CULPH Oxley c1850+  Anne
CUNNINGHAM Omeo 1870  Mary
CURD Beechworth 1860-1900  Margaret
CURNOW Melbourne, Beechworth 1850 - 1940  Jo
CURNOW Glenrowan 1876+  Judy
CURTAIN Chiltern 1870-1960  Damian
CUSACK Wangaratta 1840-1880  Lex


DAGON Wandiligong, Bright 1850 - 1930  Wayne
DALTON Beechworth, Casterton 1854-present  Denise
DANAHER Miepoll-Euroa 1860-present  Maureen
DAVIDSON Beechworth 1830-1900  Nick
DAWES Beechworth 1880-1930  Nick
DESMOND Mansfield 1865+  Julie
DEWAR Beechworth 1880-1930  Nick
DICKENSON Mitta Mitta and north 1880-1930  Lesley
DIVINY Mooroopna, Shepparton 1860-1950  Kathi
DONNELL Cudgewa', Jingellic 1920+  Peter
DOYLE Gaffneys Creek, Woods Point, Aberfeldy 1862+  Susan
DRUMMOND Wooragee, Beechworth, Eskdale, Bright 1850 - present  Kathy
DUNSTAN Eldorado, Yackandandah, Sandy Creek 1856 - present  Naomi
DYBALL Wodonga 1860-1900  Bob


ENGLISH Greta c1845-1889  Karen
EVEANS Avenel, Tabilk 1867  Joy


FALCKE Beechworth 1850s - 1900  Doug
FARLEY Yackandandah 1850-1910  Debbie
Wandiligong, Beechworth, Bright 1850-1930  Wayne
FERGUSON Oxley, Milawa, Wangaratta 1850s +  Bonnie
FIELD Benalla 1850-present  Peter
FITZGERALD Beechworth, Benalla, Ballarat, Longwood, Kilmore, Corowa 1800s  Brenda
FITZPATRICK Kyabram 1870+  Kathy
FLETCHER Beechworth 1850-1900  Nick
FOOTTER Violet Town & Rutherglen area 1885-1910  Rhonda
FORGE Greta, Myrrhee 1859-present  Kaye
FORRESTER Beechworth 1850s to 1863  Doug
FOSTER Beechworth 1855 - 1875  Mary
FOSTER Omeo 1870 - present  Mary
FRANKLIN Eskdale, Tallangatta 1840 - present  Robyn
FREITAG Winton, Benalla 1876-present  Kaye
FREWEN Benalla, Dookie, Katamatite, Shepparton, Tungamah, Violet town, Wangaratta 1870-1960  Dianne
FROMMHOLTZ Albury 1840-1900  Shona
FULTON Chiltern 1884+  Kathy
FULTON Chiltern, Eldorado, Beechworth 1855-1900  Mary


GAFFY Mooroopna 1857-present  Kathi
GALLAGHER Harrietville, Bright, Myrtleford 1880-1899  Lyn
GALLAGHER Chiltern, Barnawartha, Corowa 1850-1870s  Kevin
GAVAN Rutherglen 1900- 1920s  Jim
GEDGE Devil's River 1860-1863  Anne
GIBBONS Rutherglen 1860-1875  Anne
GILMORE Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
GLOVER Beechworth, Wooragee 1850 -1900  Anne
GLYNN[E] Myrtleford 1922  Kevin
GOODFELLOW Yackandandah 1884+  Kathy
GOODWIN Albury 1870-1920  Margaret
GOODWIN Corowa 1870-1900  Margaret
GREEN Winton 1860-present  Kaye
GRIBBLE Beechworth, Wandiligong, Bright 1850-present  Margaret
GRIFFITHS Melbourne, Narioka, Echuca 1843-1910  Joy
GRIGG Beechworth, Eldorado, Whitfield, Tallangatta 1866-1927  Rosie
GULLIFER Wangaratta 1842-1880  Jim


HADLEY Yackandandah, Beechworth, Kiewa 1855 - present  Kathy
HAEFFNER Beechworth, Wooragee, Noorongong, Mitta Mitta 1852-1911  Denise
HALL Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
HAMMOND Gaffneys Creek, Woods Point 1862+  Susan
HANLON Tatura 1870-1916  Jenni
HANNA Yackandandah, Walwa 1852+  Peter
HARDESTY/HARDISTY Myrtleford 1890s  Naomi
HARDING Albury-Wodonga 1900 - present  Kelli
HARDISTY/HARDESTY Myrtleford 1890s  Naomi
HARLEY Wanalta 1860-present  Sharon
HARRIS Benalla 1856-1899  Margaret
HARRIS Euroa, Strathbogie, Merton, Growlers Gully, Bonnie Doon, Cathkin, Molesworth, Gobur, Yea and Alexandra 1850-2003  Russell
HARRISViolet Town 1840-1860  Lorraine
HASSETT Benalla 1900-1940  Brenda
HEMPEL Tintaldra, Kiewa 1800s-1900s  Dorne
HEWISH Euroa 1850+  Lois
HEWITSON Wandiligong 1830-1920  Liz
HICKEY Beechworth, Woolshed 1850+  Peter
HILL Taminick, Thoona 1870s-1920s  Kaye
HILL Carboor 1890s  Jan
HILLE Beechworth 1878  Doug
HOLLOWAY Sandy Creek, Glenrowan 1870+  Judy
HORRIGAN Tarrawingee, Beechworth, Wangaratta    John
HOUSE Bethanga and Barranduda 1880s  Adrian
HUGHES Barnawatha area 1850+  Viv
HURLEY Tallangatta, Wangaratta 1840 - present  Robyn
HYEM Beechworth 1850-1900  Nick


IRELAND Murchison 1869  Joy


JAMES Benalla 1870+  Brian
JAMES Whitfield/Rutherglen/Wangaratta 1895-1904  Lorraine
JARVIS Wooragee, Corryong, Cudgewa, Little Kiewa 1850 - present  Kathy
JEFFERIES Gaffneys Creek 1869+  Anne
JOHNSON/ JOHNSTONE Euroa 1880-present  Jeff
JOHNSON Tatura, Shepparton 1910 - present  Doug
JOHNSON Beechworth, Wangaratta 1855-1873  Russell
JOHNSTON Buckland, Tarrawingee, Beechworth, Wangaratta 1856+  John
JONES Rushworth 1840-present  Wendy
JONES Omeo 1860-1900  John
JOPLIN Youarang, Steiglitz, Ballarat, Wangaratta 1850 - 1890  Bill
JOSE Benalla 1870+  Maureen


KALBRUNNER Albury-Wodonga 1840 - 1900  Kelli
KAYLOCK Albury-Wodonga 1900 - present  Kelli
KEANE Numurkah, Kilmore 1860-1930  Kathi
KEEFE (or O'KEEFE) Beechworth area 1850-1900  Jeremy
KELLY Euroa 1944+  Liz
KEMP Beechworth 1850 - 1860  Pat
KENNEDY Miepoll, Karramomus 1850 - present  Pat
KENNEDY Caniambo, Kialla, Miepoll, Violet Town 1870s +  Liz
KERNAGHAN Corowa 1870+  Bryan
KERSLAKE Euroa 1880-present  Vivienne
KING Howqua River 1857+  Anne
KING Beechworth 1888-1900s  Mary
KING Wandiligong 1830-1920  Liz
KIRBY Greta, Yackandandah, Spring Creek, Corryong 1870-1920  Lisa
KIRKLAND Beechworth 1850-1900  Nick
KNEEBONE Gapsted 1850s+  John
KNIGHT Shepparton, Mooroopna, Kialla 1854 - present  Elizabeth
KNIGHT Shepparton 1873  Brenda
KNIGHT Beechworth 1852-1930  Vicky
KOHNE Tallangatta, Eskdale 1840 - present  Robyn
KOTHE Beechworth 1873+  Kathy


LaFONTAINE Mitta Mitta 1853+  Jackie
LAKEMAN Benalla 1865-present  Peter
LAWFORD Corowa, Yarrawonga 1840-1895  Joy
LAWFORD Corowa, Benalla 1865-1938  Joy
LAWRENCE Beechworth, Bright, Porepunkah, Buckland 1850+  Peter
LEBROCQ Wahring, Nagambie, Euroa 1850+  Merryl
LEE Beechworth 1870s+  John
LEHMANN Tamleugh/Euroa 1877-1930  Mandersloot
LENNOX Benalla, Wangaratta, Rutherglen, Corowa 1870s-1960s  Jennifer
LIDDLE Glenrowan 1858-1880  Simon
LINDSAY Myhree 1896- ~1943  Lorraine
LONGLEY Euroa 1883-1899  Christine
LONSDALE Chiltern 1900-1920  Danielle
LORD Bright, Tallangatta, Eskdale 1860-present  Kerrie
LOY Tarrawingee, Wahgunyah 1870s-unknown  Susan
LUCKETT Goomalibee Station near Benalla 1852-1853  Anne
LYNCH Beechworth, Stanley, Woolshed, Chiltern 1854+  Phil
LYONS Myrtleford c1850+  Anne


McCARTHY Omeo, Cassilis 1840-1920  John
McCOLL Beechworth 1880-1930  Nick
McCOLL   Pelluebla, Yarrawonga, Doodle Swamp, Mansfield 1852 - present  Jo
McCRYSTAL Yea 1884+  Liz
McDERMOTT Yackandandah 1859+  Sarah
McDEVITT Barnawatha area 1882  Viv
McDEVITT Myrtleford 1941 - 1983  Viv
McFADYEN Wandiligong, Bright 1850 - 1930  Wayne
McKENZIE Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
McLACHLAN Chiltern 1850 -  Glenn
McNEIL Albury, Beechworth 1852- 1862  Denise
McVEAN Corryong, Tintaldra 1850s - present  Kelli
MACKLIN Yackadandah, Tallangatta, Allans Flat 1860s+  Karen
MACKLIN Gobur, Middle Creek, Yarck, Cathkin, Yea 1872-present  Kim
MADDERN Eldorado 1850  Toni
MADILL Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
MARSDEN Beechworth, Albury/Wodonga 1860+  Judy
MARSDEN Beechworth, Benalla, Ballarat, Longwood, Kilmore, Pyalong 1800s  Brenda
Yea 1870-1899  Julie
MARTIN Chiltern 1850s - 1950  Steve
MAST Beechworth 1855 - ?  Mary
MATHER Tallangatta, Beechworth, Wangaratta 1880-1940  Mary
MATHIESON Myrtleford 1854+  Margaret
MAUNDER Barnawatha 1850-1900  Patricia
MEAKLIM Mooroopna 1860 - present  Jean
MEIGHAN Wangaratta 1842-1880  Jim
MELLOR Chiltern 1850 -  Glenn
MEYER(S) Wangaratta 1852-1920s  Kaye
MILEY Harrietville, Smoko 1850 - present  Pat
MILSOM Benalla, Ballarat, Longwood, Kilmore, Pyalong 1800s  Brenda
MITCHELL Beechworth 1850s+  John
MITCHELSON Beechworth 1870+  Judy
MOORE Woolshed 1859  Tim
MOORE Tallangatta, Eskdale, Wagra Park 1840 - present  Robyn
MORAN Benalla 1860+  Brian
MORGAN Miepoll South, Euroa 1850 - present  Pat
MORRELL Wahgunyah, Wangaratta 1860 - present  Jackie
MORRISON Yackandandah 1850-1940  Ian
MORTIMER Beechworth, Nth Wangaratta, Sandy Creek 1852+  Judy
MOULSDALE Tungamah 1890+  Lois
MURPHY Beechworth, Woolshed, Ovens, Buckland. 1853-1865  Matilda
MURPHY Mansfield 1881-1959  Jill


NANKERVIS Beechworth, Corryong 1850-present  Margaret
NEELANDS Euroa 1860+  Mariellen
NELSON Undera/Mooroopna 1880+  Bryan
NOLAN Laceby /Wangaratta 1831-1943  Karen
NOONAN Wangaratta 1870-1900  Carolyn
NOONAN Rutherglen/Corowa 1880-1910  Carolyn
NORMAN Yackandandah 1859+  Sarah
NORTH Numurkah ? - 1891  Greg


O'BRIEN Caniambo, Shepparton, Greta 1870s  Liz
O'DONNELL Albury, Tallangatta, Eskdale, Allans Flat 1840 - present  Robyn
OKE Beechworth 1850s+  John
O'KEEFE (or KEEFE) Beechworth area 1850-1900  Jeremy
O'REILLY Harrietville, Freeburgh 1850 - present  Pat
O'REILLY Beechworth, Stanley, Silver Creek, Hurdle Flat, Albury 1854+  Phil
ORR Nathalia 1890+  Lois
O'SULLIVAN Stanley, Boggy Creek, Ovens Vale 1850s  Marion


PALMER Buckland goldfields ?  Carmel
PARNELL Benalla, Wangaratta, Rutherglen, Kilmore 1869 - present  Dorothy
PASCOE Violet Town & Rutherglen area 1885-1910  Rhonda
Euroa, Longwood 1896-1920  Vivienne
PATTERSON Greta, Myrrhee, Benalla 1867-present  Kaye
Euroa, Longwood 1896-1920  Vivienne
PATTISON Caniambo, Shepparton 1870+  Liz
PATTON Bowmans Forest, Whorouly 1850s-1960s  Marion
PETTITT Chiltern 1850s-present  Steve
PHILLIPS Whorouly East, Myrtleford, Beechworth, Albury 1850s+  Rob
PINNER Shepparton, Wangaratta 1870 - 1967  Denise
PLUMB Yarrawonga c1890-c1940   Roger
POLMEAR Tallangatta Valley, Eskdale 1880+  Kath
PORTCH Chiltern 1860s+  John
PORTER Wangaratta, Benalla, Corowa, Beechworth. 1820s+  Bill
POYNTZ Beechworth 1861-present  Ian
PRICE Black Springs, Beechworth, Yackandandah 1866+  Ronda
PRISMALL Beechworth/Stanley area 1840-1900s  Carol
PROSSER Benalla 1860+  Maureen
PYLE Three Mile, Beechworth 1850s+  John


QUIN Gapstead, Bright ?  Carmel


RAMSEYER Tarrawingee, Wangaratta, Beechworth 1860+  John
REA Yackandandah, Allans Flat 1850+  Peter
REILLY/RIELLY/RILEY Wahring, Nagambie, Euroa 1850+  Merryl
RENTON Mitta Mitta 1856+  Jackie
RICKARD Kilmore, Murchison, Dimboola 1831-1907  Joy
RICKARD Murchison, Bendigo 1881  Joy
RIDDINGTON Yackandandah, Allans Flat 1850+  Jeff
RIDE Benalla 1861+  Maureen
RIELLY/RILEY/REILLY Wahring, Nagambie, Euroa 1850+  Merryl
RILEY/RIELLY/REILLY Wahring, Nagambie, Euroa 1850+  Merryl
ROBERTS Shepparton 1886-1894  Liz
ROCHE Yackandandah 1890+  Leonie
ROSSER Benalla, Ballarat (1850-1875), Longwood, Kilmore, Pyalong and also in Corowa in NSW (1860-to present)    Brenda
ROWE Murmungee, Beechworth 1850s+  John
ROWE Beechworth 1860-1903  Dieter
ROWE Bowmans Forest, Beechworth 1850 - 1920  Jo
RUNCIMAN Tatura 1860-present  Kerrie
RUSSELL Violet Town, Strathbogie 1885-1898  Leanne
RYAN Beechworth 1850-1886  Margaret
RYAN Tallarook, Violet Town 1860 - 1923  Ian


SALISBURY Tarrawingee, Wahgunyah 1870s-unknown  Susan
SA(U)NDERS Benalla, Hells Hole 1849+  Nola
SAWYER Winton, Glenrowan 1855+  Simon
SCANLAN Three Mile Creek 1857  Jenny
SCARBOROUGH Beechworth 1850-1900  Nick
SCHWARER Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen 1859- 1910  Jim
SCOTT Devil’s River near Bracks Bridge 1860 – 1863  Anne
SCRIVENER Mooroopna ? - 1903  Beverley
SHAKESPEARE Buckland, Beechworth, Woolshed 1850 - 1880  Malcolm
SHARP Longwood 1860-1930  Ian
SHEEDY Tarrawingee 1854-1920  Jan
SHELTON Euroa 1890-present  Vivienne
SHERRY/ SHEARY Beechworth 1850s - ??  Denise
SHIELDS Yielima, Nathalia 1880-1907  Vi
SHEILLS Murchison, Stawell 1879  Joy
SHINNICK Mansfield 1862 - 1874  Julie
SIMCOCKS Gobur, Yarck, Euroa 1857 - present  Kelli
SIMPSON Beechworth/Stanley area 1840-1900s  Carol
SINNETT Bethanga and Baranduda 1880s  Adrian
SINNETT Wodonga 1900-1950  Margaret
SKINNER Stanley 1850-present  Lorraine
SMITH Chiltern 1850-1920  Damian
SMITH Rutherglen 1870-1910  Damian
SMITH Peulluebla, Wilby 1856 - 1920  Jo
SMITH Tallandoon, Mitta Mitta 1850+  Kath
SMITH Mitta Mitta 1870+  Jackie
SMITH Beechworth, Yackandandah 1863-1950  Phillip
SOMMER Bethanga and Barranduda 1880s  Adrian
SPENCER NE VIC 1850s+  John
Tallangatta Valley 1870+  Michael?
STANBURY Beechworth 1850s - 1880s  Anne
STANBURY Koetong 1880 - 1910  Anne
STANTON Allans Flat, Stanley, Echuca 1865+  Karen
STEPHENS Beechworth 1858 - 1870  Vaeda
STEPHENS Beechworth, Wandiligong, Bright 1850-present  Margaret
STEVENSON Growlers Creek/ Wandiligong 1850s-1863+  Moira
STEWART Rushworth 1855-1900  Mike
STEWART Devenish, Dookie 1850 - 1940  Jo
STONE Beechworth 1858  Doug
STOREY Murchison 1874 - present  Leonie
STOREY Whorouly East, Beechworth 1850s+  Rob
STRAIN Tarrawingee, Beechworth, Wangaratta 1856+  John
Bright, Omeo 1860  Mary
SWAISBRICK Mitta Mitta, Tallangatta 1870 - present  Kathy
SWAN Wandiligong, Bright 1850 - 1930  Wayne


TANNER Chiltern, Barnawartha 1850-1880  Kevin
TAYLOR Violet Town 1840-1880  Lorraine
ter METZ Wahgunyah 1920-1950s  Brenda
THOMAS Blue Mountain, Violet Town, Tylden, Wangaratta 1863-1920  Patricia
THOMPSON Beechworth 1850s - 1880s  Anne
THOMPSON Koetong 1880 - 1910  Anne
THOMPSON Eldorado 1860 - 1875  Malcolm
THOMSON Eskdale/Diggers Creek 1890+  Don
THORLEY Stanley 1850-present  Lorraine
THORNTON Wooragee 1849+  Anne
THRELFALL Creighton 1860 - present  Lois
THRELFALL Shepparton 1920 - present  Lois
THUMPSTON "Ovens River", Tarrawingee, Moyhu, Oxley, Milawa 1840-1880+  Mark
TICHBORNE Beechworth, Stanley, Bright, Buckland. 1860s-1920s  Alister
TINNING Tarrawingee 1860+  Anne
TOBIN Wangaratta 1870-1900  Lisa
TODD Benalla, Ballarat, Longwood, Kilmore 1800s  Brenda
TONER Jamieson 1856+  Maureen
TOUZEL Eskdale, Mitta Mitta 1885-1906  Don
TRIMBLE Eldorado/Springhurst 1868+  Bryan
TWOMEY Barnawartha, Wodonga 1870s-1914  Geoff


UNMACK Yackandandah, Woolshed, Beechworth <1855-1865+  Suzanne
UPTON Myrtleford/Havilah 1920+  Don
UPTON Eskdale, Mitta Mitta, Tallangatta 1880-1906  Don
URWIN Granite Flat, Mitta, Tallandoon 1856+  Kath
URWIN Mitta Mitta 1856+  Jackie


VANDENBERG Beechworth, Benalla 1855-1920  Lawrence
VINE Beechworth/Spring Gully 1854-1900  Bob
VINGE Shepparton 1874  Brenda
VORHERR Rutherglen, Beechworth 1860-1900  Damian


WAKEFIELD Beechworth 1880-1930  Nick
WAKENSHAW Balmattum, Euroa 1870+  Lois
WALDEN Bright, Freeburgh 1850+  Andrew
WALKER Beechworth, Bright 1850 - present  Pat
WALLACE El-Dorado, Greta, Oxley 1870s - 1880s  Di
WALTON Rutherglen 1860+  Bryan
WARDLE Marraweeney, Euroa, Benalla 1840+  Lorraine
WARNER Wooragee, Yackandandah 1860-present  Dorne
WARREN Beechworth 1850s+  John
WARREN Beechworth 1850-1950  Damian
WARREN Beechworth, Rutherglen 1852 - 1930  Jo
WATERSON Osbornes Flat, Sutton, Bruarong, Beechworth 1880+  Ronda
WATSON Strathbogie, Euroa, Violet Town, Mooroopna 1890 - present  Kelli
WEBB Gaffneys Creek, Knockwood 1865+  Anne
WEBBER Oxley c1850+  Anne
WEBSTER Beechworth, Albury/Wodonga 1860+  Judy
WEBSTER Beechworth, Benalla 1860s+  Brenda
WELLS Wangaratta, Myrtleford, Yackandandah, Bright, Buckland 1850 - 1922  Julie
WHITE Violet Town, Benalla 1863-1945  Sue
WHITEHILL Yackandandah 1860 - present  Kathy
WICKES Corryong 1855 - present  Kathy
WILBERFORCE Beechworth/Stanley area 1840-1900s  Carol
WILD Omeo, Portland 1850-1899  Anne
WILKINSON Beechworth, Ovens 1854-1860  Peter
WILLETT Wangaratta, Corowa, Benalla, Yarrawonga, Beechworth, Wodonga. 1880s+  Bill
WILSON Walwa 1874-1916  John
WILSON Shepparton 1800s  Brenda
WOLSTENHOLME Oxley, Milawa, Wangaratta 1850s+  Bonnie
WOOD Waterloo/ Barwidgee Creek ?  Carmel
WOODS Benalla 1850+  Brian
WOODSIDE Barwidgee, Happy Valley and Kergunyah 1860-1930  John
WRAITH Wooragee, Bright 1860+  Kathy
WRIGHT Wangaratta, Jamieson 1855-1875  Mark
WRIGHT Milawa 1834-1902  Vicky

X, Y, Z

YEA Yackandandah, Dederang, Mitta Mitta 1857-2000  Peter
YOUNG Wangaratta, Beechworth 1900+  Kathy
YOUNG Beechworth 1850-1900  Nick
YOUNG Gapsted/ Bowman/ Beechworth - 1880s.
Carboor - 1890s.
Wangaratta - 1900s.
   Jackie and
YOUNGER Greta, Hansonville 1879+  Grenville

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