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AUS-NSW-WEST Mailing List
Hotel Publican's Licences D-M

Western New South Wales. 1865 - 1900
Part of Central New South Wales. 1865 - 1870.
(As listed in the Government Gazettes)

This list has been compiled by Rusheen Craig from Publicans listed in the NSW Government Gazette.

Viewers are advised to refer to the Publicans-licences-introduction page to explain the scope of this page.

There are also support pages under construction that give further information on some hotels, such as newspaper reports, advertisements or other material. Where these have been uploaded they will appear as a link to that page in the first column.

There is a more extensive Introduction showing the application of the 1862 Publican's Act in Western and part of Central NSW.

Copyright. This material is copyright, and has been posted on the internet for private study. It may not be incorporated into any other database without the written permission of Rusheen Craig.

Publicans Licences A-C
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DANIEL O'CONNELL INN Bourke Dunlop Range, Darling River Thomas MATTHEWS (MATHEWS) 1865-1869 1871-1873; Peter MATTHEWS 1873.
DARLING HOTEL Louth Toorale Bennett Ferdinand BENNETT 1880.
Further info
Wentworth Lethero, Darling River William F. LEHMAN 1869-1881; (Old Tarcolla Run) Frederick William LEHMANN 1883-1887; Charles GARRAWAY 1888-1892; (Tarangara, on Darling River) Garrett BYRNES 1892-1894 + (On Darling River, Wentworth to Pooncarie Road) 1895-1896; Charles COX 1896-1897 ; (Near Conagee, Darling River) Nora MORPETH 1898-1899; John TOPP 1900.
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DARLINGTON INN Wagga Wagga - Hay Darlington Point Jacob ABRAHAMS 1865; Thomas LINSELL 1866-1868; Edward J. FLOOD 1869.
DAVIES' FAMILY HOTEL Hay Carrathool John W. DAVIES 1899.
DAY DREAM HOTEL Silverton Parish of Stephen James SMITH 1885.
DEMONDRILL INN Young Demondrill Creek Stephen PILLON 1868-1870.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill John ELLIOTT 1887-1889 + (Argent Street, Broken Hill) 1890-1891; William Henry NEWTON 1892-1893; Charles SIMMS 1894; Edmund E. GODDARD 1896; Michael RIDGE 1898; Thomas William SUPPLE 1898; Assid MICHAEL 1900.
DIGGER'S ARMS Stony Creek Stony Creek Jabez PRIEST 1865-1870.
DIGGER'S HOME Stony Creek Ophir George SLATER 1865-1870.
DIGGER'S INN Stony Creek Cosgrove's Paddock William FROST 1866.
DIGGER'S REST Carcoar Trunkey Creek George FINN 1870
DIGGER'S REST Stony Creek Ironbark William DEIGHTON 1865-1868; Joseph WEST 1869-1870.
DIGGER'S RETURN Emu Creek Grenfell Patrick MALONEY (MOLONY) 1867.
DIGGER'S WELCOME INN Emu Creek Grenfell Robert FARRELL 1867; Eliza FAHEY 1868-1870.
DOG AND DUCK Forbes Lambing Flat Road Mary A. HIGGINS 1865; James MULHALL 1867.
DOTSWOOD HOTEL Hay On Gunbar Road, about 4 miles from Hay William Rochfort ELLIOTT 1878-1886.
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Cobar - Brewarrina Bulgoo Run, 28 miles from Cobar, Wilcannia Road Thomas WARD 1884 1886-1887; Favel SALLAWAY 1888-1900.
DOUGHTY'S HOTEL Cobar Mount Drysdale Samuel R. DOUGHTY 1898-1899; George CARRINGTON 1900.
DOVER CASTLE Wentworth Merrindee Jas. ROBINSON 1865.
DOWNIE'S FAMILY HOTEL Milparinka - Tibooburra Tibooburra Herman KLEY 1887-1888; Julie DOWNIE 1889 + (Briscoe Street, Tibooburra) 1891; Hugh ROBERTSON 1893.
Further info
Balranald - Hay Booligal Edward ROSET 1865-1875; Alexander FINCH 1877-1881; William KELLY 1882; Joseph GUNNING 1883; William S. De S. MOOREHOUSE 1884-1885; Thomas GORMLY 1886; George BRADBURY 1887-1890; Alfred E. SLADE 1891; John SLOANE 1892-1896; Henry WINEBERG 1898; Edwin SHEPHARD 1899; Ernest Alexander WATSON 1900.
DROVER'S ARMS HOTEL Menindie Norah Street Henry GILLETT 1871-1873; Samuel MAIDEN 1874; William MAIDEN 1875-1877; George MAIDEN 1878.
DROVER'S ARMS HOTEL Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga to Uranna Road James TILDEN 1870.
DROVER'S ARMS HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Booligal Road,Wilcannia John GLENDENNING 1878; Sarah Jane BOYD 1878-1880; (Near Wilcannia) Peter STOLL 1882 1885-1886; Peter HOLL 1884; James FINCH 1887-1894.
Further info
Bourke - Wilcannia The Dry Lake, Barringun Road George Thomas SMITH 1877-1881 + (Mount Browne Road) 1882; William WILSON 1883-1884; George T. SMITH 1886; Caroline CLAYTON 1886; William HAMMAT 1887-1889; William MAN 1890-1895; Thomas HAMILTON 1896-1897; (Dry Lake, Mount Browne Road) Frederick PETNEY 1898-1900.
DRYSDALE HOTEL Cobar Mount Drysdale Ellen HINDS 1895-1898; Henry Charles SMITH 1900.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Sturt Street, Broken Hill Robert GRUBNAN 1886; Barnett HARRIS 1887 + (Willyama) 1888; (Argent Street, Broken Hill) James ISRAEL 1889; Edward William ALDRIDGE 1890-1900.
DUKE OF EDINBURGH Moama Yellow Water-holes, Moira Owen O'CONNELL 1868; (Mininga Street) John WILLIAMS 1869 + (per John Compton FIELD, agent for legal representatives) 1870.
DUKE OF EDINBURGH Wentworth Wentworth John FITZPATRICK 1869-1873.
Further info
Hay Booligal Alexr. FINCH 1868-1870; Benjamin PRIOR 1871-1874; Charles SIMPSON 1874-1875; Henry T. MILLIE 1877-1878; George BIGNELL junr. 1879-1880; Eliza LESLIE 1881; Margaret KENNEDY 1882; William KELLY 1883; Edward WATKINS 1884-1885; Daniel BARNETT 1886-1892 + (Booligal Road) 1893; George W. BARNETT 1894; John Thomas BARNETT 1895-1896 1898; Thomas BRAID 1899; Sidney William S. BIGG 1900.
DUKE OF EDINBURGH HOTEL Hay Wallanthry Mary PATERSON 1868-1869.
DUMBLE HOTEL Brewarrina Gadooga Road William MOORE 1880.
DUNDELLOO HOTEL Dubbo Dundeloo Julius THOMAS 1865-1866; John SMITH 1867-1869; George Behouse MANTON 1870.
DUNLOP HOTEL Bourke Dunlop Joseph FIELD 1878-1882.
Further info
Bourke East Toorale, Bourke to Louth Road Alexander HAMILTON 1899-1900.
EIGHT MILE WATERHOLE HOTEL Deniliquin Conorgo Road Charles WELLER 1867-1870.
EIGHTEEN-MILE HOTEL Cobar Wilcannia Road Richard HOLDEN 1884; George R. PEARSE 1885-1886; Michael DOMENICK 1887-1888.
Further info
Wentworth Ellerslie, Darling River Mrs RICE 1869; Jonathan SMITH 1875-1879; John RICE 1885-1888; Ann RICE 1888-1900.
ELLIOTT'S HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong Henry ELLIOTT 1867; Charles TUBBENHAUR 1868; Henry GREEN 1869.
ELMSWOOD HOTEL Dubbo - Brewarrina Cannonba Robert LAMPH 1867-1868; (Bogan River) Rebecca LAMPH 1882 + (At Monkey, Bogan River) 1883-1895; James H. ROBB 1896.
EMPIRE HOTEL Albury Albury Clement NEGRO 1865-1869; Eliza NEGRO 1870.
EMPIRE HOTEL Albury Black Range A.G. SINCLAIR 1865; J.C. MIDDLETON 1866; George WILLIOTT 1867-1868.
EMPIRE HOTEL Bourke Bourke Samuel Charles DAVIS 1897 + (Richard Street, Bourke) 1898-1900.
Cobar Cobar Hopkin LEWIS 1894; (Barton Street) Matilda LEWIS 1895-1899; Edward EVANS 1900.
EMPIRE HOTEL Emu Creek Quandong Gully Henry GREEN 1870.
Further info
Young Stony Creek Michael SHMITH 1865-1870.
EMU HOTEL Emu Creek Brundah Frederick OSBORN 1867-1868.
EMU HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek John WEINE 1867 + (EMU INN, Weddin) 1868.
EMU INN Albury Mullenjandra John STEWART 1870.
Further info
Bourke On The Lake,Warrego Road Francis Henry BURSLEM 1868; W. TRIMMELL 1871.
ENAWEENA HOTEL Warren Duck Holes Ann HAYES 1873-1875; William HAYES 1877-1881.
ENMANBALE HOTEL Walgett Enmanbale John J. BARNES 1882.
Further info
Bourke - Brewarrina Eringunia Christopher MILLER 1874; Robert KERRIGAN 1877-1879; Hugh NAWN 1879 1881 1882; John ANTHONY 1880-1884; (Engonia) Robert LACK 1885-1889; (ENNGONIA HOTEL, Enngonia, Barrengun Road) James LACK 1890; Watson BRAITHWAITE 1891; William MURPHY 1892; Henry C. WHITTICKER (WHITTAKER) 1893 -1899; Robert Henry WARMOLL 1900.
EUABALONG HOTEL Hay-Hillston Euabalong Hugh McLEAN 1869-1875; Amelia McLEAN 1877-1896; William A. McLEAN 1898-1899; Edward PETERS 1900.
EUGOWRA HOTEL Forbes Eugowra Jas. THOMPSON 1865-1866.
EULINGALA Wellington Eulingula John SLOAN 1867-1868.
EUMINBAH HOTEL Walgett Euminbah John STEWART 1883; John BRENEGER 1884-1886; (Eunambah) William BAKER 1887; (Eurimbah) John SMITH 1888-1890; William F. YOUNG 1891; George F. LEWIS 1892; James George HOLMES 1893; Walter HENESS 1894-1896.
Further info
Silverton Euriowie Lewis P. RYMER 1887 1889; William YOUNG 1888; A.W. SHERARD 1889.
EUROKA HOTEL Carcoar Euroka Moses STEPHENS 1865-1867.
EUROPEAN HOTEL Carcoar King's Plains Diggings William BUTLER 1867.
EUROPEAN HOTEL Carcoar Trunkey Creek Charles SMITH 1870.
EUROPEAN HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek Thomas CARAH 1867; Benjamin STOLSES 1867-1868.
EUROPEAN HOTEL Forbes Forbes Thomas REECE 1865-1868; Alfred FOSTER 1869-1870.
Further info
Euston - Wentworth Corner of Dixon St and Murray Terrace, Euston Elizabeth McDONALD 1867-1870 1875; Thomas BRADSHAW 1877-1878; John Angus McDONALD 1880 1882-1883; Thomas KINANE 1884-1900.
EVANDALE HOTEL Walgett Bungle Gully George EVANS 1883; Annie EVANS 1884; (Evendale) Thomas McDONALD 1885.
EVENING STAR HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong Gold Field George NICHOLAS 1868.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Willyama James H. WILLIAMS 1888; (Silverton Road, West Broken Hill) Herman Alexander BERKHOLZ 1889-1890; Frederick W. PFITZNER 1891-1893; John B. DOOLETTE 1894; James SMITH 1895-1896; Catherine T. SMITH 1897; John Charles ROOK 1898-1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Albury Albury Lewis JONES 1865-1870.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Bourke Bourke Richard GREEN 1887.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Bourke Killara (Kallara Bend) William Henry MORRISON 1879-1881; Malcolm MORRISON 1882; William IRWIN 1884-1885; Robert WILLIAMS 1886-1889.
Further info
Bourke Wanaaring Road Joseph MURPHY 1888-1890; Joachim CARO 1891.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Bourke - Brewarrina Tarcoon near Brewarrina Francis W. ADAMS 1887; W.F. ADAMS 1888; Mary A. BARKER 1889; George Edward DREW 1890; Joseph MAXWELL 1891-1892; Jas. A. PAUL 1893-1895 + (James A. PAULL) 1896-1899.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Brewarrina Angledool George FITZPATRICK 1891-1892; George KIRKPATRICK 1893-1895 + (New Angledool) 1896-1897; Emma KIRKPATRICK 1898-1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Brewarrina Bathurst Street, Brewarrina William McDOUGALL 1898-1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Broken Hill Stephen's Creek, near Broken Hill William BARR 1899; Alfred Ernest DYER 1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Cobar Cobar Charles E. THOMAS 1897.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Deniliquin South Deniliquin William PERRY 1866-1867; Richard De CUSTER (DECUSTER) 1868-1869.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Mitchell Ten Mile Point Charles J. WALLACE 1887.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Mitchell White Cliffs John A.D. PATTERSON 1897-1898 1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Nyngan Nyngan Fanny PHELPS 1889-1891; Walter GOOD 1892-1895; Herbert BROUGHTON 1896-1897 + (Wambiana Street) 1898; Henry ROGERS 1899-1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Silverton Silverton Charles F. DUCHATEL 1884-1888; Hamilton St Clair DICK 1889-1890; Charles DUCHATEL 1891.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Argent Street, Broken Hill William J. REYNOLDS 1886-1887; William J. CUMMINS 1888; John O'DONNELL 1889.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Taltingan William A. JONES 1886; (Taltingan, Round Hill) Robert JONES 1887; Charles HILL 1888; George WEST 1889-1893; Samuel BERRY 1894; George GOLDING 1895-1896; George JOHNS 1897; George WEST 1898-1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Jonathon BOON 1868-1869; (Baylis Street) Michael MAHER 1870.
Walgett Walgett John APTED 1880-1882; (Fox Street) Washington HARPUR 1883; George H. CHADWICK 1887-1894; William DODD 1895-1900.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Warren Warren, Dubbo Street Henry C. ROSSITER 1891-1893; Samuel R. BIBB 1894-1895 + (Dubbo Street) 1896-1899.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Wilcannia - Menindie Darling River, below Menindie Charles WOLFE 1882-1883 + (Kinchega) 1884-1885; Herbert HORRIDGE 1888.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Young Combaining Charles NICHOLAS 1869; John HANSON 1870.
EXCHANGE HOTEL Young Golden Point Richard R. RILEY 1869; Abraham Thomas COUPLAND 1869; Richard R. RILEY 1870.
Further info
Bourke Bourke James MURPHY 1883; Joseph S. DONOHOE 1884 1886; John LENNON 1887-1888; (Darling Street) James MURPHY 1889-1891; James A. DRAPER 1892; Daniel MURPHY 1893; Thomas DILLON 1894; William O'CONNOR 1895; June HUNTER 1896; George ASTILL 1897-1898; James MURPHY 1899-1900.
Further info
Broken Hill Beryl Street, Broken Hill Thomas William SUPPLE 1896-1897; John SCOTT 1898-1900.
FAMILY HOTEL Cobar Wrightville Harriet STEWART 1896; John HUNTER 1897-1898; William Joseph KELLY 1900.
FAMILY HOTEL Hay Carrathool John William DAVIES 1900.
Further info
Milparinka Tibooburra Hugh ROBERTSON 1895-1896 + (Brisco Street) 1899-1900.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Cootamundry Edward QUINLAN 1865-1870.
FARMER'S ARMS Young Marengo Michael O'CONNOR 1869-1870.
FARMER'S HOME Burrowa Burrowa Richard CLAY 1870.
FARMER'S HOME Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga George RAY 1865-1866; (Wagga Wagga to Tarcutta Road) Ann ANDREWS 1868; George WILDMAN 1869; (INN, near Wagga Wagga) James DELANEY 1869.
FARMER'S HOME Albury Eighteen-mile Creek Edward CRISP 1865-1869.
FARMER'S HOPE Wellington Wellington Flat William SHAUGHNESSEY 1866; (FARMER'S HOME HOTEL) Daniel SULLIVAN 1867-1868; Matthew McDONALD 1869-1870.
FARMER'S HOTEL Carcoar Blayney John CLEMENTS 1865-1870.
FARMER'S INN Forbes Myrong Creek William KING 1866.
FARRIER'S ARMS Wagga Wagga Waddai Edward GRIMLEY 1865-1866; James FORBES 1867-1868; Tom BEAUMONT 1869.
FEDERAL HOTEL Bourke Mitchell Street, Bourke Edward Mann LUSCOMBE 1895-1900.
FEDERAL HOTEL Nyngan Girilambone Copper Mine Township Austin Joseph O'GRADY 1898-1899.
FERRY HOTEL Wagga Wagga North Wagga Wagga J. CLARK 1865; William M. SOUTAR (SOUTER) 1866-1870.
FINGER-POST HOTEL Walgett - Brewarrina Walgett William SWIFT 1871-1872; Thomas M. CROSS 1873-1878; Alfred BAKER 1879-1880; (Birie Creek) Henry ROUSE 1881; (Finger Post) George DONALDSON 1883 + (Narran) 1884; (On Goodooga and Angledool Road) Thomas M. CROSS 1885-1890; (INN) John Joseph TURNER 1891-1892; William SMITH 1893; James STEVENSON 1894 + (Near Angledool) 1895; Frank ELLIOTT 1896-1897; Thomas M. CROSS 1898.
FITZ ROY ARMS Carcoar Cowra Jane OUSBY 1865-1870.
FITZ ROY HOTEL Carcoar King's Plains William DOYLE 1865-1869.
FITZ ROY INN Carcoar Teasdale Park J. CHESTER 1865.
Further info
Mitchell - Wilcannia Wilcannia Jemina Lydia McGEORGE 1868; William KENAVAN 1869-1872; Alexander J. CLARKE 1873.
FIVE MILE WATERHOLES INN Carcoar Five Dock Waterhole James MAGUINESS 1865-1866; (Bathurst and Carcoar Road) Louisa McGUINNES 1868; Richard HOWE 1868-1870.
FOREST CREEK HOTEL Deniliquin Forest Creek Thomas STALLEY 1870.
FOSTER'S REEF HOTEL Hay - Euabalong Lake Cudgelligo John D. KILBRIDE 1874-1875; John HODGES 1879.
FOUNTAIN OF FRIENDSHIP Carcoar Trunkey Creek George HEMSWORTH 1869-1870.
Further info
Bourke Four miles from Bourke James Nathan TAYLOR 1877; George WARREN 1880; Charles WARREN 1881; Alfred ECCLES 1886.
FOUR MILE HOTEL Cobar Nyngan Road, near Cobar Edward SMITH 1879-1881; George TAYLOR 1884-1891.
FOWLER'S GAP HOTEL Silverton Fowler's Gap Charles Augustus ROSENIUS 1889-1891; George RAYNER 1892-1897 1899.
FREEMASON'S ARMS Molong Molong John BURGESS 1865-1866; (FREEMASON'S HOTEL) John WYNNE 1867-1869; John William SMITH 1870.
Further info
Broken Hill Broken Hill Elijah ALEXANDER 1892; Henry Edward BRIGHT 1893-1894; John C. CLARK 1895; Thomas JOHNSON 1896-1900.
FREEMASON'S HOTEL Forbes Lachlan River M. BOLTON 1865; William WALKER 1866; Thomas FLETCHER 1867; William Raper SPENCER 1868-1870.
FRIEBURG ARMS HOTEL Broken Hill William Street, Broken Hill James Robert PILCHER 1900.
FRIEND-IN-NEED HOTEL Warren Boundary Gate, Warren and Tenandra Runs James J. TAYLOR 1891 1893 + (Warren and Coonamble Road, near Warren) 1896 1899; John BUCKLEY 1900.
GALWAY HOTEL Bourke East Toorale George Henry William WARD 1876-1877; Margaret WARD 1878-1883; Joseph TIMBS 1884; Margaret TIMBS 1885; William HONEYMAN 1886; Michael HOGAN 1887; William MORGAN 1888-1889; (Wilcannia to Bourke Road) James VALENTINE 1890; George RIELEY 1891-1892; James H. PAUL 1893; Colin C. FALKENHAGEN 1894; Thomas TRAPP 1895.
GAP HOTEL Young Stewart's Gap John CHEW 1865-1866 ; (INN) Elizabeth CHEW 1867-1869.
GAP INN Bourke - Cobar Near Cobar to Nyngan Road William BUDD 1879-1885; James FEWERE 1886-1888; William BUDD 1889-1892.
GARIBALDI HOTEL Young Garibaldi Gully William C. FURLAND 1866; William C. FIELD 1866; William KITE 1868.
Further info
Broken Hill Broken Hill George W. SIMPSON 1891; John PHILLIPS 1892-1896; Charles BERKHOLZ 1897-1900.
GATE INN Dubbo Wimeboh William COLLETT 1866; (Weemobah) Maria HUNTER 1868; Charles GRANGER 1869-1870.
GATE INN Wagga Wagga Junee James PRATT 1870.
GEARIN'S HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill James GEARIN 1888.
GELAH HOTEL Hay Gunbar Road John SYKES 1875-1883 + (GALAH HOTEL) 1884-1888 + (Hillston Road) 1889-1890 + (Gunbar Road) 1891-1895; Edward RILEY 1896 1898-1900.
GERALAMBONE HOTEL Cannonbar Geralambone John FINN 1881.
GERMANTON HOTEL Albury Germanton Ellen PABST 1869-1870.
Bourke Gidgie Camp William HARROD 1880-1881 + (GIDEA CAMP) 1882-1883; George CASON 1884; (GIDIA CAMP HOTEL) William HARWOOD 1885; William HARROD 1886; (GIDDEA CAMP) John McKINNON 1887-1891; Robert HARTNETT 1892; Patrick J. KENNEDY 1893; (Barringun Road, near Bourke) Emma McKINNON 1894-1895; William SELLS 1896-1897; George Alfred WALL 1898-1900.
GILCHRIST'S HOTEL Emu Creek Weddin, Emu Creek George GILCHRIST 1869-1870.
Further info
Hay - Hillston Gilgunnia Henry KRUGE 1873-1887; Sidwell KRUGE 1888-1889; James William DEAN 1890-1892; George EASON 1893; Hans S. MONKERUD 1896.
GING GING PLAIN HOTEL Warren Warren John C. BERRY 1874-1880 + (John O.) 1881.
GINGEN PLAIN HOTEL Dubbo Gingen Plain Thomas NICHOLAS 1869-1870.
Further info
Bourke Mitchell Street, Bourke Joseph Stanton DONOHOE (DONOHUE) 1888-1900.
Further info
Broken Hill Broken Hill Maurice TANGNEY 1888-1889; John BYRNE 1889; Owen J. O'NEILL 1891-1895; Albert W. GRANT 1896; William H. BIRDSEYE 1897; Alfred SHINER 1898-1900.
GLADSTONE HOTEL Grenfell Two-mile Gully Thomas WILLIAMS 1870; James MURRAY 1870.
Further info
Hillston Cowl Cowl Daniel O'CONNELL 1886 + (Hillston) 1887-1892; James LAWLER 1893-1897; Henry John LEA 1899-1900.
GLADSTONE HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Alma Michael L. KELLY 1888.
GLENDON HOTEL Brewarrina Glendon near Goodooga Jeremiah CULLEN 1884-1885; Thomas A. CULLEN 1886-1893.
Further info
Albury Albury Arthur WALKER 1865-1866; (Kiewa and Dean Streets) Thomas Henry WEBB 1866-1870.
GLOBE HOTEL Bourke Cobar Thomas CASTLES 1878; Henry WALDEN 1879.
GLOBE HOTEL Cobar Mount Drysdale Susan ROSS 1895-1896; Henry HARFIELD 1897; Henry ALLBUTT 1898; Onesipphorus PARKER 1900.
GLOBE HOTEL Hillston South Mount Hope Michael GROGAN 1888-1889; (Mount Hope) George EASON 1890; John McDONOUGH 1891; John MINOGUE 1894-1895; James B. NICHOLSON 1897.
GLOBE HOTEL Silverton Border Gate John G. GIBSON 1887-1890; Thomas B. WATERS 1890 + (Burns Bordergate, near Silverton) 1892-1895.
GLOBE HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Willyama Frederick BRIGGS 1888; (Broken Hill) James QUINN 1888-1890; James Henry COSGROVE 1889-1890; Patrick J. WALSH 1891; James SLOAN 1891-1892; William E. SALISBURY 1892; Thomas EDWARDS 1893; John MATHESON 1893-1896; James SLOAN 1897 + (Argent Street) 1898-1900.
GLOBE INN Wentworth - Wilcannia - Mitchell Wilcannia, Main Paroo Road Alexander James CLARK 1866; Edward QUINN 1867-1870; John VARCOE 1870-1871; William HATTEN 1872; Frank (Francis) DOUPE 1880 1882; John RYAN 1883-1889; William McCULLY 1890-1891; Alfred CHANIN 1892-1893; Arthur W. WATSON 1894-1896; Frederick PETNEY 1897; Sidney FOX 1898; John WOOD 1899; Major Henry WALKER 1900.
GOANGRA HOTEL Walgett High Street, Goangra George RUSSELL 1878-1882; Edward LLOYD 1884; William BAKER 1885-1886; Edward A. CLARENCE 1887-1888; Charles BOYD 1891; Annie BOYD 1892-1894; Henry JEWELL 1895-1896; Edward Albert CLARENCE 1897; John MAGUIRE 1898-1900.
Further info
Wentworth River Murray John Little THOMSON 1876-1880; James Kendall BUXTON 1880; William BRADSHAW 1881-1882; John YOUNG 1883-1886; Charles DODEMAIDE 1887-1888; Patrick GLENNY 1889-1891; Edward H. GOLDING 1892; James K. BUXTON 1893; (Gol Gol) William J. PEEK 1895-1896; John DUNN 1897; W.J. BALLANTYNE 1898; James K. BUXTON 1899-1900.
GOLD DIGGER'S ARMS Emu Creek Weddin John HARWICK 1867.
GOLD DIGGER'S ARMS Young Wombat Samuel HOLMAN 1865-1870.
GOLD FIELD INN Forbes Forbes Archibald HIBBERSON 1865-1866; James HIBBERSON 1867; Mary HIBBERSON 1869-1870.
GOLDEN AGE Wellington Mudgee Road Jno. JOHNSON 1865.
GOLDEN AGE HOTEL Carcoar Trunkey Creek Patrick John GLASHEEN 1869-1870.
GOLDEN BAR HOTEL Emu Creek Quandong Gully Anthony GORMAN 1870.
GOLDEN FLEECE Burrowa Binalong Patrick RYAN 1865-1870.
GOLDEN FLEECE Burrowa Dunderaligo George W. BARBER 1866; Charles Henry MURRAY 1868-1869.
GOLDEN INN Wilcannia …. Edward QUINN 1869-1870; John VARCO 1871; William HATTEN 1872.
GOLDEN NUGGET Stony Creek Stony Creek Robert BROWN 1865-1870.
GOOLOGONG HOTEL Forbes Goologong Jacob RAPP 1865; James B. McINERNEY 1866-1867; George RICHARDSON 1869-1870.
GOORAWAY INN Walgett Gooroway William SIMPSON 1879-1881; Charles FERGUSON 1882-1883; Harry WORRAD 1884-1885; Joseph BRADBURY 1886; (HOTEL) George S. RAGAN (RAGEN) 1887-1893 1895; James G. HOLMES 1896-1899; Arthur DAWSON 1900.
GOVER'S FAMILY HOTEL Forbes Lachlan and Templar Streets Susan GOVERS 1865 + (Lachlan and Browne Streets) 1866 + (GOVER'S HOTEL, Browne and Rankin Streets) 1867; William GOVER 1869-1870.
GOVER'S HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek, Grenfell William YEO 1867-1868.
GRAND HOTEL Cobar Marshall Street, Cobar Halbert James EDGAR 1898-1900.
GRAND HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Frederick C. ALDRIDGE 1890-1893; William James PLAYER 1894; Wilhelm RIECHERS 1895-1900.
Further info
Bourke Barringun Road Thomas WRIGHT 1886-1889; John WILLIAMS 1890; George WALSH 1891-1898; (Grass Hut, near Bourke) Henry Pope MOXHAM 1899-1900.
Further info
Dubbo - Cannonbar Graway, Macquarie River Thomas Russell CLEAVER 1866-1869; (INN) James SIMPSON 1870; (GRAHWAY INN, Macquarie Road) John KIPPIN 1881.
GRAWIN HOTEL Walgett Grawin Creek John WARD 1881-1885; John BROWN 1888.
GREAT BRITAIN HOTEL Forbes Forbes Matthew BOULTON 1866 1869; Alfred BOULTON 1867.
GREAT CENTRAL HOTEL Hillston Great Central Copper Mine, South Mount Hope James LYELL 1882-1885; (South Mount Hope) John LYELL sen. 1888; Caroline LYELL 1890-1891.
GREAT EASTERN HOTEL Emu Creek Weddin, Emu Creek William MAHER 1867; James BRAY 1868-1870.
GREAT EASTERN HOTEL Forbes Forbes Edmd. BRAY 1865;Thomas FLETCHER 1866; Edmund BRAY sen. 1867; Mathew BOULTON 1869; Edmund BRAY 1870.
GREAT EASTERN HOTEL Young Lambing Flat Christopher WARD 1865-1870.
GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL Silverton Purnamoota, near Silverton John James SMITH 1888-1889; John Thomas SMITH 1889; Andrew J. MASON 1890-1892; (Village of Torrowangee) John Thomas SMITH 1893; John COCKS 1894; Edward SIMM (SIM) 1895-1896; Thomas E. KEMP 1897.
GREAT PARNELL HOTEL Hillston Euabalong Roger DEVANE 1882.
GREAT RAILWAY HOTEL Cobar Lewis Street, Cobar Susan ROSS 1900.
GREAT WERTAGO HOTEL Mitchell Wertago Copper Field Robert ROBERTS 1900.
Further info
Bourke Richard Street, Bourke Edward HESELER 1885; Austin O'GRADY 1886; David PETER 1887; Daniel DEWHURST 1888; John LENNON 1889-1892; Michael CARROLL 1893; Cornelius James DREW 1895-1896.
GREAT WESTERN HOTEL Carcoar Cowra George LOCKYER 1866-1868.
GREAT WESTERN HOTEL Cobar Marshall and Linsley Streets, Cobar Pierce GOOLD 1898; Thomas BYRNE 1899-1900.
GREAT WESTERN HOTEL Nyngan Girilambone Francis G. GALLIMORE 1890-1891; Alexander McMILLAN 1892-1893; Isabella PEACOCK 1896-1898; Alexander SIMPSON 1899; Joseph James BRENNAN 1900.
GREAT WESTERN HOTEL Nyngan Nyngan John DUFFY 1889-1891; Jane H. DUFFY 1892; George MEYNELL 1893; (GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY HOTEL, Nymagee Street, Nyngan) Jane MAGUIRE 1894-1896; James WINTERS 1897; Michael H. FENNELL 1898-1899; (GREAT WESTERN HOTEL) Thomas HARTMAN 1899; Michael Henry FENNELL 1900.
Further info
Hillston Green Hills, near Hillston George HUTCHISON 1891-1893.
GRENFELL HOTEL Forbes - Emu Creek Grenfell John FLINT 1867-1868.
GREYHOUND Walgett Gundalbline Henry Kingsmill DAVIS 1867-1874.
GROVER'S HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek, Grenfell William YEO 1869.
Further info
Bourke Paroo River Mark NEVILLE 1873, + (At Gumbalara) 1874; William Brygall BELLAMY 1875-1877; Thomas DAVIS 1878; Thomas DOYLE 1879-1881 1884 1886- 1887; Thomas W. BOXER 1888; (GUMBALIE HOTEL) Thomas FARRELL 1887 1889; George HOOLE 1889; Mary Ann BAKER 1890-1895; Maria JOHNSTON 1896-1898; William J. JOHNSTON 1899; Martin MERCER 1900.
Further info
Hay - Hillston Gunbar William SPRY 1871-1873; Ebenezer WOOD 1874; Henry MAJOR 1875; Archibald MACPHERSON 1877; James MACPHERSON 1878-1883; Edward MENSFORTH 1884-1887; Thomas SAVAGE 1888-1890 1892-1896 1999; Edward SAVAGE 1891; Mary SAVAGE 1900.
GUNDABLUIE HOTEL Walgett Gundabluie Joseph PICTON 1885 1891-1893 + (At Goondoobluie) 1895.
GUYGONG HOTEL Hillston Guygong Patrick BYRNES 1882.
GYPSUM PALACE HOTEL Mitchell Booligal Road William HARDY 1882; Jane HARDY 1890; Alfred STEAD 1891-1892; Joseph PHILLIPS 1893-1895 + (Ivanhoe Road) 1896-1897; Murial M.E. PHILLIPS 1898-1900.
Further info
Bourke Sand Hills near Bourke E.M. WARMOLL 1892; (North Bourke Road, Bourke) Alexander BARRY 1894-1895; Patrick KENNEDY 1896; Alexander BARRY 1897-1899; James DUTTON 1900.
Further info
Bourke - Brewarrina Beemery Nicholas HAGARTY 1872-1888; Denis HAGARTY 1889-1892; Nicholas HAGARTY 1893; (Beemery, near Brewarrina) John Nelson PROWMAN (PLOWMAN) 1894-1897; John WILLOCK 1899-1900.
HALF-WAY HOUSE Cobar Bourke to Cobar Road John Henry HILLMAN 1881.
HALF-WAY HOUSE Hillston Moolbong Mary RYAN 1886-1889; Michael MOLLOY 1891.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Broogong Thomas CLAXTON 1865-1868.
HALF-WAY HOUSE Young Forbes Road Philip SAUNDERS 1867.
HALF-WAY HOUSE Young Lachlan River F. McCOY 1867.
HALFWAY HOUSE Nyngan - Nymagee Murrawombie, Duck Creek John NELSON 1891; Caroline CHRISTENSEN 1892; Charles E. CHRISTENSEN 1893-1900.
HALFWAY HOUSE INN Emu Creek Tygong and Grenfell Roads Arnold MATHEWS 1867.
Further info
Nyngan Hermitage Plains Henry F. HALL 1889-1892.
HAPPY HOME Walgett New Werribilla John BRASSEN 1871 + (New Wimbilla) 1872-1878 + (BRASEN) 1879-1881 + (Collarendabri) 1882-1883 + (Warabilla) 1884-1886.
HARDY'S GYPSUM PALACE HOTEL Hillston Kilfera Block B, Wilcannia Road William HARDY 1880-1881 + (GYPSUM PALACE HOTEL)1883-1885; Jane HARDY 1886; Samuel GARDINER (GARDNER) 1887-1889.
HARP OF ERIN Carcoar Ellerslie Daniel O'BRIEN 1865-1868; James LYNCH 1869-1870.
HARP OF ERIN Molong Cheeseman's Creek Mary KEENAN 1865-1870.
Bourke Mitchell Street, Bourke John McLOUGHLIN 1894-1895.
Further info
Menindie - Wilcannia Mullah Cullah Charles Henry MEDLICOTT 1869-1875; Henry TRAYNOR 1876; Ellen Adams TREANOR 1877-1878; Henry CHURCH 1879-1880 + (Menindie Road, Netley) 1881-1883; (Menindie Road, Netley) Sylvester BYRNES 1882-1885; David CALCOTT 1885-1887; George TAINSH 1887-1888; (Mullah Cullah) Tobias MARTIN 1888-1890; Anders PEDERSON 1888-1891; Charles H. MEDLICOTT 1891 1893; (Netley Station, Darling River) Francis E. DOMINISH 1895; (Netley, near Menindie) Matthew Charles RAVEN 1896; Charles Robert RAVEN 1897-1898; Patrick Joseph KENNY 1899-1900.
HARTWOOD HOTEL Cobar Hartwood, near Nyngan Angus Hector PATTERSON 1881.
HARTWOOD HOTEL Hillston Bogan Road Mary HANNAN 1879.
Further info
Balranald Hatfield William WALKER 1871; John SIMMONDS 1873-1875; Joseph BOTT 1877; Harry COX 1878.
HERMIDALE HOTEL Nyngan Hermidale Hector DUTTON 1894-1897.
HERMITAGE HOTEL Cannonbar Cobar Road Henry F. HALL 1879 1881.
HERRIOTT'S FAMILY HOTEL Hay Carathool Elizabeth HERRIOTT 1884-1894; Joseph KILLENDER 1895-1898.
HERTSLETT'S ROYAL HOTEL Wellington Wellington James Lewis HERTSLET 1867-1870.
HIBERNIAN HOTEL Hay Lachlan Street, Hay Denis MINOGUE 1877-1885; George DONOHOE 1886-1887; (HIBERNIA HOTEL) Phillip RILEY 1888-1890; Denis MINOGUE 1891; John SIMMONS 1892-1893; Margaret DARCY 1894-1895; Bridget CORBETT 1896; James GILLOGLEY 1898; George Francis ALLMAN 1899-1900.
Further info
Deniliquin Deniliquin James IRONS 1865; John Joseph ROBERTS 1866-1867; (HIGHLANDER'S INN, End Street) John Augustus ROAT 1870.
HILL PLAIN INN Deniliquin Hill Plain John O. ATKINSON 1865-1870.
HILLSIDE HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Denis O'CALLIGHAN 1891; William MITCHELL 1892; William P. PAGE 1893; William P. DRYER 1894; Alexander BERKHOLZ 1896 1898-1899; Frederick William BERKHOLZ 1900.
HIT OR MISS Wagga Wagga Narrandara Chas. CLARK 1865; Alfred DALE 1866.
HOLMWOOD HOTEL Brewarrina Weilmoringle Walter C. COLLESS 1891-1894; William JACKSON 1895; Llewellyn M. COLLESS 1896-1897; Harry WEBER 1898-1900.
Balranald Dundomallee Lake Michael DOWDICAN 1880-1882 + (Homebush) 1883-1884 + (Back Country Road, Block A) 1885-1892 + (Balranald and Hay Road, Balranald) 1895-1896; (Homebush) William H.S. WILKINSON 1897-1898 + (Between Hay and Balranald) 1899-1900.
HOMEWARD BOUND INN Emu Creek Near Grenfell William BATMAN 1868-1869.
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Albury Albury Thomas FIELD 1865.
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Brewarrina Nydgery William WRIGHT 1888-1890
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Forbes Lambing Flat Road, near Forbes W.H. FAID 1865-1867; John FLINT 1869-1870
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Hay Ivanhoe Duncan McGREGOR 1876; George STEWART 1877; John MacDONALD 1878.
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Wagga Wagga Tarcutta Murdock McKENZIE 1869; John LANKSHEAR 1870.
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Murdock McKENZIE 1866-1867.
HORSE AND JOCKEY HOTEL Walgett - Brewarrina Cocklerina John KERRIGAN 1867-1869; (Birie River) William DICKENSON 1870; (Birrie Creek) William THOMPSON 1871-1872; Trayton WHITMARSH 1873-1877; Harriet WHITMARSH 1878-1883; Judith E. WHITMARSH 1884; William NICHOLSON 1885; William GROGAN 1886; Alexander SHAW 1887-1889; Charles GARDINER 1890.
HOWLONG HOTEL Albury Howlong O.O. BOYLE 1865; Amer Ovens BOYLE 1866-1870.
HUME HOTEL Albury Albury Richard KELLY 1865-1866; James KELLY 1867-1868.
HYANDRA HOTEL Hay-Hillston Hyandra George TURTON 1876-1879 1883.
Further info
Milparinka Iduna Park, Broken Hill Road William J. EDWARDS 1900.
ILLILAWA HOTEL Hay Illilawa James JOHNSTONE 1870-1871.
IMPERIAL HOTEL Albury Albury J. KILFOIL 1865-1867; Eliza KILFOIL 1868-1870.
IMPERIAL HOTEL Deniliquin Jerilderie Edwin BATTERILL 1866.
Further info
Nyngan Nyngan Robert LEIGHTON 1889-1890; James GALE 1891; Elizabeth Matilda SIMPSON 1892-1894 + (Pacific Street, Nyngan) 1895-1898 + (Panjee Street, Nyngan) 1899; Robert Michael CONWAY 1900.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill William FARMER 1889-1892; John SMITH 1893-1894; Frank Wilson KING 1896; Lino GATTORNA 1897; David G. GOLDRING 1898-1899; John Simpson mountain 1900.
IMPERIAL HOTEL Walgett Wee Waa Street, Walgett Henry ISAACS 1883-1895 + (Fox and Wee Waa Streets, Walgett) 1896-1898; William VAUSTONE 1899-1900.
IMPERIAL HOTEL Young Young John KENNEDY 1866-1869.
Further info
Warren Nevertire John E. KELLY 1891-1893; George STEWART 1894-1900.
INGLEGAR HOTEL Warren Inglegar on Marthaguy Creek William TODHUNTER 1878; Maria TODHUNTER 1891-1892; Nicholas HANSEN 1893-1895 + (Warren to Quambone Road) 1896-1897; George GARDINER 1898; (INGLEGA HOTEL) George GARDINER 1899-1900.
IVANHOE HOTEL Hay Darling Road James EADE 1871-1872; Joshua SMITH 1873; James EADE 1874-1875; Roderick MACKENZIE 1876; John OLRAY 1877 1879; Robert ELLIOTT 1880-1881
IVANHOE HOTEL Mitchell-Hillston Ivanhoe Robert ELLIOTT 1882; George ELLIOTT 1890-1895; Martin HEALY 1896-1897; Hannah M. ELLIOTT 1898-1899; Alfred STEAD 1900.
JINDERA HOTEL Albury Jindera George WILLIOTT 1869.
JINDERA HOTEL Bourke Jindera CAMPBELL Charles 1873.
JOHN BULL HOTEL Forbes Forbes, Engowra John LURASCHI 1867 1869-1870.
Further info
Bourke Mitchell Street, Bourke Edward DUGAN 1881-1883; John MURRAY 1884-1885; John McLAUGHLIN 1886-1893; Donald MATHISON (MATHESON) 1894-1900.
JUNCTION HOTEL Balranald Darling Block D. John BYRNE 1875-1885; Henry LINNETT 1886-1894 + (At The Junction) 1895; Christine M. LINNETT 1896-1900.
Further info
Broken Hill Broken Hill James H. CUMMINS 1892-1894; Frederick William PFITZNER 1896-1900.
JUNCTION HOTEL Corowa Mulwala Charles COZENS 1867.
JUNCTION HOTEL Forbes Billabong Richard PEPPER 1866.
JUNCTION HOTEL Hay Hay Thomas GORMLY 1874-1881 + (Illilliwa) 1882-1883.
JUNCTION HOTEL Stony Creek The Junction Matthias MALONEY (MALONY) 1865-1866.
Further info
Moama Moama Jas. WATT 1865-1866; George REDMAN 1867-1868; Peter BOYLAN 1869; George DORWARD 1870.
JUNCTION INN Walgett Walgett Charles McMAHON 1866; Thomas FULLER 1869-1880; Henry PATTERSON 1882-1883.
JUNCTION INN Wilcannia Wilcannia Robert MURCHLAND 1870-1871; John ROSS 1872 + (HOTEL) 1889.
JUNCTION INN Young Tipperary Gully Henry HERBERT 1865-1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Junee Henry WILLIAMS 1865-1867; Catherine DACEY 1868; Sarah Ann PALMER 1869-1870.
KALLARA BEND HOTEL Mitchell Kallara Bend Robert WILLIAMS 1890-1891; John R. MORRISON 1892-1893; William PASKINS 1894; William HOWELL 1895.
KANDIA HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell - Milparinka Cobham Lake Road Albert MILLARD 1881 + (KANDIE HOTEL, Mount Browne Road) 1882 + (Turkey Creek) 1883 1887; Albert MILLARD 1884 1887; John BROUGH 1886; Cornelius HAGEMAN 1888; W.T. MULHOLLAND 1889-1891; (At Kandi, Wilcannia Road) Robert McKENZIE 1893-1895; Anton HESSE 1896; Henry W. MAJOR 1897-1899.
KANGAROO HOTEL Moama Mathoura Mary Ann RYAN 1892.
Further info
Bourke Kearnie Heleanor HARRISON 1890; Esmelda GATELY 1892; Louisa WARMOLL 1893 + (WARMOLE) 1894; James WHITBREAD 1895.
KEMPRO HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Paroo Road Mary COOK 1883 + (KENEPRO HOTEL, Kenepro, Paroo Road) 1884 1887-1890; Henry ALLEN 1891; (Kennepro, Paroo Road, Wilcannia) James CRESSWELL 1892-1894.
KERBIN HOTEL Dubbo Kerbin Thomas E. SMITH 1866.
KERRAGUNDA HOTEL Bourke Kerragunda George PEARCE 1884.
KIDGAR HOTEL Walgett Kidgar, Castlereagh River Patrick McNAMARA 1875.
KING'S ARMS HOTEL Brewarrina Willa Willingbah Robert Wybrow KING 1884; (Wellawillingbah) Robert CLEMENTS 1885-1889.
KIRCUMBRA HOTEL Wilcannia - Mitchell Momba Run John BOYD 1869-1877; George FENNEL 1873-1874 1887; Daniel DEWHURST 1878-1879; George HUNT 1879-1880 1882 + (At Mombry) 1883-1884 + (Wilcannia) 1886; George HOOLEY 1888; Charles STEWART 1889-1890; Mary COOK (COOKE) 1891 + (Paroo Road) 1892-1893 + (MOMBA KIRCUMBAH HOTEL) 1894 + (KIRCUMBAH HOTEL) 1895-1897 + (Momba, Paroo Road) 1898-1900.
KOOROOWATTA INN Burrowa Kooroowatta George GREEN 1865-1870.
KYANDRA HOTEL Hillston Kyandra George TURTON 1884.
LACHLAN HOTEL Forbes Forbes Eliz. FAHEY 1865-1867; (Rankin Street) David BARR 1869.
LACHLAN HOTEL Hay Bourdore, near Hillston (Former BOURDORE HOTEL) John FOREST 1879-1880; George CARRINGTON 1881.
Further info
Hay Thalangeron Thomas DONOHOE 1870-1873.
LADY DON HOTEL Silverton Mount Euriowie James ALDRIDGE 1887; Robert G. MOORE 1888.
Further info
Bourke Lake Eliza H. GRAHAME 1885-1886; (Hungerford Road) Thomas KING 1887; JOHN C. ROBERTSON 1888-1890; Jane ROBERTSON 1891; Arthur ATTWOOD 1892; George GOLDSON 1893-1900.
LAKE HOTEL Bourke The lake on the Warrego Road George GOLDSON 1880; Alexander STEWART 1881.
LAKE HOTEL Hay Gunbar Joseph MURPHY 1876 + (INN) 1877-1879.
Further info
Wentworth Lake Victoria, Murray River James REID 1869-1874; Joseph GOLDSWORTHY 1875; Edward BUTCHER 1876; John Baillie CAMERON 1877; James McGROTTY 1878; William JOHNSON 1879;John DOYLE 1880; William CUMMINS 1880-1882; Robert HANCOCK 1883; Nora HANCOCK 1884; Daniel BYRNES 1885; Thomas R. REYNOLDS 1886; Ernest SCHELL 1887-1897; Alexander C. SMYTH 1898; Joseph William VIGAR 1899-1900.
LAME HORSE Bourke - Brewarrina Gongolgon WHY Joseph 1866-1868 1870-1876; WHYETT Prudence 1877-1878; DEMPSEY John Joseph 1879; MURPHY James 1880-1882 1884; Timothy FARRELL 1883;
LANGBOYDE HOTEL Brewarrina Langboyd, Talawanta John H. POWELL 1889-1893 + (Biree River) 1894; Thomas YOUNG 1895-1897; Martin RYAN 1898; Huie McPHEE 1899; Henry HANSEN 1900.
LAVINGTON HOTEL Albury Goldfields John JENNINGS 1865.
Further info
Brewarrina Ledknapper Thomas ROBINSON 1883; Henry TURNER 1884-1889 1892; Charles G. CASH 1890-1891; (LEADKNAPPER HOTEL) Edward Thomas DORRINGTON 1896-1898; William SELLS 1899-1900.
LIGHTNING RIDGE HOTEL Walgett Lightning Ridge Joseph HAMMOND 1882 1884-1885; (Angledool) Henry WOODHAM 1887; James McIVOR 1889.
LIMEKILNS HOTEL Cobar - Nymagee Limekilns, near Nymagee, on Cobar Road William MORRIS 1879-1881; (Nyngan Road) Mrs Elizabeth MORRIS 1882-1894 + (Cobar Road) 1895-1898.
LIMERICK ARMS Young Spring Creek George SMITH 1865.
LIMESTONE SIDING Silverton Limestone Siding William COLE 1888.
LIVE AND LET LIVE Deniliquin Deniliquin John DICKSON 1866-1870.
LONDON TAVERN Emu Creek O'Brien's Reef James REYNOLDS 1867.
LORD NELSON Corowa Mulwala Nelson LAURENCE (LAWRENCE) 1866-1868.
Further info
Bourke Darling River Thomas HUGGINS 1874-1876; Patrick MATTHEWS 1877; Thomas A. MATTHEWS 1878-1879; William MATHEWS 1880; Patrick MATHEWS 1881; Timothy BUCKLEY 1882-1883; John BUCKLEY 1884.
LUCKNOW HOTEL Carcoar King's Plains Gold Fields Robert STYNES 1867.
LUCKNOW HOTEL Emu Creek Emu Creek Gold Fields George BARNETT 1868-1870.
LUSCOMBE'S FEDERAL HOTEL Bourke Bourke Edward M. LUSCOMBE 1892-1894.
MAC'S IVANHOE HOTEL Hay - Mossgiel - Hillston Ivanhoe Henry GAYSON 1876; Henry Thomas MILLE (MILLIE) 1880-1885; Anne McDOUGALL 1886.
MACQUARIE INN Dubbo Dubbo J.E. BRONNING 1865-1866; Thomas NICHOLAS 1867-1868; WalterREAKES 1869; Hugh MUNROE 1870.
MAGARA HOTEL Hay Leonard Street, Hay Charles William YORKE 1879.
MAID AND MAGPIE HOTEL Wentworth Middle Yard, Darling River John FOX 1875-1877; Became the MIDDLE YARD HOTEL.
MAIDEN'S HOTEL Menindie Menindie William MAIDEN 1879; Werribee (Weriba) R. PYKE 1880-1881. (Also known as the MENINDIE HOTEL).
MAIL CHANGE HOTEL Wentworth Mount Dispersion Thomas BRETT 1882-1885; (River Murray Road) James BRETT 1886; Thomas BRETT 1887-1891; (Murray River Bend) Sarah G. BRETT 1892; Thomas BRETT 1893.
MAIL COACH HOTEL Wentworth Pooncarie, River Darling Edwin John WEEKS 1875-1876.
MAIL STATION HOTEL Hay Merri Merriwah James BOOTH 1873.
Further info
Wentworth Mallee Cliffs George Howard BIRT 1875-1880; William BRADSHAW junr. 1880-1882.
MANARA HOTEL Wilcannia - Menindie Manara Alex James CLARK 1869-1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Mangoplah Thomas JONES 1865-1868; Ann HYLAND 1869; Charles Amos CRISP 1870.
MANPOND HOTEL Bourke - Cobar Road to Bourke Leonard C. SMITH 1880-1881; John AKERS 1881-1882.
MARARA HOTEL Bourke Marara Henry JEWELL 1880.
Further info
Dubbo Marthaguy Creek H. DALEY 1865-1866; (At Collie) Hugh MUNRO 1868; Samuel MEIRS 1869-1870.
Further info
Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill George CROSSING 1888; Thomas C. TAIT 1889-1900.
MATHOURA HOTEL Deniliquin Mathoura Duncan William CAMPBELL 1868-1869.
Further info
Hay Maude Daniel MURPHY 1868-1869.
MAUDE PUNT HOTEL Hay Maude Patrick PENDERGAST 1865-1867.
MAY BELL HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill May Bell Samuel DAVIES 1886; George A. WADDY 1887; Henry MENNER 1888; Joseph ROSS 1889; (Mount Gipps) William H. BERRIDGE 1890; Lawrence FARRELL 1891; Henry W. AULTON 1892.
MAYFLOWER HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill Christina CAHILL 1888; Hiram Charles BASTIN 1889-1891; W.H.J. HORAN 1892.
MAYLAND'S HOTEL Brewarrina Maylands, Culgoa River William Willoughby SHAW 1896; Catherine Ada SHAW 1897-1900.
McKINLEY'S HOTEL Hillston Gunbar August WERNER 1879-1880; James McCAWLEY 1882-1883; Alexander ROBERTSON 1884; Daniel O'CONNELL 1885; Robert GRAHAM 1886; (At McKinley) James HURST 1887-1896 + (At McKinley, Gunbar Road) 1898-1900.
MEADOWS HOTEL Cobar Wilcannia Road Richard DOMINICK 1889-1900.
MECHANICS ARMS Wilcannia - Mitchell Reid Street, Wilcannia Richard BUNWORTH 1876-1878; Peter BUNWORTH 1878-1879; Matthew FORD 1879-1880; Michael J. GLEESON 1882; (Wilcannia) William FLANNERY 1883-1888; Richard BUNWORTH 1889-1900.
MELBOURNE HOTEL Emu Creek Grenfell James M. YORKE (YORK) 1867; James M. YORK 1868; Henry HARDING 1869-1870.
MELBOURNE HOTEL Wilcannia Wilcannia Henry STIVENS 1871.
MENIMBAH HOTEL Walgett Menimbah Joseph DAWSON 1877-1880; John James BARNES 1881.
Further info
Wentworth - Wilcannia - Menindie Menindie Christopher QUINN 1866-1869; Richard GREEN 1870-1874; George MILLER 1875-1878; Edis PALMER 1879-1880; William MAIDEN 1881-1885; Henry H. CHURCH 1882; John Hugh GORDON 1886-1890; George MAIDEN 1891; Robert F. WELCOME 1892-1896; William MAIDEN 1897-1900.(Also known as MAIDEN'S HOTEL - see separate listing).
MEROOL CREEK INN Wagga Wagga Merool Creek Henry LOVETT 1868-1870.
Further info
Wagga Wagga Merool Creek Robert SANDERSON 1869-1870.
MERRI ABBA HOTEL Hillston Main road Hillston to Lake Cudgellico John MANNS 1879; John MANNIX 1880; (On Merri Merrigal Run) John MANNS 1881 + (Werri Werrigal) 1882-1891 + (John MANAS) 1892 + (John MANNS at Merri Abba) 1893.
MERYULA HOTEL Cobar Near Cobar on Nyngan road Robert ROSS 1881-1886; William SCANLON 1887; John DEVLIN 1888; John DEVITT (DEVETT) 1889-1897 + (Meryula) 1898-1900.
Cobar Barton Street, Cobar Thomas SHAIN 1883; Robert STAIN 1884; Thomas STAIN 1885 1888; Frederick TOY 1886; John CONLEY 1889; Eugene MARTIN 1890; Joseph WRIGHT 1891; Frank COULIN 1892; James LOUGHMAN 1893-1895; Henry DOOLEY 1896-1897; James GLASHEEN 1898; Matilda PALMER 1899; Thomas SATTERWAITE 1900.
Further info
Cobar - Nymagee Nymagee Samuel WHITE 1880; William WHITE 1882-1883; Samuel Charles WALLER 1882; Martin HENNESSY 1885-1887; George WHITLOCK 1888; Martin HENNESSY (HENNESSEY) 1891-1892 1894-1900.
METROPOLITAN HOTEL Hillston South Mount Hope Nicholas HODGE 1883-1886; Ann HODGE 1887; Henry McCOOK 1888-1890.
METROPOLITAN HOTEL Nyngan Sandy Creek, near Nyngan William LAWSON 1889; Anne GREGSON 1890-1891; George F. CALLAN 1892; Henry DAVIS 1893.
Further info
Wentworth Middle Yard, Darling River (Former MAID AND MAGPIE HOTEL) John FOX 1877; John HIPPISLEY 1877-1878; Henry SMITH 1879-1880; Richmond H. PERRING 1896 1898.
MILPARINKA HOTEL Milparinka Milparinka Charles J. PRENTICE 1892.
MINER'S ARMS Bourke Bourke F. RICE 1873.
MINER'S ARMS Carcoar Cowra Richard NEVILLE 1868; Daniel O'BRIEN 1869-1870.
MINER'S ARMS Emu Creek Emu Creek Batiste GUILIANA 1868.
MINER'S ARMS HOTEL Cobar Mount Boppy Mines, Florida Elizabeth MORRIS 1900.
MINER'S ARMS HOTEL Mitchell White Cliffs John TOMLINSON 1899-1900.
MINER'S ARMS HOTEL Silverton Bourke Street, Silverton James SMITH 1886-1888; Harriet WETHENHALL 1889-1890 + (WETTENHALL) 1891-1894; James SMITH 1895.
MINER'S ARMS HOTEL Silverton Thackaringa Mines Michael I. DELANDRE 1886-1887; Michael J. DELANDRE 1888; James PATERSON 1889; (Thackaringa, near Silverton) John IRELAND 1890; James SMITH 1891-1894; Elizabeth COMERFORD 1895-1899; William Joseph HOGAN 1900.
MINER'S ARMS HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill William J. MATTHEWS 1888 1890-1891; John KENNEDY 1889; Richard BENALLACK 1892-1894; James Robert CARR 1896-1897; Lino GATTORNA 1898; Robert Calder WEST 1899-1900.
MINER'S ARMS HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Rockwell Paddock George J. FISHER 1888; William SYMONS 1889; (Rockwell, near Broken Hill) James BROWN 1890; William O'KEEFE 1891; (Rockwell Paddock) William I.L. MATTHEWSON 1892-1898; Terrance (Terence) SMITH 1899-1900.
MINER'S HOME Stony Creek Stony Creek Carl LEHMAIR 1866-1870.
MINER'S HOTEL Carcoar Arthurstown, Trunkey Creek John CHESHER 1869-1870.
MINORA INN Molong Molong William HARTLAND 1865-1866.
MINORE HOTEL Dubbo Minore Charles Bernard BRETT 1868-1870.
MOGIL MOGIL HOTEL Walgett Mogil Mogil William NORRIS (MORRIS) 1867-1869; Alexander PATTERSON 1876-1881; Joseph PERRY 1882; Mary Ann McPHERSON 1883-1893; Hugh McPHERSON 1895; Phillip GALLEGOS 1896-1899; Jenni HYNES 1900.
MOGONG INN Molong Mogong Mary Ann LAW 1865.
MOIRA HOTEL Moama Moira D. LAMB 1865; John GRAHAM 1866-1867; Hugh GRACEY 1868-1870.
Further info
Molong Molong George WHITE 1865-1866; (Riddell Street) John WOOLBANK 1867.
MOLPA HOTEL Moulamein Moulamein and Balranald Road William Wall LODGE 1879 + ( MOOLPA HOTEL) 1880-1881.
MONARO HOTEL Menindie Mount Monaro Alexander James CLARK 1868.
MONTEFIORES HOTEL Wellington Montefiores Patrick DONNELLY 1869-1870.
MOOLBONG HOTEL Hillston Moolbong Matthew RYAN 1891 1893.
MOONGULLA INN Walgett Moongulla Henry BROMLEE 1879; John Thomas DOYLE 1880-1884 + (HOTEL) 1885-1892; Charles J. CARTER 1893; Charles SEYMOUR 1895-1897 1899-1900; John STAUNTON 1898.
MOORIBEE INN Walgett Walgett Robert KERRIGAN 1868-1869.
Further info
Wentworth Moorna John C. NICHOLLS 1888.
MOOTWINGEE HOTEL Mitchell Mootwingee John GIBSON 1888.
MOPONE HOTEL Bourke Mopone Mary LYNCH 1878.
Further info
Young Young James CLARKE 1867; James CLARK 1868-1869.
MORDEN ARMS HOTEL Milparinka Yandarloo Alexander AGNEW 1885; John E. AUSTIN 1885 -1887; John H. MATTHEWS 1887; Emily Jane MATTHEWS 1888-1891 1893; Charles WAKEFIELD 1896-1897; Patrick WALSH 1898 + (MORTON ARMS HOTEL) 1899-1900.
MORTRAY HOTEL Forbes Lambing Flat Road John George SCHOFIELD 1867-1868.
MOSSGIEL HOTEL Hay - Mossgiel - Hillston Mossgiel, Mount Murchison Road Robert Kavanagh (Cavanagh) RIORDAN 1869 + (Mossgiel Run) 1870; (MOSSGIEL HOTEL, Mossgiel) Thomas PARSONS 1874-1878; Daniel SINCLAIR 1880-1883; Rose SINCLAIR 1884; Richard KIRBY 1885; Thomas PARSONS 1886; John F. MILLER 1887-1891; John H. VON ALLWORDEN 1892-1893; Thomas RYAN 1895-1896 1898; Philip O'CONNOR 1899; Richard Hayden CHERITON 1900.
MOULAMEIN INN Moulamein Moulamein William BURGESS 1865-1870 1873-1875; David HEPBURN 1877-1878; William BURGESS 1879; John Smith HORTON 1880; Michael WARREN 1881.
MOUNT ALLEN HOTEL Hillston Mount Allen Andrew SORENSON 1894 1896-1900.
MOUNT BILLAGOE Cobar Mount Billagoe near Cobar William RAY 1888-1889.
MOUNT BOPPY (BOBBY) HOTEL Cobar Roads Nyngan and Bogan John ALLEN 1880-1883 + (Mount Bobby Run, near Cobar)1884-1886; Frederick TOY 1887; Susan ROSS 1887-1892 + (MOUNT BOBBY RAILWAY HOTEL) 1893 + (Cobar and Meryula Streets Florida) 1894.( See RAILWAY HOTEL, Cobar District, at Mount Boppy from 1885).
Further info
Milparinka Mount Browne Thomas A. WILSON 1886; James A. O'CONNOR 1887-1891.
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Cobar Mount Drysdale Henry C. SMITH 1899.
MOUNT ELLIOTT INN Euabalong Mount Elliott William Burnett ELLIOTT 1879-1880.
MOUNT ETNA INN Stony Creek Stony Creek William CHAMBERS 1867-1868.
Further info
Menindie - Wilcannia - Mitchell - Silverton Mount Gipps, Barrier Ranges James WHITE 1870-1872; Henry PRETTY 1874; Charles CARL 1875-1881; Michael O'FARRELL 1882-1885; Charles A. KEIGHRAN 1886; Martin BRENNAN 1887; Francis JONES 1888-1890; John RYAN 1891; John GIBBS 1892-1894; William FARMER 1895-1896; Francis TREGLOWN 1897-1900.
MOUNT HARRIS HOTEL Warren Mount Harris Thomas DAVIES 1892-1898; Herman SADLING 1899-1900.
MOUNT HOPE HOTEL Euabalong - Hillston Mount Hope James B. DOUGLAS 1881; John APLITT 1882; John T.BROWN 1883; Charles JONES 1884.
Further info
Wentworth - Wilcannia - Mitchell Wilcannia William HATTEN (HATTON) 1873-1874; Robert FELGATE 1874-1877; (Reid Street, Wilcannia) Thomas O'LEARY 1879-1884; Patrick MURRAY 1886; William J. LOVETT 1887-1888; Cornelius O'LEARY 1889; William FLANNERY 1889-1897; James B. ROWE 1898-1900.
MOUNT OXLEY HOTEL Bourke Mount Oxley John HANCOCK 1873 + (HANDCOCK) 1874; (At Bourke) Henry JOHNSON 1875-1878; Patrick WELDON 1879-1881.
Further info
Bourke Oxley's Table Land James REED 1870-1871.
MOUNTAIN HOME HOTEL Cobar Road Cobar to Mossgiel Alfred FRANCESCO 1881; (Belaraboon) Catherine McGLINCEY 1884.
MOUNTAIN HOME HOTEL Hay - Hillston Yalbura Station,Hillston Charles HERMES 1875; William CLARK 1877-1879 + (INN) 1889; John CARROLL 1881; Archibald KENNEDY 1881-1882.
MOUNTAIN WELL HOTEL Hillston Mountain Well, Roto Run Henry TURNER 1879-1885.
MUCKERAWA HOTEL Stony Creek Muckerawa Henry DAVIS 1865-1868; Mary A. DAVIS 1869-1870.
MULGA CREEK HOTEL Bourke Mulga Creek, 3 miles from Byrock Robert Cuthbert HARRISON 1879-1893.
MULGA HILL HOTEL Silverton - Broken Hill Broken Hill William CLARINGBOLD 1888; John W.H. HENDERSON 1889; William COLE 1890; Thomas MACFIE 1891-1892; John HILL 1893; George E. GODSHAW 1896-1897; James CONLON 1898-1900.
MULWALA HOTEL Corowa Mulwala William ROLLSTON 1866.
Further info
Bourke Mungunia Charles Joseph CONWAY 1878-1879, (MUNGUNYAH HOTEL) + 1880; Patrick FITZGERALD 1881 + (At Mungunyah) 1884; Edward WOOD 1894; Michael O'SHANNASSY 1885-1886; Charles J. CONWAY 1887-1889; William S. HARVEY 1890-1891; Edward WOOD 1892-1896; Charles Joseph CONWAY 1897-1900.
MUNSTER HOTEL Emu Creek Tygong Michael O'CONNOR 1867.
MUNTHERUNGIE HOTEL Milparinka Muntherungie Silver-field John STUBBERFIELD 1891.
MUNWONGA HOTEL Forbes Munwonga John YEO 1865-1870.
MURCADOOL HOTEL Walgett Murcadool John GRACE 1882 + (MERCADOOL HOTEL) 1883-1889; William DODD 1890-1896; John DODD 1897-1898; William PAGE 1899-1900.
MURGA HOTEL Forbes Murga William FEENEY 1869.
MURGAH HOTEL Moulamein Mail Road between Moulamein and Deniliquin Andrew Fuller VIRTUE 1879; Daniel HURLEY 1880-1881.
MURRINGUNDY INN Dubbo Murringundy Daniel GILLIS 1867-1868.
MURRUMBIDGEE HOTEL Hay Wooloondool Run Raven WADE 1877; Ann RYAN 1878; William BROWN 1879-1880; Raven WADE 1882 + (Maude Road) 1883-1886; Thomas R. FENNELL 1887; Robert GORDON 1888-1896; William MORGAN 1898; Andrew MORRIS 1899; Edward G.W. ASHCROFT 1900.
MURRUMBIDGEE PUNT HOTEL Hay Murrumbidgee, Hay Ed. RAY 1865; Henry Nickisson SMITH 1866-1867; (MURRUMBIDGEE POINT HOTEL) John PIGOT 1868.
MURRUMBIDGERIE INN Dubbo Murrumbidgerie James EVANS 1865-1866; Christopher Antil YEO 1867-1869; Edward LYNEL 1870.
MURRUMBURRAH HOTEL Young Murrumburrah John ENGLISH 1866-1870.
MURTIE HOTEL Mitchell Bourke Road, near Wilcannia Jessie HICKEY 1885; (MURTIE POINT HOTEL) A. HICKEY 1886; (At Murtie Point) James RODDA 1887; Henry ALLEN 1888-1889.
MYALL PLAINS HOTEL Warren Myall Plains Thomas DAVIES 1891; Joseph DOWTON 1892; James RORKE 1893-1895 + (Warren to Nevertire Road) 1896; Simon J. KENT 1897.

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