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Brunson Family Genealogy

Isaac Brunson Family
of South Carolina

(Some of family migrated to Tennessee, then Mississippi)



Generation No. 1


1. ISAAC1 BRUNSON was born about 1672 in Weathersfield, Hartford Co., CT, the son of John Brownson and Hannah (no last name) and died February 20, 1731/32 in Sumter Dist., Berkeley, SC. He married MARGARET (no last name) about 1705 in Weathersfield, Hartford Co., CT.  Her parents are unknown.

Isaac lived in Berkeley County, South Carolina and was a planter.  He had 100 acres in Berkeley County that was willed to him by his father John Brownson bounding on the East by Joseph Lord, south by John Kitchin, West by Martha Grave and North by Joseph Brownson, planter. It was sold in 1712 to Joseph Brownson except for his mother Hannah's quarters in the plantation house and one acre within 6 rods of the house.

Isaac Brunson was buried in  February 1731/32 in  Sumter District, Berkeley Co., SC

Margaret Brunson's maiden name is unknown.  She was buried in Clarendon, SC.


i. GEORGE2 BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1704, Weathersfield, Hartford, CT; d. Abt. 1734, St John's Parish, Berkeley, SC.

ii. ISAAC BRUNSON , JR., b. Abt. 1706, Dorchester, Hartford, CT; d. 1770, Dorchester, Hartford, CT.  Isaac, Jr. married Mary Neilson about 1727 near the  Santee River, Sumter Dist., SC.   She was born abt 1710.

Children include: Isaac, David, Mary, Daniel, Josiah, Mathew, Moses, Joshua and Susannah.

Isaac Brunson, Jr. was buried in 1770 in Dorchester, Hartford Co., CT

iii. DORCAS BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1708, Dorchester, Dorchester, CT; d. Aft. 1754, SC.  Dorcas married Jared Neilson about 1728 in Dorchester, Dorchester Co., CT

iv. JAMES BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1711, Dorchester, Dorchester, SC; d. Abt. 1770, Craven, SC.  James married Rebecca (no last name) about 1736 in South Carolina.   She was born about 1711.

v. DAVID BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1720, Dorchester, Dorchester, SC.   David married Susannah Johnson who was born about 1720.

vi. ELIZABETH BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1721, Dorchester, Dorchester, SC.   Elizabeth married Samuel Neilson (Nelson) born about 1721.

vii. SUSANNAH BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1723, Dorchester, Dorchester, SC; d. October 13, 1783, Parish Frederick, Craven, SC.   Susannah married William Neilson about 1742 at Dorchester, Dorchester County, SC. He was born about 1711 at Parish Frederick, Craven Co., SC.

2. viii. WILLIAM BRUNSON, b. Abt. 1734, Sumter Dist., Orangeburg, SC; d. January 21, 1796, Sumter, SC.



Generation No. 2


2. WILLIAM2 BRUNSON (ISAAC1) was born about 1734 in Sumter Dist., Orangeburg, SC, and died January 21, 1796 in Sumter, SC. He married SARAH FRIERSON before1750 in Sumter, SC, daughter of JOHN FRIERSON and MARGARET SMITH.

According to "The Name and Family Origin of Brunson" William was born about 1734 but DAR records show about 1723. This same pamphlet says that William Brunson died about 1802 and the DAR records show 21 Jan 1796.  FHC Ancestral File show that he was born about 1715 in Dorchester, Dorchester County, SC., died about 1756 in South Carolina and married Elizabeth Cooper 26 Apr 1744 in South Carolina. The FHC Ancestral File record that shows him married to Sarah (probably Sarah Frierson) shows William born about 1728 in Europe!

William Brunson petitioned for 500 acres on the north side of Santee River stating that he had a wife and 3 children and 5 slaves for which no land had been granted. His petition was granted. "Council Journal 17, pg. 169, dated Feb. 7, 1748-49)"

War Record: Sergeant in Company of Light Horse Volunteers of South Carolina under Captain James McCawler during the American Revolution. He enlisted October 1775 in the volunteer company of militia under Captain William Fullwood. In addition he served 210 days as a sergeant during 1780-81 and 1782. South Carolina H & C, II, 260, C.S., AA 850, F403; Y55 (see Roster of South Carolina Patriots.)  He furnished corn, beef and other produce to the Continental Army of South Carolina which was under the command of Colonel Matthew Singleton.

William Brunson's first descendant to be accepted in the DAR under his name was Amelia Catherine Loper, National #85025.

Sarah Frierson married her neighbor William Brunson.  She was buried in Camden, SC.




iii. WILLIAM BRUNSON , JR., b. Abt. 1750, Sumter, SC; d. 1803.

3. iv. PETER EDGEAH BRUNSON, b. December 28, 1754, Orangeburg, SC; d. September 22, 1836, Sumter Dist., SC.



Generation No. 3


3. PETER EDGEAH3 BRUNSON (WILLIAM2, ISAAC1) was born December 28, 1754 in Orangeburg, SC, and died September 22, 1836 in Sumter Dist., SC. He married ELEANOR (no last name) 1791 in SC.

Eleanor ? was Peter's 2nd wife. His first wife was Helen ?

"Sumter County Probate Bundle 6, pkg. 5: Peter E. Brunson, Intestate, citation to kindred 22 September 1836: Administrator of his estate, William Hodge.

List of heirs as follows: Leonard E. Brunson, Manning D. Brunson, Lawrence Brunson, Jared N. Brunson, Merry Brunson, Demarias Hodge and Emily McElvain. William Nettles appointed regular guardian with the statement that the minor is over 14 years of age, May 7, 1838, Willis L. being the minor.

The Camden Journal for November 19, 1836 shows publication of the Notice of partition, directed to any and all heirs who have left South Carolina.

The land grant records in Columbia, South Carolina show Peter Brunson had a grant of 400 acres in Camden District on waters of the Black River, bounded by lands of Thomas Sumter, Jr. (He was the son of Revolutionary War General Sumter), William Rees, Archibald Hanson, and Charles Robinson, plat certified 2 June 1784. "Sumter, SC Deed Book C., Page 34: "Peter Edgeah Brunson State of South Carolina, Camden District: Know all men by these presents that we, Joshua Hodges and Mary Hodges, his wife of Claremont County and State aforesaid, shoemaker, for and in consideration of 25 pounds sterling money tous paid in hand by Peter Edgeah Brunson of the County and state aforesaid, planter, have granted, bargained, sold, released unto the said Peter E. Brunson all that plantation, parcel or tract of land containing 100 acres situated in Craven County, on a branch of Black River called Cypress Pond Branch, East side of the Wateree River, bounded at the time the original grant thereof of Samuel Timmons on 24 May 1795, all sides vacant. Witness our hands and seals the 7th day of September 1797.

Signed, Joshua Hodges
Mary Hodges

Witness: Jesse Nettles, J.P.

page 415-517: "Jeremiah Rhame and wife Creasy, conveyed to Peter E. Brunson, 400 acres in Claremont County, bounded by lands of Thomas Gibbs, Barney Kelly, John Bongeane (/) and land of Beerham, deed dated 4 January 1809.

(Claremont County was the territory around Statesborough, along the Wateree River, abolished when Sumter District was formed about 1800. Old Camden District embraced the whole territory before the Revolutionary War, and various other counties too.)








vii. DEMARIAS BRUNSON. Demarias married William Hodge per Sumter County Probate Bundle 6, Pkg 5. as of 22 September 1836.

viii. EMILY BRUNSON married (no first name) McElvain per Sumter County Probate Bundle 6, pkg. 5 as of 22 September 1836.

ix. WILLIS L. BRUNSON. Per Sumter County Probate Bundle 6, Pkg. 5 as of 22 September 1836 Willis was over 14 years of age on May 7, 1838.

4. x. HARVEY PETER BRUNSON, b. January 22, 1801, Sumter Dist., Orangeburg, SC; d. April 11, 1855, Lauderdale, MS.


Generation No. 4


4. HARVEY PETER4 BRUNSON (PETER EDGEAH3, WILLIAM2, ISAAC1) was born January 22, 1801 in Sumter Dist., Orangeburg, SC, and died April 11, 1855 in Lauderdale, MS. He married MARTHA ELIZABETH WHITE Abt. 1823 in SC, daughter of unknown parents.

Harvey Peter Brunson moved first to Tennessee, then to Lauderdale Co., MS. He organized some of the oldest Baptist churches in Lauderdale Co., MS. He was a Missionary Baptist minister and a farmer. He was received by letter into the fellowship of Salem Church, Old Town, Lauderdale Co., MS.  He is buried in the Salem Church Cemeter at Old Town in Lauderdale Co., MS.

Martha Elizabeth White Brunson upon her husband's death lived with son William Lawrence Brunson, Sr. and died at this home.  She was buried in the McLemore Cemetery in Clarke Co., MS in January, 1877.

She was received by letter into Salem Church, Ole Town, Lauderdale Co., MS on 5/21/1852. She was granted a letter of dismission by Salem Churchnon Nov., 1859.


i. MORTIMER ORLEADER5 BRUNSON, b. August 12, 1825, TN.

ii. JOHN EDGAR BRUNSON, b. June 12, 1827, TN.  He married Evlina McLemore.  John was a Baptist minister.

iii. MARY ANN BRUNSON, b. January 17, 1830, TN.  She married Albert McLemore.

5. iv. SARAH ELIZABETH FRIERSON BRUNSON, b. May 17, 1832, TN; d. September 09, 1913, Clarke, MS.

v. PINKEY TATE BRUNSON, b. February 03, 1835, TN.

vi. MARTHA WINNEY BRUNSON, b. August 21, 1837.

vii. WILLIAM LAWRENCE BRUNSON , SR., b. April 18, 1840, MS.

viii. KIZZIAH DEMARIAS BRUNSON, b. January 10, 1843, MS.

ix. HARVEY PETER BRUNSON , JR., b. Abt. 1845, MS. He married Elizabeth Fontaine, sister of James Allen Fontaine. He was killed during the Civil War.


Generation No. 5


5. SARAH ELIZABETH FRIERSON5 BRUNSON (HARVEY PETER4, PETER EDGEAH3, WILLIAM2, ISAAC1) was born May 17, 1832 in TN, and died September 09, 1913 in Clarke, MS. She married ELIJAH E. WALKER June 01, 1851 in Lauderdale, MS, son of JAMES WALKER and unknown mother.

"Fricey" came to Mississippi at the age of seven with her family traveling in a covered wagon.  She had black hair and eyes.

She was received into the fellowship of the Salem Church, Ole Town, Lauderdale, MS in July, 1852. She was granted a letter of dismission by Salem Church in March 1868.

Cause of death:  She was sick from June 9, 1913 until she died of "Complications" September 9, 1913.  She was buried September 1913, at the New Hope Baptist Cemetery in Lauderdale Co., MS.

After Elijah Walker's mother died and his father remarried, he left his home in Tennessee and rode on horseback to Sumter Co., Alabama. There the red-headed youngster was converted and baptized soon after his arrival in 1848 into Salem Church at Ole Town, Lauderdale Co., MS in October, 1848.

War Record: Company #37 Regiment Balletian Mississippi Army of the Confederate States of America.

In March, 1868 he was granted a letter of dismission from Salem Church. He was ordained as a deacon at New Hope Baptist Church, Lauderdale County, MS.

His homestead was located on Old Quitman Road (Anderson Road), Clarke County (joining Lauderdale County), MS. The homestead claim by Elijah Walker made to the General Land Office, U. S. A. was approved May 20, 1862. It was registered in Jackson, MS Homestead Certificate 2788, Application 11039," ...154 acres and 30 hundredths of an acre. The signatures and date appearing on the certificate are: Grover Cleveland, President of USA; M. McKeen, Secretary; S. W. Clark, Recorder of General Land Office; May 25, 1885 ...and the Independencce of the United States one hundred and nine. Recorded Volume 6, Page 180.

Cause of death:  "Hemmorrhage of the brain" one night and died March 5, 1886. He was buried in the New Hope Baptist Cemetery in Lauderdale Co., MS.


6. i. GEORGE HARVEY6 WALKER, b. September 04, 1852, Clarke, MS; d. August 01, 1921, Clarke, MS.

ii. M. JOSEPHINE WALKER, b. January 18, 1854, Clarke, MS; d. May 12, 1921, MS.  Never Married.

iii. WILLIAM EDGAR WALKER, b. December 22, 1855, Clarke, MS; d. MS. Married Julia Semmes 12/21/1881.

iv. JAMES MANNING WALKER, b. March 17, 1858, Clarke, MS; d. MS. Married Roena Wilson.

v. MARTHA KIZZIAH (KIZZIE) WALKER, b. May 04, 1860, Clarke, MS; d. MS. She married Tom Daniel 11/30/1886.

vi. MARY ELIZABETH WALKER, b. February 20, 1862, Clarke, MS; d. August 26, 1865, MS.  Never married.

vii. CHARLIE E. WALKER, b. September 02, 1864, Clarke, MS; d. MS. He married Collie E. Kimbrell December 17, 1890.

viii. SARAH ALICE WALKER, b. December 06, 1866, Clarke, MS; d. November 22, 1897, MS. She married Dr. R. A. Hail September 19, 1894.

ix. ELLIE WALKER, b. October 10, 1869, Clarke, MS; d. 1955, MS.   Never married.

x. EDWARD (EDDIE) WALKER, b. February 21, 1872, Clarke, MS; d. December 28, 1929, MS.

xi. FLORENCE WALKER, b. July 15, 1874, Clarke, MS; d. October 12, 1887, MS.  Never Married.


Generation No. 6


6. GEORGE HARVEY6 WALKER (SARAH ELIZABETH FRIERSON5 BRUNSON, HARVEY PETER4, PETER EDGEAH3, WILLIAM2, ISAAC1) was born September 04, 1852 in Clarke, MS, and died August 01, 1921 in Clarke, MS. He married SARAH DOROTHY BAUGHN September 01, 1874 in Clarke, MS, daughter of CHARLES BAUGHN and NANCY MCLEMORE.  George Harvey Walker was buried at the New Hope Baptist Cemetery in Lauderdale Co., MS.  Sarah Dorothy Baughn Walker was buried in the New Hope Baptist Cemetery in Lauderdale Co., MS.


i. EXAH VIRGINIA7 WALKER, b. November 11, 1875, Clarke, MS, Home; d. May 30, 1939.  She married James Gibson.

ii. ZELLA MAY WALKER, b. May 12, 1877; d. September 25, 1941.   Never married.

iii. CHARLIE MAURICE WALKER, b. August 04, 1879, Clarke, MS, Home; d. October 18, 1946.   Charlie married (1) Lou Annie Stone and  (2) Anna Fountaine.

iv. WILLIAM ADRON WALKER, b. August 26, 1881, Clarke, MS, Home; d. May 31, 1967, Jackson, Hinds, MS, Baptist Hospital; m. FLORENCE NORTHAM, January 28, 1907, Tamola, Kemper, MS, Bride's Home. William Adron Walker was buried in the New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery in Lauderdale Co., MS.  Florence Northam Walker was buried at the New Hope Baptist Cemetery in Lauderdale County, MS.

v. (INFANT SON) WALKER, b. July 27, 1883, Clarke, MS, Home; d. July 27, 1883, Clarke, MS, Home.

vi. VIVIAN FRIERSON WALKER, b. June 04, 1884, Clarke, MS, Home; d. November 23, 1960. She married William Owen Carter (Minister)

vii. JOSEPHINE WALKER, b. July 09, 1886, Clarke, MS, Home; d. December 26, 1913.  She married Dr. Martin A. Carter (She was his first wife).

viii. GEORGE ELIJAH WALKER, b. September 03, 1888, Clarke, MS,.   He married Nora Martin.

ix. CECIL VERN WALKER, b. August 20, 1890, Clarke, MS, Home. He married (1) Earline Kimbrell McRae and  (2) Bertha (no last name)

x. HEZZIE EARL WALKER, b. September 05, 1892, Clarke, MS, Home. He married Daisy Elrod.

xi. EMMA ELLIE REGINA WALKER, b. July 16, 1895, Clarke, MS, Home; d. January 23, 1974. She married Dr. Martin A. Carter (his second wife).

xii. VERA THELLIS WALKER, b. January 09, 1901, Clarke, MS, Home.  She married (no first name) Biggs and lived in California.

Note:  Too many persons belonging to generation no. 7 are still alive.



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