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Frederick A. Leake Family
of Southwest Mississippi

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Generation No. 1


1. FREDERICK A.2 LEAKE (LEAKE1) was born Abt. 1785 in NC, and died Bef. April 14, 1829 in Wilkinson Co., MS. He married MARY ANN RABB April 11, 1812 in Natchez District, Adams, MS, daughter of JOHN RABB and CATHERINE CLARK.

The date of Frederick Leake's estate inventory of the deceased was 14 April 1829.   In the 1830 census his wife Mary Ann Leake appears as head of household.  In the 1850 census Mary is shown at age 55 living in the household of Joseph, 27 years old.   Also living in this household was Alexander, age 22.  If Mary was 55 in 1850 then she was probably born in 1795 and was 17 when she married.

Land description: Bounded on North by Buffalo Creek, South by public lands, west by lands of Spencer Wood. Date of land grant was 10 Jan 1818 Section 23 Township 3 Range 2W containing 490 acres.

According to the  1900 Census his son, Alexander states that his father, Frederick A. Leake, Was born in North Carolina. 

Frederick died between April 22, 1828 and April 4, 1829 since it is documented in the "Woodville Republican" that on April 22, 1828, "John Price wishes to sell land before returning to Kentucky.  Land will be shown by Mr. Frederick Leake."   On April 4, 1829, the "Woodville Republican" states "Mary A. Leake appointed Admr's for deceased Frederick Leake's estate."


Children of FREDERICK LEAKE and MARY RABB are:

2. i. THOMAS3 LEAKE, b. 1813, Wilkinson, MS.

3. ii. SAMUEL LEAKE, b. 1816, Adams, MS.

iii. AMANDA LEAKE, b. 1818, Wilkinson, MS; m. (1) WILLIAM EMBREE; m. (2) WILLIAM ELLSBERRY.

iv. MARTHA MARGARET LEAKE, b. 1820, Wilkinson, MS; m. RICHARD F. CLAMPITT, 1846.

v. ELIZA LEAKE, b. 1822, Wilkinson, MS; m. ANDREW JACKSON WHITE, March 02, 1847, Wilkinson Co., MS.

4. vi. JOSEPH LEAKE, b. 1823, Wilkinson, MS.

5. vii. ALEXANDER LEAKE, b. January 1827, Wilkinson, MS; d. August 19, 1909.



Generation No. 2


2. THOMAS3 LEAKE (FREDERICK A.2, LEAKE1) was born 1813 in Wilkinson, MS. He married ELLEN REBECCA BECK February 12, 1833 in Wilkinson Co., MS.

Children of THOMAS LEAKE and ELLEN BECK are:

i. MARY A.4 LEAKE, b. 1833, Wilkinson Co., MS; d. 1853; m. ALVA F. CARTER, February 07, 1852, Wilkinson Co., MS.

ii. WILLIAM A. LEAKE, b. 1835, Wilkinson Co., MS; m. LYDIA RABB, January 07, 1855, Wilkinson Co., MS.

iii. JAMES LEAKE, b. 1840.


3. SAMUEL3 LEAKE (FREDERICK A.2, LEAKE1) was born 1816 in Adams, MS. He married LYDIA WHITE October 04, 1846 in Wilkinson Co., MS, daughter of ANDREW WHITE and MARY (WHITE).

According to the 1900 Census, Lydia White was born Mary 1830.  Her father Andrew White was born in Tennessee and her mother Mary (maiden name unknown) was born in Mississippi.  Living in Lydia's household in 1900 was daughter Anna who was blind and daughter Katie who was deaf.

Children of SAMUEL LEAKE and LYDIA WHITE are:

i. MARY ELIZABETH4 LEAKE, b. 1847; m. COLUMBUS HANEY, November 24, 1869, Wilkinson Co., MS.

ii. FREDERICK A. LEAKE, b. July 29, 1850, Wilkinson, MS; d. July 20, 1919, Wilkinson, MS; m. LYDIA REBECCA CARTER, February 22, 1872, Wilkinson, MS.  Frederick was buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Wilkinson Co., MS.  Lydia was buried 12 April 1904  in the Old Pioneer Cemetery, Wilkinson Co., MS.

iii. ALEXANDER BOYD LEAKE, b. June 26, 1851, Wilkinson, Wilkinson, MS; d. July 29, 1925, Wilkinson, Wilkinson, MS; m. MARY CATHERINE NETTERVILLE, January 03, 1873, Adams, MS.  Alexander was buried July 1925, Wilkinson, Wilkinson Co., MS in the Netterville 2 Cemetery. Mary Catherine was buried August 1925 in Wilkinson, Wilkinson Co., MS in the Netterville 2 Cemetery.

iv. JOSEPH RABB LEAKE, b. October 25, 1853, Wilkinson, MS; d. December 08, 1904, Wilkinson, MS; m. LEVICIA JANE SHROPSHIRE, October 29, 1874, Home of Wiley Shropshire.   They are buried in the Shropshire Cemetery which is on the L. Leake Road in Wilkinson Co., MS.

v. SUSAN E. LEAKE, b. 1856; m. NEHEMIAH DEVALL CARTER, February 01, 1877.  The 1860 Census show Susan as 4 years old.

vi. THOMAS A. LEAKE, b. 1858, Wilkinson, MS; m. MARY ELIZABETH CARTER, December 09, 1883.  Her nickname was "Mollie."

vii. SARAH A. LEAKE, b. 1861; m. JESSIE MONROE CARTER, February 17, 1879.

viii. ANNA LEAKE, b. December 1863.  Anna was blind and did not marry.  She was living in 1900 with her mother.

ix. KATE LEAKE, b. October 1865. Kate was deaf and did not marry.   She was living in 1900 with her mother.

x. MALCOLM ERNEST LEAKE, b. January 1868, Wilkinson, MS; m. LETTIE ANNIE CAVIN, December 11, 1889, Wilkinson Co., MS.  Lettie was burined in the Union Baptist Cemetery in Wilkinson Co., MS.

xi. GEORGE D. LEAKE, b. April 1871, Wilkinson, MS; d. March 23, 1955; m. (1) ALICE (Littie) CAVIN, February 19, 1889, Wilkinson Co., MS; m. (2) MARGARET ANNA "MAGGIE" MCNEELY, August 07, 1898.  George was burined March, 1955 in the Evergreen Cemetery, Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS.  Maggie is also buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS.

xii. ARTHUR JACKSON LEAKE, b. November 16, 1873, Wilkinson, MS; d. August 31, 1952, Wilkinson, MS; m. ANNIE I. MCCURLEY, January 09, 1896.  Arthur was buried September, 1952 in the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS.  Annie is also buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., MS.


4. JOSEPH3 LEAKE (FREDERICK A.2, LEAKE1) was born 1823 in Wilkinson, MS. He married MARY ANN LAMBERT August 20, 1857.


i. VIRGINIA FLORENCE4 LEAKE.  Virginia is in the register of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Natchez, MS in Book dated 1839-1872, page 173.


5. ALEXANDER3 LEAKE (FREDERICK A.2, LEAKE1) was born January 1827 in Wilkinson, MS, and died August 19, 1909. He married LUCY JULOTTA DAVIS 1853.

He had 3 years in military service to the Confederate States in Captain J. D. Netterville's Company. His wife filed for Widow's pension when she was 80 in 1916. 






iv. WILLIAM E. LEAKE, m. AMANDA L. OGDEN, August 24, 1888, Wilkinson Co., MS.

v. AMANDA ELIZABETH LEAKE, b. February 07, 1878; d. June 10, 1955; m. ROBERT JAMES OGDEN, August 31, 1895, Wilkinson Co., MS.  Robert is buried in the Ogden/Ashley Cemetery, Rosetta, Wilkinson CO., MS

vi. CARROLL LEAKE, b. 1864; d. March 1904; m. EMMA KNIGHT, January 10, 1889, Wilkinson Co., MS.  Emma was buried at Ireland, Wilkinson Co., MS.  In 1890 she was on the Membership Register at Mars Hill Methodist Church, Wilkinson Co., MS.  The 1900 Census shows Emma living with mother Kate Newman with daughters Maggie & Evelyn Her cause of death was Chronic Parenchymatous Nephritis (Kidney Disease).


Generation No. 3 will be coming soon!

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