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Mason Matlack Research Notes

Where was he born?  Mason Matlack was born 9 Mar 1794.  Sources differ on the place of his birth.  According to his death record, he was born in New Jersey.  According to the 1850 census he was born in Pennsylvania.

Where was his father living in 1794?  Knowing where his father was living in 1794 should provide clues regarding Mason's birth.  Sorting out Jacob's whereabouts is complicated by the fact that there was more than one Jacob Matlack in Gloucester Co., New Jersey during that time period.

Timeline for our Jacob 

Summary  A tentative conclusion: based on the records available for his father, Mason was born in New Jersey.

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1762Jacob was born 19 Dec 1762 in Waterford Twp, Gloucester Co., New Jersey.
1777Jacob was living in Waterford Twp. when he enlisted in the New Jersey Militia Pension File Extracts
1782Jacob was married 28 Dec 1782 in Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1784The first entry on a tax list for a Jacob in Waterford Twp, Gloucester Co. was in 1784.  Tax obligations began for men at age 21, so 1784 is consistent with our Jacob's 1862 birth.  He is also there in 1785, 1787, 1791-1793, 1795-1797, 1802.

The collection on Ancestry includes tax lists beginning in 1772.  The lists also include Jacob Matlacks from:

  • Gloucester Twp, Gloucester Co., in 1773-1774
  • Deptford Twp, Gloucester Co., in 1779-1783
  • Newton Twp, Gloucester Co., in 1786

The first two of the above clearly are older than our Jacob.  The third one could be our Jacob, as he does not appear on the Waterford Twp. tax list in 1786 (assuming there is one in the collection).  The Family Search catalog does not include tax lists for Waterford Township.

1833His pension was initially paid in New Jersey. Pension File Extracts
1835He removed to Philadelphia. Pension File Extracts