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Lars Tovsen, Gullaug Gulliksdatter and family in Handeland, Suldal 1758
Suldal Early Parish Register 1758-1758 p.31

The family had not been in Handeland very long and the person recording the information apparently did not know them well, for there are a number of errors in the names; for example: Lars Thorsen should be Lars Tovsen, Gunnil Gulliksdatter should be Gullaug Gulliksdatter, and Siri Larsdatter should be Turi Larsdatter.  This was a second marriage for both Lars and Gullaug, and Lars and Ingebor were children of Lars' first marriage.

Source information: Rogaland county, Suldal, Early parish register nr. (1758-1758), Early parish register 1758, page 31. Permanent online pagelink, Permanent online imagelink