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12 Aug 1822 Attestations of the migration of Niels Gunliksen from Suldal to Telemark

As recorded in the Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.288

As recorded in the Brunkeberg i Kviteseid Kirkebøk 1815-1836 p.312

Migration records began in Kviteseid in 1819 and in Suldal in 1821, but no record of Niel's move from Kviteseid to Suldal has been found.  His move may have been prior to 1819 or he may not have intended to stay when he first went there.

Suldal source information: Rogaland county, Suldal in Suldal, Parish register (official) nr. A 6 (1816-1836), Emigration records 1822-1825, page 288, first item. Permanent online pagelink, Permanent online imagelink

Telemark source information: Telemark county, Brunkeberg in Kviteseid, Parish register (official) nr. II 1 (1815-1836), Imigration records 1823-1827, page 312 right, #3. Permanent online pagelink, Permanent online imagelink