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Public Absolutions of Jakob Jokumson and Mari Jacobsdatter

Trin (31 May) 1733 Absolution of Mari
Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.57

4 p Trin (28 Jun) 1733 Absolution of Jacob and Mari
Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.57

"A child born out of wedlock was the result of leiermaal (fornication or adultery).  In the 1700’s, this was both a sin and a crime, and those who were caught had to stand up in church and publicly confess their sin to the congregation.  This confession (called publice absolverede and also referred to as skrifte) was abolished in 1767.  In addition to this public humiliation there were also criminal fines: the father had to pay a fine of 12 daler (an old currency), while the mother had to pay a fine of 6 daler." Norwegian kirkebøker - parish registers, by John Follesdal

Source information for records: Sogn og Fjordane county, Lærdal, Parish register (official) nr. A 1 (1711-1752), Chronological list 1733, page 57, left, 2nd col. bottom and right, 1st col. above middle. Permanent online pagelink, Permanent online imagelink