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9 Jun 1771 marriage of Sven Nilsson and Catharine Persdotter
Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1792) p.207

Source: Genline 1095.26.29500; Hultsjö Vol. C:2 (1748-1792) p.207 right, 2nd col., below middle [FHL INTL Film 135586]

29 Dec 2008 email from Judy: "The record says that the morning gift (morgon gåfva) was 40 lod silfver.  (Lod is a weight of 3.28 grams. Silfver is silver.)  Read about the morning gift on page 110-111 of the 2002 edition of "Cradled in Sweden".

It was customary, and for some the law, that the husband present his wife with a gift, morgon gåva (morning gift), at their marriage, which was hers to keep forever.  It could not legally be shared with the children as other parts of the estate at her husband's death.  We could consider it some kind of life insurance or pension for the widow.

Very often it was a sum of money but could also be in kind -- a pair of "redspotted oxen," a horse and saddle, etc.  A notation of the amount of this gift is often found in the marriage record, but very often it only states morgongåva enligt lag--morning gift according to law.  Very often the word morgongåva was abbreviated as mg, morg or similar."