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20 Aug 1773 death and 29 Aug 1773 burial of Carl Nilsson
Ramkvilla Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1757-1803) p.378

Old(?) man Carl Nilsson from Målen
The 20th August died and the 29th of the same was buried the old man Carl Nilsson from Målen, born in Ormstorp Stockaryd parish 1692, father Nils, mother Christin.  [about christian knowledge and reading??]  Married (for?) 54 years in(?) ???, ??? parish(?), to maid and widow Lisbeth Svensdotter, who has born him(?) 14 children, 7 of (each sex?).  1 son live, farmer in Påketorp(??), and 4 daughters, all married.

Healthy(?) and ???, until 1771(?) in winter(?), when he one night(?) went out and [???], stricken by stroke [???], bed-ridden almost 1 year. [???] 14 days since [???] and asked God for redemption. ??? - 81 1/4 years. (Translation by Bo Johansson)

Source: Genline 1123.16.39700; Ramkvilla Vol. C:3 (1757-1803) p.378 left, last item #5 [FHL INTL Film 135401]