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15 Mar 1708 and 6 Apr 1708 baptisms of Ingierd Månsdotter

Skepperstad Kyrkobok Vol. C:1 (1703-1726) p.77

Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:1 (1703-1736) p.221

Skepperstad: "6 Apr 1708.  Måns' dotter at Näsa, Ingiär was christened at Hultsiö.  Witnesses Lars  and Johan(?) of Portaryd, Agneta of Hylte, Lisken of Portaryd."

Hultsjö: "15 Mar 1708.  Måns' dotter at Näsa, Ingiär.  Witnesses Bengt of Gistingstorp, Lars/Hans? of Itorp?, Agneta of Hylte, Lisken of Portaryd."

Could it be that the Skepperstad record is not an actual christening record, just a note that she had been christened in Hultsjö?  Perhaps the "Dito" in Skepperstad is an error, and the priest overlooked the 6 April date and thought he was writing ditto to mean the previous date, namely 15 March. [translation and notes by Bo Johansson]

Source, Skepperstad: Genline 1131.14.89400; Skepperstad Vol. C:1 (1703-1726) p.77 right, 2nd col., 2nd to last item [FHL INTL Film 135405]

Source, Hultsjö: Genline 1095.25.11700; Hultsjö Vol. C:1 (1703-1736) p.221, right, 1st col., last item [FHL INTL Film 135586]