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Marriage of Gunnleik Gunnulvsson and Kari Olavsdatter

2nd Sunday in Fast (23 Feb) 1766 Betrothal 8 May 1766 Marriage
Kviteseid Kirkebøk 1754-1773 p.62
They were both from Flaabygd.  They had a kongebrev (royal permission) because they were related (second cousins).  Gunnleik's maternal grandmother Else Olavsdatter and Kari's paternal grandfather Gunnulv Olavsson were siblings (sister and brother).
Source information: Telemark county, Kviteseid, Parish register (official) nr. I 1 (1754-1773), Marriage records 1766, page 62-63 left, bottom. Permanent online pagelink, Permanent online imagelink