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29 May 1758 death of Knut Ånundson
"død af Hal Som begynte af verch i Hands ene Laaer."
[English] "died of/from [?] which started as pain in one of his thighs"

Lårdal Kirkebøk 1754-1790 p.63

Following the entry for Knud is the death of his daughter Margith. 
"Hands Datter Margith Knuds Datter gl. 22 aar Død i Langfarssyge".
[English] "His daughter Margith Knudsdatter age 22 years died in "

Source information: Telemark county, Lårdal, Parish register (official) nr. I 3 (1754-1790), Chronological list 1754-1758, page 63, last col, below middle. Permanent online pagelink, Permanent online imagelink