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The Parents of Levi Merrill

The Problem  Two published sources differ regarding the parents of Levi Merrill:

  • Merrill Memorial p.264/368 states that he was the son of Daniel Merrill and Elizabeth Clough, was born in 1759 in Salisbury, Massachusetts, and died 14 Mar 1825 in Turner, Maine.
  • Our Folks and Your Folks p.200 (image 228 in pdf) states that Levi [Jr.] was the son of Levi [Sr.] Merrill and Hannah Bean.  No birth or death information is given for Levi [Jr.].  Levi [Sr.]'s birth is given as January 1750 "in that part of Hampton which is now Southampton, N.H.".  His death is given as 1818 in Maine.

Levi's family  Both sources agree that Levi [Jr.] married Sylvia Leavitt, and had children: Levi, Lucy, Tabitha, Tyler, Luther, Calvin, Jacob, Theodosius, Joanna, Alvah, and Sylvia.  Merrill Memorial also lists sons Sariah and Humphrey.

Levi and Sylvia were married in 1779 (Maine Marriage Records, Pre 1892 Delayed Returns; Roll 75).  Levi [Sr.], who was supposedly the father of the groom, would have been 29 years old, making him a contemporary of the groom, rather than his father.

Summary  The Levi Merrill who married Sylvia Leavitt is not the son of Levi Merrill and Hannah Bean.  He is most likely the son of Daniel Merrill and Elizabeth Clough.

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