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Benjamin Bartlett Research Notes

Contents  The Problem

The Problem  There are apparently two different couples that need to be separately identified.  Two marriages apparently took place in Windsor, and the parties were all "of Windsor".:

  1. Benjamin Bartlett and Debra Barnard married 16 Feb 1664 by Mr. Wolcott
  2. Benjamin Bartlett and Deborah Barnard married 8 Jun 1665 by Master Allyn

The date for a third entry is written Ju[] [16..] and some sources interpret that as July 1664, but it seems more likely to be June 1665.

Barbour "Windsor" p.22 lists all three entries, citing the sources: #1: E. Stanley Welles "Births, Marriages and Deaths--Entered in Volumes 1 and 2 of Land Records and No. D. of Colonial Deeds", 1:45; #2: "The Loomis Record", a book in the Town Clerk's Office in Windsor; and the third entry from Mathew Grant's copy of the Old Church Record.


Children  Barbour "Windsor" p.22-23 lists the following with differences from Stiles' listing in Families of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut p.61:

  1. Debora b.3 Apr 1666 [Stiles 3 Aug]
  2. Benjamin b.21 Jun 1668; d.2 Mar 1675
  3. Esaya [Isaiah] b. 9 Dec 1670
  4. Barnard 26 Jul 1672 [only listed by Stiles]
  5. Epharem b.17 Jan 1673 [Stiles 17 Jun]
  6. Abiia [son] b.26 Jul 1673 [not in Stiles]
  7. Johojadah b.1 Nov 1675 [Stiles 2 Nov 1675]
  8. Benjamin b.15 Dec 1677
  9. John b.28 Jun 1679 [Stiles 29 Jun 1678]

According to an entry in Barbour, Benjamin had 6 children as of 17 Aug 1677, which was before the last two children were born.  Perhaps Barnard and Abia are the same person.  If Abia is given Barnard's birth date and Ephraim is given Stile's version of his birth date, the children all fit and could reasonably be considered to be one family.

XX  A third relevant source has been located: TAG 9:56: "Genealogical Items from The Medical Journal of John Winthrop" abstracted by Charles E. Banks: p.599 1665 Benjamin Bartlett's wife of Windsor age 25 marr 5 weeks.  This raises several points:

  • Her given name is not mentioned, but there is no record in Barbour "Windsor" of a Benjamin marrying someone else.
  • If she had only been married for 5 weeks in 1665, she has to be the Deborah in the 1665 marriage.  Five weeks after the June 8th marriage would be the middle of August.  Depending on which birth date is correct, her first child was born 7 months or 12 months later.  If she was already pregnant, that might lead Winthrop to comment on the length of time since the marriage.
  • The implication is that she died, but there is no record of her death in Barbour.
  • If she died, then the children whose births are recorded from 1666 to 1678 must be from the other couple.
The record suggests that she was born about 1640.


  • The dates are very specific.  If they refer to the same couple why would the dates be so different?
  • Is one of the entries intentions?  They seem too far apart for that.
  • Barbour used several sources.  Is one more reliable?

All of the events mentioned below occurred in XX.

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