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Richard Carpenter Research Notes

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All of the events mentioned below occurred in New York State.  Orange County is in the Southern tip of the state, northwest of New York City.  Ontario County is in Western New York, southeast of Rochester.  Canandaigua is at the northern end of one of the Finger Lakes.  The distance between Goshen and Canandaigua is about 250 miles, more than a 4 hour car trip, today.  Imagine what it was like in 1798/9!

The Problem  The problem is identifying the events in Richard Carpenter's life prior to his move to Ontario Co.  This particularly includes his birth place, his parents, his military experience, the details of his two marriages, and the births of his children.

Children  What is known so far:

  1. Elizabeth (Carpenter) Barnea/Barney, named in her father's will
    • per Carpenter gravestone: Thomas Barnea/Barney marr Elizabeth Carpenter, daughter of Richard and Abigail Carpenter,
    • per Barney gravestone: Elizabeth b.11 Feb 1771, dau of Richard & Sophronia; she & Thomas to Canandaigua from Orange Co. Jun 1798
    • Thomas appears regularly in Carpenter/Drake land records
  2. Eunice (Carpenter) Drake, named in her father's will.  See her record.
  3. Phebe (Carpenter) Dillon, named in her father's will.
  4. Milly (Carpenter) Barnes, named in her father's will.

Land  Source:, "New York Land Records, 1630-1975".  On the Family Search, "Record" home page, scroll down to the browse area and enter the information between the quotes above.  Then click on the "browse" and a page should open listing the counties.

The code for record sets (my own creation): "OrangeG" is the record set (Orange county, Volume G), "_186-187" is the number of the image(s).  "G/360-362" is the volume/page(s) of the original.  Land descriptions are lot-section-town-range.

  • OrangeG_186-187 G/360-362, 22 Nov 1798, from Richard & Abigail Carpenter of Canandaigua, Ontario Co. to John Buskirk of New York City, for $1,075, land in the woway? & patten in Warwick, 50 acres [can't find Richard's purchase], and 15 acres purchased from Henry Townsend [can't find under Carpenter or Townsend], recorded 10 Dec 1800

  • Ontario5_475-476 5/452-454, 17 Jan 1799, to Richard Carpenter of Canandaigua from Oliver Phelps of Suffield CT, for $750, 41- -10-3 & 23- -10-3, recorded 20 Jan 1799.  See Phelps and Gorham Purchase.

  • Ontario6_45 6/78, 3 Aug 1799, from Richard Carpenter of Canandargua to Oliver Phelps of Suffield CT, post survey correction of land description in 5/452-454 above, recorded 3 Aug 1799

  • Ontario7_530 7/338-339, 6 Jun 1801, from Richard Carpenter of Canandaigua to Thomas Barnea of Canandaigua, small part of 41- -10-3 & 23- -10-3, recorded 7 Jun 1801

  • Ontario12_626-627 12/533-534, 5 Oct 1807, from Richard Carpenter of Canandaigua to Thomas Barnea of Canandaigua, part of 41- -10-3, recorded 31 May 1808

  • Ontario19_323-324 19/151-152, 7 Mar 1809, from Richard Carpenter of Canandaigua to Samuel and Eunice Drake of Canandaigua, for $100, apparently all remainging part of lot 41, recorded 29 Apr 1813 (he died 27 Apr 1813)

  • Ontario25_276 25/19, 27 Jan 1816, from Samuel Drake of Canandaigua to Thomas Barney of Canandaigua, land from Richard Carpenter, recorded 27 Jan 1816 {Samuel's wife, Eunice, Richard Carpenter's daughter, died in 1814}

  • Ontario93_75_76 93/119-121, from Samuel A. & Polly Drake of Richmond & Joshua & Abigail [Drake] Thompson of Hopewell. & Benjamin F & Hannah [Drake] Hawks of Phelps, all of Ontario Co., for $1 quit claim to Robert Raymond of Newark, Wayne Co. NY, land in Canandaigua devised to Richard Carpenter Dillon in will (proved Ontario Co. 3rd Tues, Feb 1823) of late Richard Carpenter
other Carpenters in land indexes: 1800 Stephen, 1801 Powell, 1807 Jonathan, 1808 Jesse, John, 1809 Joseph, 1812 Increase from Ezra, 1813 Daniel etc

Assessment Rolls 

1775 Assessment Roll of Orange County, NY, Information compiled by Thomas Cornell

Last NameFirst NameDistrictPage
CarpenterJohn (blacksmith)10677
CarpenterJohn (saddler)1522
CarpenterJoseph (Jr.)4614
CarpenterMary (widow)10677

CarpenterJohn (stiller)7523

no Barnea/Barney

District No. 7 included the village of Goshen, southwest of Church Street, and including a considerable portion of the present town to the south. It does not, however, include the extreme southern portion of the present town which was in district No. 9, comprising the Florida neighborhood. "New York, Tax Assessment Rolls of Real and Personal Estates, 1799-1804":" Name: Richard Carpenter; Assessment Year: 1799; Assessment Place: Cornwall, Orange, New York; Residence Year: 1799; Residence Place: New York.

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