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Sources - Margaret Parma Research Notes

U.S. Census, 1850, Household of Francesco Palmer, Ward 1, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, p.58A, L35, dw109, fam931.

Name Age  Birthdate (est)  Occupation Gender  Birthplace 
Francesco Palmer41abt 1809ConfectionerMaleItaly
Catharine Palmer29abt 1821FemaleFrance
Roseana Palmer     6abt 1844FemaleOhio
Maria M Palmer  5abt 1845FemaleOhio
Joseph Palmer  4abt 1846MaleOhio
Philomena Palmer3/12abt 1850FemaleOhio
Maria Cripp30abt 1820FemaleGermany

U.S. Census, 1860, Household of Francis Palmer, Ward 4, Covington, Kenton Co., p.673/169, L38, dw1016, fam1201.

Name Age  Birthdate (est)  Gender  Birthplace 
Francis Palmer51abt 1809MaleItaly
Catherine Palmer40abt 1820FemaleFrance
Rosena Palmer16abt 1844FemaleOhio
Mary Palmer15abt 1845FemaleOhio
Joseph Palmer12abt 1848MaleOhio
Josephine Palmer     7abt 1853FemaleTennessee
Cecelia Palmer  4abt 1856FemaleOhio
Elizabeth Palmer  1abt 1859FemaleOhio

U.S. Census, 1870, Household of Catherine Parma, Ward 2, Covington, Kenton Co. KY, Sh1B, L15, dw196, fam255.

Name Age  Birthdate (est)  Gender  Birthplace 
Catherine Parma49abt 1821FemaleFrance
Rosena Parma22abt 1848FemaleOhio
Mary Parma20abt 1850FemaleOhio
Daniel Parma19abt 1851MaleOhio
Helena Parma15abt 1855FemaleTennessee
Cecelia Parma13abt 1857FemaleOhio
Elizabeth Parma10abt 1860FemaleOhio
Charles Parma8abt 1862MaleKentucky

U.S. Census, 1880, Household of Katharine Parma, 742 Scott St., Covington, Kenton Co. KY, ED115, Sh263D, L29, dw197, fam250.

Name Gender  Age  Birthdate (est)   Relation
Marital Status   Birthplace Self-Father-Mother 
Katharine ParmaFemale56abt 1824HeadWidowedFrance-France-France
Mary ParmaFemale29abt 1851DauSingleOhio-Italy-France
Joseph D. ParmaMale27abt 1853SonSingleOhio-Italy-France
Lena ParmaFemale23abt 1857DauSingleTennessee-Italy-France
Celia ParmaFemale21abt 1859DauSingleOhio-Italy-France
Lizzie ParmaFemale18abt 1862DauSingleOhio-Italy-France
Charles ParmaMale16abt 1864SonSingleKentucky-Italy-France
Henry EshmanMale  3abt 1877GrandsonSingleTennessee-Prussia-Ohio

U.S. Census, 1900, Household of Charles Parma, 916 W. 7th St., Ward 20, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, ED162, Sh4A, L34, dw36, fam83.

Name Relation
Gender  Birthdate   Age  Marital Status   Birthplace
Charles ParmaHeadMaleAug 186737SingleKentucky-Italy-France
Cecilia ParmaSisterFemaleNov 187029SingleOhio-Italy-France
Lizzie ParmaSisterFemaleMar 187525SingleOhio-Italy-France
Mary ParmaSisterFemaleMay 186040SingleOhio-Italy-France
Linda ParmaSisterFemaleJan 187723SingleOhio-Italy-France

U.S. Census, 1910, Household of Lena Parma, 2718 Woodburn Ave., Ward 2, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, ED31, Sh8A, L33, dw114, fam162.

Name Relation
Gender  Age  Birthdate (est)  Marital Status   Birthplace
Lena ParmaHeadFemale35abt 1875SingleTennessee-Italy-Germany
Lizzie ParmaSisterFemale30abt 1880SingleOhio-Italy-Germany

U.S. Census, 1910, Household of Rosena Arata, 272 West Virginia Ave., Ward 10, Memphis, Shelby Co. TN, ED165, Sh2A, L22, dw30, fam32.

Name Relation
Gender  Age  Birthdate (est)  Marital Status   Birthplace
Rosena ArataHeadFemale58abt 1852WidowedOhio-Italy-France
Cecelia ParmaSisterFemale46abt 1864SingleOhio-Italy-France

U.S. Census, 1920, Household of Lena Parma, 1543 Chapel St., Ward 3, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, ED56, Sh9B, L35, dw143, fam263.

Name Relation
Gender  Age  Birthdate (est)  Marital Status   Birthplace
Lena ParmaHeadFemale50abt 1870SingleTennessee-Italy-Alsace Lorraine
Cecelia ParmaSisterFemale48abt 1872SingleOhio-Italy-Alsace Lorraine
Elizabeth ParmaSisterFemale45abt 1875SingleOhio-Italy-Alsace Lorraine

City Directories
The year(s) stated below are the years about which the directories were published.  In most cases, they were actually published the year before.

City Directories - Francesco Parma and Catharine Baer
1839-40 Cincinnati: Parma, Francis (Italy) Fruit and Confectionary store, 4th bet Main and Sycamore

1842 Cincinnati: Parma Francis, fruit store, Sycamore bet 2d & Lower Market (Third Ward)
1843 Cincinnati: Parma Francis, fruit store, 3rd bet Main and Sycamore
1846 Cincinnati: Palmer Francis, fruiterer, N s 3d, bet Main and Sycamore
1849-50 Cincinnati: Palma Francis, confec. e. s. Sycamore, b. 2d and L. Market

1850-51 Cincinnati: Palma, F. conf. n. e. c. Broadway and Harrison
1851-52 Cincinnati: Palmer Francis, confec. 172 Broadway

1853-55: They were in Tennessee, probably in Memphis, but there was no Memphis Directory in 1853, and they were not in the Memphis directory in 1855

1856 Cincinnati: Palmer, Francis, s.e.c. [south east corner] John and Wade
1857 Cincinnati: Parmer F., confec. 463 W. 5th
1858 Cincinnati: Palmer Frank, confec, 463 W. 5th
1859 Cincinnati: Palmer Francis, fruit store, n.w.c. 9th and Race

1860 Cincinnati: Palmer Francis, confec, n.w.c. Race and 9th
1861 Covington: Palma, Francis, connfec, w. s. Madison, b. Lex Pike and 6th
1862-65 Covington: no directories 1862-1865 (Civil War)

1866-67 Covington: Palma, Mrs. P, confec, w s Madison b. 6th and Pike
1868 Covington: Palmer, Mrs. Catherine, confectioner, Madison bet 6th and Pke
1869 Covington: Palmer, Mrs. Catherine, widow, h 742 Scott; Palmer, Daniel J. clerk, bds 742 Scott
1871 Covington: Palmer, Mrs. Catherine, widow, n e cor Scott & 8th Sts
1872-73 Covington: Palmer, Catherine, widow, h. n e cor Scott & 8th Sts; Palmer, Jos., clk, res n e c Scott and 8th
1874 Covington: Palmer, Mrs. C (widow), res ne cor 8th & Scott; Bds at same address: Celia, Miss Lena, Miss Mary; Parrd, Miss Catherine (widow), res 742 Scott
1876-77 Covington: Parma, Catharine, widow, res 742 Scott; Res at same address: Cecilia, Lena J, Lizzie, Mary M
1878-79 Covington: Parma, Catherine, widow, res 742 Scott
1880-81 Covington: Parma, Catherine, widow, h 742 Scott; h at same address: Celia, Jos (law student), Lena

Other City Directories - Daniel Joseph Parma
1866 Cincinnati: Parma Daniel J. clk 173 W. 4th
1867 Cincinnati: Palma Daniel, clk. s.w.c. 3d and Walnut, res. Covington
1870 Cincinnati: Palmer Joseph, clk. 119 W. Front, res. Covington
1871 Cincinnati: Palmer Jos, clk, 119 W. Front, res, Covington
1872 Cincinnati: Palmer Jos. clk. 186 W. 2d, res. Covington (machinery, Post & Co. 186 W. 2d)
1873 Cincinnati: Palmer J. clk. Post & Co's, 186 W. 2d, res. Covington
1874 Cincinnati: Palmer Jos. elk. 188 W. 2d, res. Covington
1876 Cincinnati: Palmer Jos. policeman, s.e.c. Oliver and Linn
1877 Cincinnati: Palmer Jos. policeman, h. 185 Livingston
1878 Cincinnati: Palmer Jos. policeman, h. 185 Livingston

1882-83 Galveston: Palmer, Joseph D., attorney, r 556 Ave M bet 13th & 14th
1884-85 Galveston: Parma, Daniel J., lab, r. n s Ave Q bt 25th, 26th
1886-87 Galveston: Palm, Joseph, lab [laborer], rms D.C. Cunningham (Cunningham, Dewitt C., r. ss W. Market bt 27th, 28th)
1887 Memphis: Daniel J. Parma, driver Mem. City Ry Co., home 470 Main (Memphis City Ry Co. at 474 to 480 Main)
1889-90 Houston: Palmer, D.J., street car driver, bds Rosenfield House;
1890 Memphis: Daniel J. Parma, r 454 Main, D. J. Parma & Co. (D.J. Parma & H.H. Wilson) grocers, 530 Main

Memphis City Directory - husbands of Rosena Parma, daughter of Francesco Parma and Catharine Baer
1876: Henry Eshman policeman r 18 Exchange
1877: Henry Eschmann policeman r 16 Exchange
1878: Henry Eschman policeman r 18 Exchange
1879: Henry Eschman saloon 405 Main

1880: Roland F Arata [police] station house keeper r 166 3rd
1881: Roland F Arata pipe inspector sewer dept r 135 Hill
1882: Robert F Arata clerk r 128 Union
1883: Robert F. Arata constable r 212 Tennessee
1887: Robert F Arata constable r 83 Kansas Ave

1889: Robert F Arata lawyer 262 2d, r 34 Virginia Ave Ft Pickering
1890: Robert F Arata lawyer 260 2d, r 34 Virginia Ave Ft Pickering
1891: Roland F Arata lawyer 260 2d, r 34 Virginia Ave Ft Pickering
1892: Roland F Arata lawyer 394 Main, tel 242, r 34 Virginia Ave
1893: Roland F Arata lawyer 2d cor Washington, r 34 Virginia Ave
1894: Roland F Arata lawyer 191 2d, r 34 Virginia Ave
1895: Roland F Arata lawyer 191 2d, r 34 Virginia Ave

1898: Roland F Arata lawyer 178 Main, r 34 Virginia Ave
1901: Roland F Arata lawyer 178 1/2 Main, res 34 Virginia Ave

Italians in 1839-40 Cincinnati City Directory

  • Cassinello, Angelo (Italy) Fruit and Confectionary store, N s 3d near Post Office, Line
  • Cattani, Martin (Italy) Plaster Paris Manfy, 6lh b Elm & Plum.
      IGI Birth: 06 May 1810 Balbiano, Milano, Italy/Adelais Cattani (Martin's wife?) sponsor of 1st Parma child
  • Cavange, B, (Italy) Confr and Baker, 5th b Main and Walnut.
  • Cazello, Peter; (Italy) Confectioner at B. Cavange's.
  • Gamme, Joseph (Italy) Fruit and Confectionary store N s 5th b Wal and Vine
  • Gandolpfo, Peter (Italy) res, cor Elm and 12th,
  • Giuli, John (Italy) Confectioner, S s 3d b Main and Walnut,
  • Gordon, Geo (Italy) Mate, res, Columbia bet Bdy and Ludlow,
  • Lovatty, Michael (Italy) Foils Riv, bds at P Gondolpho's
  • Magginni, Joseph (Italy) Plaster Paris-man fr, 6 b Elm & Plum.
  • Mariani, Joseph (Italy) Fruit-store, Wal bet 3d and 4th
      sponsor of 1st Parma child; two possibilities: (1) Pedigree Resource File: Giuseppe Maran Birth: abt 1800 Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy; (2) 1850 Census: Joseph Mariani, confectioner, age 40 (b. abt 1810), Male, Italy - according to two Ancestry Family Trees, he was born 17 Mar 1811 in Toscane, Italy, and was married 3 May 1837 in Philadelphia, PA to Susan Carbini of Philadelphia. Based on his children's births, he moved from Ohio to Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky about 1847.
  • Mariani, James (Italy) Confectionary and Fruit-store, 6th bet Plum and Western Row
  • Marre, Joseph (Italy) Clerk at Gammes' on 5th
  • Massa, Bartholomew (Italy) at A Garribaldo's
  • Moulinier, Chas (Italy) Teacher of French and Italian Language at the Athenaeum.
  • Parma, Francis (Italy) Fruit and Confectionary store, 4th bet Main and Sycamore
  • Podesta, Bartholomew (Italy) [P & Cella] res, N s b Wal & Vi.
  • Zanoni, Louis (Italy) Labr, at Blackburn's, bds, L Market
      IGI: Luigi Giacinto Zanoni, Birth: 17 Aug 1820 Mossone, Arco, Trento, Italy, d. 26 Aug 1820
  • Zenno, Antonio (Italy) Fruit Store, L Market b Main and Syc.
      IGI: Antonio Zanoni Birth: About 1780 Brescia, Brescia, Italy