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From Thomas2 York to his brother Henry2 York.  Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

We recieved your letter and were under mingled sensations of pain and pleasure after reading it.  The suffering you have had to undergo is painfull even for us to think off and must have required great fortitude on your part to bear up against it.  I am affraid it will be long before you will be able to work again.

I am sorry that I am not allready with you for if I could do but little to help you I might perhaps make the time pass less tedeously.

I don't know wether you expect to hear again before you write but I will just mention that the sum you propose to send will enable Alice and me to come nicely.  I should like to start early in April.

I hope to bring John Townsend along with me.  He is bent upon coming if he can gather a little to help him out.  I expect he raise about thirty pounds himself but he will require forty pound to bring him out.  He has seven children.  John seems very anxious to start along with me and I should like to have his company.

Old John Marriott's son John is in Canada with his familey, working on the railroad somewhere between Kingston and Toronto.  He is doing well and is sending for some of his aquaintance to come to him.  John Merrall is writing to him this week and he expects he will send him money to take him over.

My brother Samuell wishes me to say that he will come along with me if he can.  Mother is very unwilling for him to come at present for if he did he would be obliged to leave his wife behind to come at some other time and as she is likly to have a little one this summer, mother think he had better wait till they can come together.

With my love you all, I remain yours very Truely,

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