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From Selena4 York to Mary Ann (Minnie)3 York.  Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Minnie

I suppose you think I have forgotten you almost, as I have not written you since you left here.  Well, I have not forgotten you, but I have almost forgotten how to write a letter, and I guess I will have to write this without knowing how.

I think you will like to live where you are now a great deal better than U.S.  It is so much nicer to be at home.  Don't you think so?

I suppose you will teach school since you have got into the land of young bachelors and right into a nest of them too.  Do you think there would be any chance for me?  If so, perhaps I'll try and catch the Manitoba fever from someone, and leave Meaford to take care of itself.

Angie goes to school now and she scolds and laughs alternately, all the time she is not at her lessons.  Miss Shepphird is going to stay another year if she can get her certificate extended; and Mr. Rogers says he thinks there will be no difficulty, if the trustees are willing & they seem to be so.  If she stays it will be five years teaching in the same school.

Jennie Burns is going to Saginaw, Michigan, at Christmas so I will lose one friend then, for she and I are very good friends.  I never tell her anything that I would object to have generally known, so we get along very well.  Lizzie Johnson is teaching at Parry Sound this year; she spent the summer holidays in Meaford, but I did not see her.  Ella McTavish spent two or three weeks in Meaford also, I saw her but not to speak; she intended to spend an afternoon with us but was sick and could not.

I hear rumors about Jas. Ellis being married the coming Christmas, and not to Bessie Dye, what a wonder.  I called on Mary J. Killacky a week ago Saturday; she has had a good deal of trouble this summer, they have lost two children.  They are going to leave Meaford soon.

Pa is gone to Woodford with mill stones; they are building a mill there.  He made a trip to Owen Sound last week, and he generally has to load the schooners with wheat, so he is pretty busy lately.  Georgie is with him.

Ella says she is going to write a letter to Grandpa some day.  Louise is up at Grandma's, she has been there three weeks.  Grandma & Aunt Abbie have gone to New York to see Grandma's father.(Note)  He is 96 years old.

We generally have the pleasure of seeing Mrs. Stuart York [John3 York's second wife?] at church on Sunday morning.  She wears a $5 bonnet, with a few nodding plumes and a $10 mantle, trimmed with fur (not black fox).  Rejoice and be exceeding glad on account of all this.

I am glad to hear that Tommy has joined the Methodist church; he won't set you girls a bad example, going to parties and tipping the fantastic toe till the "wee sma hours."  It's bad for your health, you know.

Please write me and tell me something about your Iowa life. Ada says you owe her a letter.  Perhaps you did not get her last.  But we need not grumble.

Good bye. Selena.  (The end)

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