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From Louise Mallory to Lydia Maud3 York.  Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

My Dear Friend

I received your kind and ever welcome letter about a week ago.  I am glad to hear that you are feeling so well.  Now about you getting married, if you intend to at all, I think you might just as well get married this spring, if all the scruples you have are about being dressed to suit & having a wedding, why I do not think it of much consequence.  As long as Mr. S.S. does not care about making a display, you need not.  If I were in your place I would not care.  All the show you may make will not add to your happiness.

How about religious affairs?  Is Mr. S.S. at all religious.  I think there is a great responsibility resting on us when we marry out of the church.  Don't you feel that way?  We will have to be doubly diligent, so that we may win them over to live as we all aught.  Excuse me please, but you know we are both in the same position, only I think I have greater priviledges (now) than you have.

We have such good Greetings here I do not know how I would get along without them.  They encourage & help me so much.  That is the greatest objection I have to Manitoba, but there is not any prospect of me ever going there.

I would rather none of the folks up there would know what I am going to say to you now.  There is some talk of me having to go to house keeping for Mr. W.B.S.  If I do this summer it will be some time next month but I have not given a decided answer yet.  I have not seen him since last November.  How would you like that and that is the way it has been for nearly three years.

I think the dress you spoke of will do very well.  I would like it just splendid if I could go up there and see you & him married, and help you get ready.  Give him (Mr. S.S. I mean) my compliments & tell him I will expect two pictures instead of one now, and as I have waited nearly a year I will expect them very soon.

Have you heard from Jacob Prentice (just tell me how to spell that) lately.  I heard last Sunday they do not expect his wife to live long.  She has consumption and is getting very weak.  I feel very sorry for them.

There is not much going on this winter.  It is rather dull for me anyway.  I wish I was up there for a while.  I would rush those boys pell mell, especially that M.P. that I hear considerable about.  Don't you think I could.

Mr. Mitchell is holding singing school. Angie & Ada attend. Selena & myself why we we go once in a while to see how they prosper.  I am going for a nice dark eyed lad now.  Proff's Holmes is going to have an Oratoria called the hay makers.  The singing is just grand. Selena & I are intending to attend.

Mr. [?Can] that is the dark eyed lad is the nicest tenor singer I ever heard.  If it was not for some one else I would do my best in that direction.  As it is I am doing a little flirting to pass the time away.  He has the most musical voice, it is so sweet.  He has been over here several times to spend an evening.  He is good company.  Selena thinks he is nice.

Robert Laycox is coming after us to go up there tomorrow evening.  He said they were going to do as they liked and wanted us girls to go up so if the roads are not too bad we are going.  We have had very nice weather here for the last two weeks but it is very cold and windy today, snowing some.

Is Mr. S.S. going to bring you down here for your wedding tour?  I think he might.  Just tell him I said so.  Likely he will tell you to tell me to mind my own business.  If he does, tell him I have not learned how yet.  Joking.

This is a pretty long letter for me to write, don't you think so?  Hoping to hear from you soon I remain ever your affectionate Friend, Louise Mallory.

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