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From Henry2 York.  Published in the Meaford (ON) Monitor.

Pembina Mountain District.  The following extract from a letter of H. York, who is located at Pembina Mountain, Manitoba, containing some news of the welfare of former residents of St. Vincent, has been handed us for publication:

Sharon, Sept. 27th, 1882.  Yesterday we got two hands to help and drew up and stacked thirty-two loads, pretty well for one day.  We have ten stacks up and one more to put up; expect to finish mine to night; we have seven stacks wheat and will have four of oats and barley.  Thomas has six stacks, average 12 to 14 loads in each stack.

Has been splendid weather and has ripened up all the late sown grain, first frost on the 20th September; have stacked J. Henry's wheat, going to stack his oats to-morrow; most of the farmers are done but ours was put in late and we had some hindrance, the horses ran away with the binding machine, had to get it repaired, and then had to borrow another; weather warm last Friday and good first of August, has cooled off now.

John Laycock has finished stacking, they have on all their places twenty-one stacks, a fine crop as one could wish for.  W. Thompson, our postmaster has threshed his crop of wheat of forty acres, has 1100 bushels, also 2,000 bushels off 35 acres of oats; there's three machines out threshing round here; J. Laycock is going to Emmerson on Saturday for a new machine; a good deal of threshing round here, some have a week and some more.

Horses very dear, some teams sell for $500; wheat is now selling at 80c. per bushel at the end of the track near the Boyne (about twelve miles off) so we shall not have so far to draw it this season.  HENRY YORK

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